Zluri Updates (December): On/Off-boarding Workflows, Bulk Action Grouping and User activity Report


Hello All,

With just a few days left for the New Year and Christmas right around the corner, we at Zluri have some exciting news for you. The biggest and the most expected feature release of the year, "Workflows automation," is all set and ready for you. Apart from that, we have also developed many other enhancements & new direct integrations for this month to help you save time and money in managing SaaS. 


The much-awaited "Workflows'' feature is here. You can now leverage Zluri's power of contextual recommendations & SaaSOps automation to onboard/offboard employees, back up important data, remove unauthorized access & secure your SaaS stack.

  • Onboarding workflows: Zluri provides a set of onboarding workflows that enables the IT admins in the organization to onboard new employees using a seamless and intuitive UI. The onboarding does not just stop at adding the employee to an application; it provides more contextual actions, such as adding the user to a Slack channel or adding the user to a Google workspace group.

  • Offboarding workflows: Similar to onboarding workflows, offboarding workflows ensure an easy and efficient exit of an employee from the organization. It covers backing up employee data, reassigning the tasks to other employees, etc. Zluri also provides manual actions as a backup of the automated actions.

  • Recommended Apps & Actions: Zluri provides contextual recommendations of applications & actions based on the user’s role & department.

Bulk Actions Grouping

We have grouped all bulk edit/update actions into one menu to make it easier to update multiple entities at once. You can now change authorization of applications, change status, mark applications as active/inactive, change owner, or change type of application all from a single place. This makes the application more compact & easy to use. Similar groupings are also available in users & department screens to make bulk editing easier.

Security Sorted by Risk

Our security screens have got more detailed. Now you can see the applications sorted based on their risk level, which is a metric giving you a 360-degree view of each application's security.

In addition to the risk-sensitive scopes, the risk score also includes security analysis data from various third-party websites like ssllabs, immuniweb, etc. It monitors security incidents impacting your SaaS applications to give you a 360-degree view of SaaS security.

In addition, Zluri gives you a status overview of every application with over 30+ global compliance requirements.

User Activity Report

Wish to know how active your employees are using any application? You can download or set up a recurring report on User activity from the Zluri dashboard. Navigate to the ‘Reports’ section and select ‘User Activity Report’ & the application.

Custom Applications Search

You can now search the custom applications with our new search bar.


This month we have added 64 new apps to our ever-growing library of direct integrations.

With our integration with these applications, you will be able to get visibility into their usage, users and the value it brings to your organization

A Commitment to Our Customers

We are constantly working towards improving our product and bringing more value to our users. We are rolling out new features every month to make your SaaS management experience smooth and easy. 

We have more updates on our plate awaiting you in the coming months. Stay tuned until then. If you have any feedback, let us know.


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