Best SaaS Buying Platforms in 2023


SaaS buying platforms help organizations to create a seamless buying experience and establish an appropriate workflow for the buying process. They give visibility to the companies if the SaaS apps are in line with the requirements and help you manage the contracts and renewals.  

Often the companies are confused with the prices or contract terms of SaaS products and whether they are availing of the best deal and best terms. 

SaaS buying platforms help to create systems that support well-positioned negotiations and efficient buying. With SaaS buying platforms, procurement teams get both the bandwidth and coordination to ensure every contract gets the timely and necessary attention. 

In addition, it will support your team to save time and money. Without the platform, teams spend countless hours engaging in the perpetual cycle of negotiation and vendor management for procuring the tools.

This post will avail you of a list of top SaaS buying platforms which will ease the SaaS buying process. 

Top 7 SaaS Buying Platforms in 2023

1. Zluri

Zluri makes the SaaS buying process easy with its comprehensive SaaS buying platform. It helps to buy new tools as well as manage the existing renewals with data-backed negotiations.

It provides complete control over your SaaS stack. It reduces the financial, compliance, and security risks associated with SaaS apps and their usage. 

Zluri’s SaaS buying platform helps you save money and keep control of costs. It saves you time and supports you in maintaining a healthy relationship with the vendors. Also, improves your security and compliance posture. 

It provides you with real-time data of your purchase history and helps you plan the SaaS buying for the next 12 months. We help you understand your SaaS purchase and renewals for the year.

Zluri gives renewal insights, overviews, and visibility to all the upcoming SaaS renewals. The Renewal Calendar helps you avoid surprises and prioritize preparations based on the size of the renewal and time. 

SaaS Renewal Calendar - Zluri

Zluri's renewal calendar

With Zluri, you get notifications of the renewal date and insights on rightsizing the licenses, if required. 

For contracts, you get alerts 30 days, 15 days, and one day in advance. For payment, you get seven days and 1-day alerts. Also, you can set custom alerts as well, and this helps you prioritize high-value contracts.

contracts module

SaaS Contracts in Zluri

It allows you to manage all your software application contracts/renewals and create an approval process to reduce the SaaS spend. It helps you to get data to negotiate and maximize ROI.

It monitors, measures, and controls application spend while eliminating shadow IT and gives you deeper insights to optimize the app cost.

app insights for cost optimization

App Insights for Cost Optimization

Since the renewal calendar will notify you of the renewal date, then proactive renewal decisions can be made on renewing or terminating the contract. You can review the original purchase contracts and work on negotiation strategies. It guides you in renegotiating each app months before the renewal date.

Spend YTD Cost YTD

In the cost section, you can view what amount is mentioned in the contract, while in the spend column, admins can see what amount was actually paid. The bigger the difference is, the higher the company is charged than what is mentioned in the contract. 

With Zluri’s usage monitoring feature to assess your application efficiency and help you better understand how you can optimize licensing costs.


Negotiate SaaS Contracts based on SaaS Usage

It supports you in taking strategic decisions to improve license ROI.

The strong discovery methods used in Zluri make it possible to choose your SaaS apps that meet your requirements. It will offer you data that will help you to view all the SaaS apps used in your organization. This data will help you to churn out unutilized licenses or duplicate apps.

When you have visibility to the SaaS environment of the organization, it will assist you in optimizing your SaaS spending and managing your multiple SaaS licenses. 

With Zluri, you can manage your vendors with ease. The Vendor management module, it will provide you with the complete list of vendors and the number of contracts you have with each vendor. 

Vendor details

Vendor Details

It gives you clarity on the SaaS vendors, and the required documents are attached to each vendor.

It is a single source of truth for vendor contracts to get easy access. It alerts you to changes in your applications ecosystem and gets real-time notifications. It gives you insights on renewals, access to detailed reports, and more. 

All your contracts are stored contextually with other vendors' information so that you can access the details when required: during renewals, audits, termination, etc. If you have bought multiple apps from a single vendor, you can negotiate a better deal with the help of Zluri.

Zluri helps you gain visibility at all the licenses, subscriptions, contracts, and perpetual. It empowers you to optimize your SaaS licenses. This view helps you to gather information on unused licenses and abandoned apps, rightsize unused licenses, or downgrade to a suitable tier.

It allows you to manage all your contracts in one place. You can download all your licenses, subscriptions, contracts & perpetual information in a CSV file. The file will be sent to you in your mailbox.

Additionally, we also offer SaaS buying services

why zluri saas buying

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2. Vendr

Vendr (1)

Vendr is a SaaS buying platform that allows you to procure SaaS apps and manage contracts and renewals. It offers SaaS procurement services that reduce your SaaS expenses. 

It helps you to track and manage the contract, which gives you a window to properly plan for SaaS buying. You can choose the software that you need and can meet your requirements. It brings all your SaaS apps to a single platform.

It maintains security and compliance with approval workflows for new vendors, app access, and more. It streamlines your SaaS operations and helps you stay compliant.

3. Spendflo

Spendflo (1)

Spendflo is a SaaS buying and optimization tool that gives you visibility on your vendors, automates procurement, and reduces the SaaS spend. It uses its benchmark data and insights to negotiate with vendors and get you the deal at a fair price. 

It helps you gain access to various apps and get the SaaS apps required for your business. It centrally organizes and manages all your contracts under one roof. 

It has all your SaaS procurement, purchase, pricing, and usage data consolidated in a single platform. This data helps you plan in advance for SaaS buying and get the tools at a fair price. It takes care of the existing renewals and makes you proactive in avoiding auto-renewals. 

4. CloudEagle


CloudEagle is a SaaS procurement and management platform that helps the IT and procurement teams save on software spending and streamline the renewal and buying process. 

It manages SaaS vendors through a single dashboard so that you get complete, real-time visibility into the spend, renewals, usage, and actionable insights. 

It keeps track of renewals and keeps you notified about contract renewals with sufficient time and insights to renegotiate or look for better options. 

4. Cledara


Cledara brings visibility and control over your SaaS stack. Their SaaS purchasing solution offers the SaaS buying platform. It links your approvals and purchasing to reduce the burden of your procurement process. 

It helps you keep control over your SaaS spend. It empowers your teams to choose the tools as per their requirements. With Cledara, you can cancel any unwanted subscriptions with a click. 

In addition, it gives you a single place to manage all your software subscriptions. It offers you insights that help to remove duplicate apps or any unused licenses and optimize the SaaS spend. 

5. Tropic

Tropic (1)

Tropic extends your SaaS procurement with resources on demand. It empowers your team with benchmark data and manages your SaaS vendors. It manages every SaaS contract irrespective of its size. 

It assists you in purchasing SaaS products that save you time and money and gives you opportunities to work with vendors. Tropic tracks down your software contracts and gathers necessary data from them to negotiate with the vendors and get you a better deal. 

It manages all interactions between stakeholders, teammates, and vendors to buy software and manage the renewals. 

6. NachoNacho

NachoNacho (1)

NachoNacho helps you discover SaaS apps and is the single platform to manage your existing SaaS products as well as the new ones. It helps you purchase SaaS apps from the NachoNacho marketplace. 

It manages your existing subscriptions while reducing wastage of time and money and helps you buy new subscriptions at a reduced cost.

It is a marketplace where businesses can buy SaaS products, and vendors can find their best customers. SaaS vendors list their SaaS products in NachoNacho to help the organizations. 


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