Zluri Updates (May): Category-Wise Spend, Multi-Currency Support & User Log


Hello All,

It’s time to pave the way for the new month, which brings an exciting set of features & some direct integrations in our quest to ease your pain in Managing SaaS.

Category Wise Spend Trend

With the introduction of a trend graph, you can now view category-wise spending trends on software applications. You’ll get a robust view of your SaaS spends in addition to the department-wise cost break-up. 

This graph will show you the number of apps you use in a category, what amount you spend on them, and whether there will be an increase or decrease in the coming months. 

Multi-Currency Support

Zluri now supports all global currencies (179 of them) in our platform. You can select the default currency for your organization while onboarding, and you’ll get all the spend reports in your base currency. The transactions that don’t take place in your base currency will be reported after conversion & formatting.

Option to Mark an App as ‘in Use’ or ‘Not in Use’ for Users

You can mark an application as being ‘in use or ‘not in use’ to override SSO-identified usage. It’ll give you more control over user monitoring and apps spend—along with the feature to add app usage that we released last month.

User Log

User log will allow you to view the complete user changelog in an app since a user was discovered. It will give you a detailed history of his/her account activity, including when the user started/stopped using an application.


We added 8 more integrations to our library last month. 

Let’s have a look at those:

1. Azure AD

A wealth of Microsoft apps data is available in Zluri through Azure AD integration. You can get the apps usage, licenses, and user information for products like Microsoft 365, Teams, Outlook, Onedrive, Sharepoint from Azure AD. Integrating with Azure AD will give you insights into how efficiently people use Microsoft products in your organization.

2. Slack

With Zluri-Slack integration, now you can manage Slack users from your Zluri dashboard. You can see your Slack users, which license tier they use, & how frequently they use Slack. As we advance, you’ll be able to provision/de-provision Slack user accounts without leaving your Zluri dashboard.

3. Zoom

Our latest integration with Zoom enables you to track which employees have Zoom licenses, how frequently they use it, & which features they are using. You will get detailed usage & engagement metrics for each user. Also, you can manage license ownership and provision Zoom accounts for users.

4. Box

Box empowers your teams by making it easy to work with people inside and outside your organization. Zluri-Box integration provides you detailed insights into how much value you are getting from your Box subscription. Authorizing Zluri to connect to your box instance will help you monitor Box users and usage, and optimize the collaboration app licenses.

5. Github

Connecting Zluri with GitHub will enable you to manage your GitHub instance directly from Zluri. Now you can provision/de-provision users on Github right within Zluri. The latest integration automates the onboarding process of adding or removing users into teams.

6. Atlassian Jira 

Millions of developers globally rely on Jira to improve software applications. Zluri helps IT companies using Jira become more productive by giving detailed insights into the cloud app usage. You can integrate Jira with Zluri from our integration library to see the detailed usage statistics of each user on Jira.

7. Atlassian Confluence

Confluence is another product from the same parent company as Jira—Atlassian. Confluence is a widely used web-based collaboration tool. With direct integration with Confluence, Zluri fetches the list of users & usage, and enables you to track the usage and engagement of your employees on confluence to improve productivity on confluence.

8. Dropbox Business

Integrating Zluri with Dropbox will give you visibility into your Dropbox instance, its users, usage & licenses. Zluri will also automate user on-boarding and off-boarding processes & enable you to enforce security policies for Dropbox data, settings, and licenses.

Our Commitment to Zluri Users

We are constantly working to provide more value to Zluri users. In this direction, we release new features regularly that make SaaS management a breeze for IT teams. 

We have more updates on our plate awaiting you in the coming months. Stay tuned until then. If you have any feedback, let us know


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