7 Software Procurement Services for Better SaaS Negotiation

Team Zluri

13th July, 2022


Software procurement is a tricky job. For every app, there are multiple software vendors available, and you might be wondering how to get the best deal for your company.

Today, most buying companies suffer from ineffective software procurement. These software apps are priced in a number of complex ways that are often confusing to the procurement, IT, and finance teams. 

Buyers lack access to the tools, knowledge, and data that disadvantage them compared to software vendors. It is difficult to determine whether you are procuring the right tool at a fair price. 

Add to it the variables in the SaaS contracts that you need to negotiate, like features, renewals terms, the number of licenses, and a hundred other things. 

You need to take many layers of approvals from various stakeholders like finance, legal, security, etc., which makes the whole process cumbersome and time-consuming.

And after all these things, your requirements may also change suddenly. So, it makes sense to outsource your SaaS procurement to experts who can help you get a better price and terms.


Let's take a look at the top 7 software procurement services, starting with ours. 

Top 7 Software Procurement Services

1. Zluri SaaS Buying

Zluri purchases and renews all of your SaaS apps and helps you get the best deals. We offer SaaS procurement services that will reduce your software expenses. We are not limited to better prices but also negotiate a better SaaS agreement for you.

Our SaaS buying services help you to save time and money. We take care of the negotiations on your behalf and save the time your employees spend on negotiations. We get you the SaaS app you need and when you need it. 


Referring to a case study, Zluri helped a top cyber security company save $500k and 400 hours on SaaS procurement. For MoEngange, we saved over $250k in 5 months.

To start with, our SaaS buying experts developed a standard SaaS procurement process. 

The standard SaaS procurement process involved the procurement, finance, and individual requesters to ensure maximum transparency throughout the SaaS buying process and eliminate shocks.

Why is Zluri the best SaaS buying partner?


Once we understand the requirements and build the list of tools you require, we select suitable vendors for those tools. We find the right vendor and give them the best deal for the required tools. 

Zluri has an AI-driven SaaS management platform to understand your SaaS environment intuitively. It will help us to get insights into your SaaS landscape and further help with negotiation for the right tools. 

We have 1 billion SaaS transactions data and know the average price that customers pay for a particular size of SaaS app required in a company. We also know the best price for procuring SaaS apps for different types of licenses in different regions across the globe.

We, Zluri, are not just an outsourcer. Consider us to be an extension of your procurement team. We work as team members with the customers, and there is transparency and trust between both parties. We communicate with a vendor on your behalf, and it gives us more leverage for negotiations. 

We use our customer’s email for any SaaS buying negotiation that brings transparency to the company. 

We have benchmark data on SaaS prices. We bring data-backed insights with knowledge of fair pricing and will provide you with the SaaS apps of your choice at the best price. It helps you to keep your business moving.

Prices for negotiations depend on the multiple factors which are associated with the requirements of the departments and the company, like which license tier is required, for how many employees SaaS apps are required, etc.

We understand each category of software product and the price associated with it. We modularise the price for the company as we have the data and experts who will help you get better pricing.

Additionally, we analyze the overlapping of features between the multiple SaaS apps that can complicate the SaaS environment of the company and make you spend unnecessary. We guide the company on this and advise removing the apps with similar features to the existing ones.

Our SaaS Buying Process

In Zluri, SaaS buying is a four-step process that includes discovery, management, consolidation and settings, and savings.


So we use our SMP platform and understand the SaaS tech of your company. Our experts work with your team to understand your SaaS stack with the help of the platform.

Zluri discovers 100% of the SaaS apps in your organization. Zluri app library has over 225,000+ applications and uses five discovery methods: SSO, finance, and expense management systems, direct integration through APIs, desktop agent (optional), and browser agent (optional). 

We help you manage your SaaS stack by removing redundant and duplicate applications, making you proactive with auto-renewals, downgrading to suitable license tiers, etc. This helps eliminate Shadow IT and optimize your SaaS spending.

We understand your purchase and renewal plan for the year. We consolidate the data on the Zluri platform with your purchase history and help you plan SaaS buying for the next 12 months.

We help you with the savings. Your teams or departments choose the tools that they want to simplify the work. We assist you in negotiating the tools for the best price and take care of it. Also, automatically we churn out the unutilized licenses or duplicate apps from your existing subscriptions. 

We get the closure done for you, including all the checkpoints cleared by your legal, security, and finance teams. We do proper documentation of each contract, and you can start tracking and monitoring the SaaS apps.

There is no risk on our client's end. You pay us only when we assist you with 2x savings. So the amount you are saving is double the amount you pay us for the service. This is what we promise you on savings.

Zluri knows the SaaS marketplace and can help you get the best SaaS stack for your business in your allocated budget. We help you save by planning your SaaS buying. The renewal window period has an added advantage with savings of up to 50% on subscriptions and zeroes upfront cost.


Not only that, within a period of 12 to 18 months of engagement with Zluri, we also set in order governance around all contracts and payments.

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2. Vendr


Vendr offers SaaS buying services that help the organization procure SaaS apps at negotiated prices and manage their contracts. It analyzes your SaaS stack while you share your current or past year's SaaS purchases. It understands your overall budget goals, upcoming renewals, and new tools that your teams require.

With all the analysis made, it helps you to overall reduce your annual software expense. It improves your SaaS procurement process, manages your SaaS stack, and decreases your annual SaaS spending.  

3. Spendflo


Spendflo provides SaaS buying services that help organizations with SaaS procurement cycles by saving time and money. SaaS procurement cycles are often time-consuming, and you are negotiating in the dark, where there is no reliable way to check if you are paying fair prices. 

With Spendflo, you can cut down your SaaS expense on negotiation times. It helps you manage contract data better to have visibility of all the contracts and renewals. 

It evaluates and rightsizes your existing contracts. It helps you make better strategic decisions for future purchases and optimize your company’s SaaS stack.

4. Sastrify


Sastrify offers pricing benchmarks and saving opportunities by giving you leverage for vendor negotiations and reducing your SaaS spending. It manages your SaaS licenses.

It monitors SaaS usage to negotiate and rightsize your SaaS licenses. It negotiates SaaS contracts with vendors and gives you full visibility of all SaaS processes, including recommendations for your next purchase. It helps you in identifying the right SaaS products that meet your requirements.

5. Welli


Welli leverages negotiation with SaaS vendors to cut down SaaS spending and get you better deals. It helps you save time and money by getting involved in your SaaS purchasing processes. It streamlines the procurement process.

It empowers the buying process by automating legal and security documentation collection. It can save you money with data-driven decisions and pay fair prices for the tools.

6. Tropic


Tropic extends your SaaS procurement with resources on demand. It empowers your team with benchmark data and manages your SaaS vendors. It manages every SaaS contract irrespective of its size. 

It assists you in purchasing SaaS products that save you time and money and gives you opportunities to work with vendors. Tropic tracks down your software contracts and gathers necessary data from them to negotiate with the vendors and get you a better deal. 

It manages all interactions between stakeholders, teammates, and vendors to buy software and manage the renewals. 

7. NachoNacho


NachoNacho helps you discover SaaS apps and is the single platform to manage your existing SaaS products as well as the new ones. It helps you purchase the SaaS apps from the NachoNacho marketplace. 

It manages your existing subscriptions while reducing wastage of time and money and helps you buy new subscriptions at a reduced cost.

It is a marketplace where businesses can buy SaaS products and vendors can find their best customers. SaaS vendors list their SaaS products in NachoNacho to help the organizations. 

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