Zluri Updates (August): Browser Extensions & Security Module


Hey Zlurians! It's the month of the Olympics. So, Zluri has taken Olympian efforts to come up with the biggest feature releases this month since the launch of the first version a few months ago.

Browser Extensions

The long-awaited browser extensions are here. They will take our shadow IT discovery game a notch higher. 

The browser extension runs locally on the client-side to read browser activities & report them to the Zluri server for analysis. We then identify & analyze the SaaS application-related activities & present them on the Zluri dashboard. 

All our browser extensions are live in their respective extension stores. You can find the extensions for Chrome, Firefox & Microsoft Edge. However, to sign in to them, you need to have an account with Zluri. 

You can request a demo to see the browser extension in action.

Custom Sort, Filter & Columns

Data is easier to visualize when you can play around with it. Hence we have added custom sorts & filters to slice & dice your data. 

Click on the arrows preceding each column name & you will be able to sort the data based on that row. You can also filter based on any field you wish to, as shown below.

In addition to sort & filters, you also can select the columns you wish to see in the dashboard. 

Detailed Insights On User-App Relationship

Zluri now gives you more insights into each user-application connection. You can see all the user licenses, activities, risk analysis, and action logs in one place.


Zluri gives you a wealth of data to optimize your application usage & spend and identifies threats to make your IT environment more secure. Ever wondered if you can download the data to analyze it offline? Well, we heard you. You can navigate to the reports section and download the report you wish to. 


Many customers have asked us whether Zluri can automatically identify risky apps & risk-sensitive users? Well, the security module is the answer to that. It gives you detailed information of what sensitive scopes an application has access to. You can view risk-sensitive applications & users.

License Contracts

Our contract management module has got an upgrade. Now you can add licenses to contracts, specify the unit & price of metrics in the contracts. You may add multiple licenses to contracts as well. Adding licenses to contracts will help you keep track of purchased licenses & their cost.

License Assignment

License Assignments help organizations track the usage of licenses. If the application is connected to Zluri, it will automatically assign the license to the user. Or you can assign this as a task to a co-worker or assign the license yourself.

Vendor Management

Another important milestone in our journey of helping you manage your SaaS is the new Vendor management module. You can now keep track of all vendor-related information, contracts & documents in a single place.

Pending Requests

Invited a co-worker to integrate an application but lost track of it? Now you won’t. Pending invitations will help you keep track of the sent request. You can choose to either resend the request or withdraw.

Last Sync Date

Zluri works the best when it syncs data with your applications daily. You can check when the last sync happened & trigger a resync. Also, we will notify you when the sync was not completed due to an authorization failure so that you can reauthorize the application.

Transaction Pages

Modifying transactions in bulk has become easier. Now you can select how many records you want to see on the page and take action (Mapping to an application, Unmapping or Archiving) on all transactions at once.


This month we have added 32 apps to our growing library of integrations.

1. NetSuite

NetSuite is a complete ERP system for Small Businesses. With NetSuite integration, Zluri will be able to fetch the employee & department data as well as a list of vendors & expenses. Zluri’s automated spend allocation engineer then works in the background to identify SaaS applications to give you App wise, employees wise & department wise spends.

2. Microsoft 365

You can get the apps usage, licenses, and user information for all products from Microsoft 365 suite. Integrating with Microsoft 365 will give you insights into how efficiently people use Microsoft products in your organization.

3. Salesforce

4. Microsoft Teams

Integration with Microsoft Teams will give you a detailed usage overview of Microsoft Teams, including the users using it most, How frequently they are using it, & more. You can also get usage statistics at a department level & compare them to other similar apps in your organization’s SaaS portfolio.

5. Expensify

Expensify is one of the most popular accounting software used by small & medium businesses. With direct integration with Expensify, Zluri will be able to fetch the expenses automatically & map those to SaaS apps to give you complete visibility into your SaaS spends. It will also be able to identify recurring payments & populate the renewal calendar.

6. Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is the leader in cloud-controlled WiFi, routing, and security. Secure and scalable, learn how Cisco Meraki enterprise networks simply work. If you use Cisco Meraki in your organization, we have good news for you. You can monitor the usage through our direct integration with Zluri.

7. Cisco Webex

Our latest integration with Webex enables you to track which employees have Webex licenses, how frequently they use it, & which features they are using. You will get detailed usage & engagement metrics for each user. Also, you can manage license ownership and provision Webex accounts for users.

 8. Workplace

If you wonder how effective your employees are collaborating on Facebook Workplace, we have good news for you. You can now integrate Facebook Workplace with Zluri & find out all the metrics of engagement.

9. GitLab (Self Managed)

GitLab(Self Managed) integration works exactly like GitLab, with the exception being you can now connect to your self-hosted GitLab instance. You will be able to manage & monitor your GitLab users from Zluri.

10. Aircall

You can get complete visibility into your Aircall users & usage through our direct integration with Aircall.

11. PagerDuty

Integrating Zluri with PagerDuty will give you visibility into your PagerDuty instance, users, usage & licenses. 

12. OpsGenie

You can monitor OpsGenie users & usage across your organization through our direct integration with OpsGenie.

13. Freshservice

Freshservice is a Cloud-based ITSM software for your service desk with powerful automation tools to manage incidents, assets, and more. With Freshservice integration, you can get visibility into your organization's Freshservice instance.

14. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Wish to track & manage your Microsoft Dynamics CRM users from Zluri Dashboard? Now you can connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Zluri to get a complete view of the list of users & their activity on Microsoft Dynamics CRM from our dashboard.

15. JotForm

Integrating Zluri with JotForm will give you visibility into your JotForm instance, users, usage & licenses. 

16. JumpCloud

JumpCloud is one of the most popular Active Directory & LDAP systems for enterprises. With direct integration with JumpCloud, Zluri will fetch all the users & their activity details to help IT administrators discover the users & usage of each SaaS application in their organization.

17. BugHerd

Integrating Wrike with BugHerd will help you discover Hackerrank users & usage from the Zluri dashboard.

18. Planview LeanKit

Wondering how efficiently your team collaborates on Planview LeanKit, Zluri now gives you the integration to enable you to get detailed usage statistics in its dashboard.

19. Calendly

Integrating Calendly with Zluri will help you manage your Calendly users from the Zluri dashboard. You will be able to see how frequently they log in to the application, identify inactive users & optimize licenses.

20. Digicert

You can monitor Digicert users & usage across your organization through our direct integration with ActiveCampaign.

21. Administrate

Administrate is a Training Management Platform designed to help enterprises and corporations streamline learning and development. Zluri will help you know how much value you are getting from your Administrate subscription through direct integration.

22. Codacy

Zluri-Codacy integration provides you with detailed insights into how much value you are getting from your Codacy subscription. Authorizing Zluri to connect to your Codacy instance will help you monitor Codacy users and app usage and optimize the licenses.

23. Bonusly

Bonsuly makes work fun & increases employee productivity through collaboration. Our Bonusly integration gives you visibility into the users of Bonusly in your organization. Soon you will be able to view metrics about Bonusly usage too in the Zluri Dashboard.

24. Stripe

Stripe is one of the most popular digital payment methods in the world. Now you can monitor stripe users & usage through our app.

25. Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is also available for direct integration with Zluri. Now you can get visibility into the usage of Elasticsearch in your organization.

26. Heroku

Heroku is a platform as a service (PaaS) that enables developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely in the cloud. With our Heroku integration, you can manage Heroku users & usage right from the Zluri dashboard.

27. Google Ads

Our integration with Google Ads lets you manage & monitor your Google Ads users from the Zluri dashboard.

28. Capsule

Now you can get complete visibility into your Capsule usage through our direct integration with Capsule.  Authorizing Zluri to connect to your Capsule instance will help you monitor Capsule users and usage and optimize the app licenses.

29. Monday.com

Wondering how efficiently your team collaborates on Monday.com? Connect Monday.com to Zluri & you will have all the details in front of you in your Zluri Dashboard.

30. Informatica

Our Informatica integration gives you visibility into the users of Informatica in your organization. 

31. JetBrains Hub

JetBrains Hub is a server that handles authentication, authorization, users, groups, permissions, and projects across multiple installations of JetBrains team tools. If you are using JetBrains Hub, you will be able to manage & monitor JetBrains Hub users through your Zluri dashboard.

32. Flock

With Zluri-Flock integration, now you can manage Flock users from your Zluri dashboard. You can see your Flock users, which license tier they use, & how frequently they use Flock. As we advance, you'll be able to provision/deprovision Flock users account without leaving your Zluri dashboard.

A Commitment to Our Customers

We are constantly working towards improving our product and bringing more value to our users. We are rolling out new features every month to make your SaaS management experience smooth and easy. 

We have more updates on our plate awaiting you in the coming months. Stay tuned until then. If you have any feedback, let us know.


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