Top 9 Auth0 Alternatives in 2023


Auth0 provides centralized identity authentication and authorization to SaaS applications. The solution reduces the time and risk of authorizing and authenticating users. However, Auth0 has certain limitations, like inefficient API connectivity and delays in implementing some functions. 

Auth0 is a set of unified APIs that enables single sign-on and user management of applications in your organization. The tool provides authentication, privacy, and security to your organization's SaaS application. 

It helps organizations accelerate revenue and reduce compliance and security risks, allowing the IT teams to have intuitive, consistent, and reliable experiences across all the users and employers in the organization. 

Additionally, it enables low code integrations and adapts to the modern workforce. Finally, it monitors application data and tracks activities with third-party integrations within the platform.

However, it has certain limitations; therefore, this article will offer you a list of multiple alternatives with advanced capabilities associated with access management. Before discussing the alternatives, let's explore the drawbacks of Auth0.

Drawbacks of Auth0

Below mentioned are the disadvantages of Auth0

  • The tool's API connectivity is inefficient and does not support multiple integrations, limiting the capability to authenticate the other applications used in organizations.

  • The tool offers many features in one place, making it difficult for users to fully customize the platform to meet their specific needs.

  • The tool is expensive as compared to its competitors, making it difficult to purchase for organizations with a limited budget.

  • Sometimes it lacks support for protocols such as WS - Federation, SAML-P, which are commonly used in organizations, limiting their usage in such organizations.

Before discussing that, we would like to introduce outselves.

1. Zluri

zluri 001

Zluri is an efficient SaaS management tool that provides organizations with automated onboarding and offboarding processes. In addition, it offers IT admins to give or revoke SaaS apps' access. 

Zluri helps onboard new employees hassle-free on day 1, and they can get access to the required tools to perform their job immediately. In addition, IT admins can create workflows based on employees' roles, seniority levels, and departments. 

Also, it gives in-app suggestions, like what projects, channels, and groups to add them to. Furthermore, you can save these workflows as playbooks and use them in the future.  

zluri 002

Similarly, IT admins can create a custom workflow for employees leaving the organization to revoke access and save them as playbooks for future use. Also, you can edit or delete the existing workflows if required.

zluri 003

Also, onboarding and offboarding playbooks and predefined workflows can make the process more efficient. These playbooks can be edited as needed and used multiple times.

Give Zluri a try and see how it can benefit your organization. Request a demo today!


  • Zluri offers +800 integrations with different systems, allowing organizations to seamlessly integrate their existing systems and making it easy for users to access these systems.

  • It connects with different SSO and MFA providers, offering secure provisioning of SaaS apps for new joiners.

  • The tool offers regular updates on new features and product enhancements, enhancing the platform and helping organizations with efficient access management.

  • The tool's implementation is seamless, with a dedicated customer success team available to address any questions or concerns.

Customer Ratings

  • G2: 4.8/5

Top 9 Auth0 Alternatives

There are many alternatives available in the market, among which we have chosen the best 10 alternatives to Auth0.

1. Google Authenticator

google authenticator 10

Google Authenticator is an open-sourced tool for providing 2-factor authentication for SaaS tools across organizations. The tool provides an extra security layer to your online accounts and safely backs up your secret keys on the cloud. 

Moreover, IT admins can add accounts using QR codes and import data from your mobile devices. It provides flexibility to export and import data while switching devices.


  • Google authenticator is a secure, easy-to-use, straightforward app that enables you to use two-factor authentication for your systems efficiently.


  • Google Authenticator offers t-factor authentication, causing issues for some of the online services that do not support it.

  • You might face connectivity issues due to network lag or while logging in to your system via the google authenticator tool, consuming more time than expected.

Customer ratings

  • G2: 4.6 / 5

2. Okta


Okta is an extensible single-sign-on (SSO) platform. The tool provides access to SaaS applications with passwordless authentication and allows privileged access with multi-factor authentication. 

Also, this tool helps in collaboration with partners by scheduling and sharing only the desired content. Furthermore, IT teams can streamline their work using automation, enabling the low code platform.


  • It provides connectivity to several systems using its SSO feature, enabling users to log in from a single screen from anywhere using the custom domain.

  • It allows you to integrate with multiple solutions like Microsoft Azure Directory, making it easy and secure for users to access.


  • Okta needs to improve in simple configurations, negatively impacting the business's operation.

  • The tool's price is significantly high for its features, making it difficult for organizations with limited budgets.

Customer ratings

  • G2: 4.4 /5

3. OneLogin

onelogin 03

OneLogin enables you to protect your organization by securing applications, systems, devices, and end users. It provides a single-sign-on (SSO) to access all apps and secures your assets and data with multi-factor and smart-factor authentication. 

The tool's cloud infrastructure helps you to innovate and introduce new technologies with reliable security checks before deploying to the organization changes.


  • It provides specific features for roles, rules, restricted app access, and more, empowering organizations to use it at its full potential.

  • It supports many integrations with different applications and saves your time, eliminating the manual password-entering process for applications.


  • It becomes slow while loading the google extension and lacks in customizations, limiting the tool's usage for organizations.

  • It doesn't support integration with JIRA, GIT, and many other platforms, making it a hindrance for organizations to manage the users' access.

Customer ratings

  • G2: 4.3 /5

4. Ping Identity 

pingidentity 04

Ping Identity authentication enables you to integrate with the IT teams seamlessly and enhances the flexibility and resilience required for the IT teams. This app supports performance and security for large-scale organizations. In addition, it empowers digital experience and transformation, enabling access to the tools at the right time to connect whenever required.


  • Ping Identity's flexible API-based approach enables users to connect with different systems efficiently, and its community support helps users resolve issues immediately.

  • It provides a self-service portal to manage registration and authentication requests, empowering IT admins to manage access efficiently and saving time.


  • The tool is not flexible for adding custom attributes directly, limiting its customization capabilities.

  • The tool configurations could be clearer due to their complex attribute contracts, making it a drawback for organizations to use it.

Customer ratings

  • G2:4.4 /5

5. Microsoft Azure

Azure 05

Microsoft azure centrally manages your identities to provide access to your apps. This Single sign-on tool simplifies access to your apps from anywhere. Also, it provides conditional access and multi-factor authentication to help secure data. The tool has a single identity control panel that provides complete visibility of your environment. 

Also, it secures data, gives resources only when the users are authorized, and avoids all risk-based adaptive policies.


  • The tool offers a range of security features and compliance certifications, such as SOC, ISO, and PCI, helping businesses protect sensitive data and meet regulatory requirements.

  • Azure's identity and access management capabilities are integrated with other Azure services, such as Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Storage, and Azure SQL Database, making it easy to manage access and permissions for all resources within the Azure ecosystem.


  • It needs to provide advanced capabilities for user onboarding, which could be a limitation for businesses with a high volume of new users.

  • You need the technical knowledge to fully utilize the software, resulting in difficulties in using the tool at its full potential.¬†

Customer ratings

  • G2: 4.3 /5

6. FusionAuth

fustion auth 07

FusionAuth is a service-based authentication and authorization platform that gives developers access management and has many identification protocols such as login, passwordless login, SSO, MFA, Data search, social login, and user management. 

Further, the tool allows users and employees to get acquitted to the software quickly and gain access with genuine identification. FusionAuth can scale automatically and even generate thousands of login registrations.


  • It offers a wide range of customization options for identity and access management, allowing businesses to tailor the software to their specific needs.


  • ¬†The tool's password recovery mechanism is inefficient compared to other tools, making it difficult for users to login in case of "forgot password."

  • It may not integrate with all third-party systems, limiting its usability for some businesses.

Customer ratings

  • G2: 4.8 /5

7. Bitwarden

bitwarden 08

Bitwarden is a password manager tool that enhances productivity and scales up IT teams to work faster and more effectively. The tool can easily connect with your existing SSO, environment, or cloud directories. It also reduces cyber risk security as it provides the first defence against data breaches by enforcing strong password policies across all the employees across the organization.


  • It is open source with a complete package of features, securing your application passwords and letting you connect your system from anywhere.

  • It can be used on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops, allowing users to easily access their accounts from any device while maintaining a high-security level.


  • Bitwarden does not currently offer advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, making it difficult for businesses to track and monitor their users' activity.

  • The tool doesn't provide a password reset option in case you forget your master password, creating an obstacle to logging in without any IT assistance.

Customer ratings

  • G2:4.7 /5

8. Authy

authy 09

Authy is a two-factor authentication tool that provides a 2fa Rest API for developers and a robust authentication platform for the enterprise. It provides TouchID, PIN protection, and password protection to secure access to your 2FA tokens. 

Also, it encrypts your 2fa data and includes backup on the cloud. Also, the tool lets you connect this tool with multiple devices in your organization.


  • Authy uses industry-standard encryption protocols, ensuring that user data is always kept safe and secure.

  • Authy is user-friendly and easy to set up, which makes it accessible to organizations of all sizes, ensuring employees can quickly and easily access the information they need without any additional IT support.


  • The entire login system lacks in connectivity; thus, users face difficulty in logging in to the system, wasting users' time that could have been used for other important tasks.

  • Sometimes there is an issue syncing with new devices, resulting in trouble in managing access effectively.

Customer ratings

  • G2:4.7 / 5

9. Jumpcloud

jumpcloud 06

JumpCloud is an open directory platform that centralizes the management of user identities and devices to make remote work more seamless. The tool enables small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt Zero Trust security models. In addition, it unifies identities across infrastructures, is compatible with multiple OS, provides frictionless resource access in your organization, and reduces costs.


  • It provides group-based access control functionality, resulting in efficiently managing users' access in organizations.

  • It enables native encryption on your devices with pre-configured policies, securing your organization's data.


  • Sometimes the admin panel works slowly, and it takes longer to load the pages, wasting the users' time that could have been used in other important work.

  • The end users have to do much work to set up remote work capabilities, like end users requiring to enable authorizations for controls, causing hindrance in their productivity.

Customer ratings

  • G2: 4.6 /5


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