Top 10 BetterCloud Alternatives & Competitors in 2024

Rohit Rao

6th February, 2024


Effective SaaS management is of utmost importance for IT managers striving to optimize SaaS operations and fortify data security. While BetterCloud is well-recognized for its robust SaaS management capabilities, its pricing has significantly increased over time, posing challenges for many organizations.

But, the good news is that numerous effective SaaS management tools have entered the market. So, if you are looking for BetterCloud alternatives, you'll find this post helpful.

BetterCloud offers a SaaS management platform that discovers, manages, and secures SaaS applications. It offers visibility over your unsanctioned apps (shadow IT), thus protecting your organization from malicious threats. The platform excels in aiding IT teams to untangle their SaaS chaos and streamline processes through automation. However, even though it holds the top position in the SaaS management platform category, it might not align perfectly with your organization's needs.


Before discussing the BetterCloud alternatives, let's look at some of its key features and drawbacks.

Drawbacks Of BetterCloud

Let's explore a few key limitations of BetterCloud:

  • Poor user interface: Since it's a feature-rich platform, it takes time for the users to understand where to navigate through in the dashboard. Due to its steep learning curve, you may require extra training sessions to take full benefit from this platform without any human error.

  • Limited direct integrations: Before shifting to any SMP, an organization must ensure that the vendor supports all the apps they use. However, BetterCloud may not offer complete support for your SaaS stack due to limited direct integrations. 

  • Expensive: If you want to make the most out of BetterCloud, you need to opt for the Enterprise plan, which has high custom pricing as compared to other options in the market.

Customer Rating

  • Capterra-3.5/5

  • G2-4.5/5

Best suited for: It's a good option if you have a large organization with numerous SaaS applications. For startups and smaller enterprises, it may not be the best fit.

Top 10 BetterCloud Alternatives

Let’s explore these BetterCloud alternatives one by one. This comprehensive comparison will equip you with valuable insights to make an informed decision when selecting the ideal SaaS management platform for your organization.

1. Zluri


Zluri offers an advanced SaaS management platform specifically tailored for your IT teams. This unified solution serves as a centralized hub to discover, manage, secure, and optimize all SaaS applications throughout your organization. Zluri's primary goal is to enhance the efficiency of your SaaS ecosystem by eliminating wastage, such as unused app licenses, duplicate applications, and abandoned apps. 

Further, it facilitates the identification of unauthorized app acquisitions, pinpoint non-compliant applications, and execute the removal of apps that may pose security vulnerabilities.

Zluri dashboard

What truly distinguishes Zluri is its unparalleled data accuracy, positioning it as the foremost SaaS management platform. It ensures that the information at your fingertips is reliable and up-to-date. This precision in data accuracy empowers your organization to confidently make informed decisions. 

Whether you need to track software usage, monitor compliance, or plan for future investments, Zluri's precise data ensures you have a clear and accurate picture of your SaaS landscape.

Zluri- application

The platform also offers critical SaaS Budget details such as departmental budget allocation, comparing estimated and actual expenditures, identification of payment cards (personal or corporate), and much more. These detailed insights empower you to optimize your entire SaaS spending and make informed decisions to boost cost efficiency. Additionally, Zluri automates various IT tasks, including provisioning, deprovisioning, and SaaS application approvals.

Zluri application insights
Zluri insights

Zluri: Key Features

  • Discovering your organization’s SaaS subscriptions: Zluri has the largest app library and will work with 250,000+ applications. Its uses five methods to discover all your apps with nearly 100% accuracy. Thus, its SaaS application discovery feature offers a comprehensive view of your entire SaaS environment, including unauthorized applications, granting full visibility and control to your IT teams. Further, it helps to eliminate shadow IT in your organization.

     Zluri’s Data Discovery Engine 

  • Renewal Monitoring: With Zluri, you don't need to worry about surprise renewals. Zluri alerts about your upcoming renewals, giving you enough time to decide whether or not you need the app. You can decide that through the SaaS usage insights from Zluri. It issues contract alerts 30, 15, and 1 day ahead, and payment alerts are sent 7 and 1 day before the due date.

    renewal tab

  • Applications Cost Optimization: Zluri helps you standardize the bulk management of apps and . Zluri traces your SaaS ecosystem and monitors, measures, and helps you take control of your SaaS spending. Using filters in Zluri, you can pinpoint apps that have high costs but low usage. It also assists in uncovering hidden apps, providing peace of mind.

    Applications Cost Optimization

  • Spend Optimization Report: Zluri's spend optimization report delivers invaluable insights and suggestions to assist your IT teams in optimizing SaaS application expenses. This report offers a thorough assessment of the organization's SaaS spending, emphasizing areas where potential cost-saving measures can be implemented. 


    Furthermore, Zluri provides an array of 22 comprehensive reports that provide up-to-the-minute insights into your SaaS usage, spending, and security vulnerabilities.

Check how much you can save with Zluri.

Customer Testimony-2


  • Zluri shows the category and function of each application. This information aids IT teams in understanding the purpose of each application, making it easier to align software with specific business needs. Further, it helps in compliance management as well.

    compliance management

  • Zluri offers the most comprehensive direct integrations via API, with an extensive portfolio of over 800+ SaaS apps, and this number continues to expand monthly. Notably, it stands out as the sole provider of custom integrations with a remarkable turnaround time of just 36 hours. This rapid custom integration capability empowers IT teams with the flexibility to swiftly connect with various tools and systems, significantly elevating overall productivity.

    Zluri integrations

  • Zluri's capabilities extend beyond SaaS management, encompassing a range of additional services including user lifecycle management, access management, SaaS procurement, and identity governance.

Customer Rating

  • Capterra-5/5

  • G2 - 4.9/5

2. SailPoint SaaS Management Solution


By signing up for SailPoint's SaaS management tool, you gain better visibility into how your employees use your company's SaaS resources and take control of the SaaS landscape. In addition, it maximizes your security with SaaS-specific governance and management.


  • Creates accountability for your company's SaaS data by ensuring you know who has access to it.

  • It offers a simplified provisioning process that is automated based on the users' job roles and job functions.

  • Helps you reduce unnecessary SaaS costs by tracking employees who hold a license for an application but don't use it.


  • The tool's custom codes for SaaS management features, such as role design, require submission for technical review, leading to lengthy implementation times.

Customer Rating

  • Capterra- 4.2/5

  • G2- 4.3/5

3. Zylo


Zylo, a notable BetterCloud alternative, is a powerful SaaS optimization platform designed to assist IT teams in effectively managing their SaaS contracts. Its capabilities extend to handling auto-renewals for SaaS applications, regardless of the organization's stack size. It ensures that teams receive timely notifications regarding contract and license renewals.

The platform provides clear visibility into upcoming renewals and sends alerts via email and Slack for added convenience. Moreover, IT teams can easily monitor application usage, enabling them to identify and remove unnecessary applications before renewal dates, thus optimizing their SaaS expenditure.


  • The platform offers comprehensive reporting fields, providing IT teams with valuable insights and data necessary for their tasks.

  • The tool provides your team with timely alerts whenever new SaaS expenses are recorded, enabling effective monitoring, control, and optimization of SaaS expenditures.

  • Zylo offers seamless integration with a variety of platforms, simplifying the process of gathering data and gaining valuable insights for your team. It easily integrates with privileged access management applications such as Okta, effectively eliminating unused licenses.


  • Zylo may not be the best choice if you need robust data filtering capabilities. While it does offer this feature, it may require extra effort to navigate and use effectively, potentially limiting your ability to customize data as needed.

Customer Rating 

  • G2: 4.7/5 

  • Capterra: 4.5/5

4. Torii


Torii is a comprehensive SaaS discovery and management platform that centralizes vendor and contract license management for all enterprise SaaS tools. It proactively informs app owners about SaaS renewals, ensuring no last-minute surprises. Torii's renewal calendar empowers IT teams to make informed decisions on costs, license sizes, and tiers well in advance.


  • Torii's automated workflows and system integration simplify SaaS user provisioning and de-provisioning, enabling It teams to easily manage user access in your SaaS ecosystem.

  • Torii offers multiple integrations with various actions for integrated tools, enhancing flexibility and compatibility with other SaaS apps.


  • Setting up the tool may require time and effort, impacting immediate implementation.

  • Torii may face limitations when importing large custom data sets, potentially affecting the efficiency of the process

Customer Rating

  • G2- 4.5/5 

  • Capterra- 5/5

5. Vendr


Vendr, a notable BetterCloud alternative, is a SaaS operation management and procurement tool that includes SaaS renewal capabilities. It establishes a unified source of truth, offering clear SaaS visibility within the organization. This visibility equips IT teams with advanced insights into forthcoming application renewals. Vendr excels in centralizing the renewal process while also offering details on recent purchases and deals requiring approval.

Furthermore, Vendr empowers IT teams by enabling them to access and manage the SaaS stack from any location, enhancing convenience and flexibility in SaaS management.


  • Vendr's advanced features consolidate and centralize the entire workflow within the organization, streamlining processes and promoting efficiency.

  • It provides storage for legal, privacy, and security documents associated with every application, alleviating the workload for IT teams in managing multiple tools.


  • Vendr may have limitations in terms of flexibility when it comes to creating Google-drive reports, potentially restricting in-depth data analysis.

  • The user interface may experience occasional slowdowns when navigating between departments for tasks like onboarding and offboarding workflows, potentially affecting user experience.

Customer Rating

  • G2- 4.7/5

6. Okta


To control access to your user SaaS accounts, Okta presents a great alternative to BetterCloud. It's a single sign-on solution and identity management provider. Okta creates a secure connection between people and technology. It lets you access applications anywhere and on any device, thus enhancing user experience.

All data is securely stored on the Google Cloud while following strict security policies. Okta elevates remote access to SaaS apps by integrating over 5,000 apps. Okta helps customers achieve their missions faster, in turn giving them safe and easy employee access to the technologies they need to perform their most significant work.


  • IT teams can streamline user access using Okta's combined single sign-on capability, reducing the burden of managing multiple passwords. This simplifies authentication and real-time access and enhances security.

  • Okta integrates with numerous cloud applications while maintaining high security and facilitating approval workflows. IT teams can efficiently manage and secure access to various software tools, ensuring data protection.

  • Okta provides comprehensive user reports and access logs, empowering IT teams with insights into user activities and security incidents. This information is invaluable for monitoring, auditing, and maintaining a secure SaaS environment.


  • The password reset process is too quick, which may pose security risks by not providing enough scrutiny or verification steps to ensure user identity.

  • The pricing is relatively high, making it less affordable for smaller or startup organizations with limited budgets.

Customer Rating

  • Capterra- 4.7/5

  • G2- 4.4/5

7. Crashplan by Code42


Code42 enhances the prompt identification of insider threats, proactively preventing potential disruptions to operations. It closely monitors data across various environments, including computers, the Cloud platforms, and other online services. When any suspicious activity is detected, Code42 takes automatic corrective actions.

Additionally, Code42 offers a comprehensive suite of data dashboards, analysis tools, and supplementary features. These tools are crafted to help you pinpoint and manage access control levels that employees might exploit to mishandle company data.


  • The system consistently monitors alterations in data, ensuring ongoing security and integrity of SaaS data.

  • Users can perform backups for multiple devices using just one account, streamlining SaaS data management.


  • Extremely sluggish data uploading can be frustrating for IT teams as it consumes excessive time and hampers efficiency.

  • The tool operates exclusively with a VPN connection, limiting accessibility.

Customer Rating

  • Capterra- 4.7/5

  • G2- 4.6/5

8. JumpCloud


JumpCloud, a notable BetterCloud alternative, is an open SaaS platform designed to provide secure access to IT resources from any device. It offers a straightforward and secure access service to corporate resources, regardless of the device or location. Additionally, it serves as a unified cloud-based solution for IT, security operations, and DevOps teams, efficiently handling employee identities and device management while adhering to Zero Trust principles.


  • The tool provides a single user active directory across all platforms, simplifying bulk user management and comprehensive access management for critical assets.

  • It assists in achieving PCI Level 1 compliance requirements, ensuring the security of sensitive payment card data.

  • It bolsters security measures with the implementation of multi-factor authentication, safeguarding user accounts against a wide range of data breaches.


  • The system tends to lock machines frequently, potentially disrupting workflow.

  • Device management capabilities are limited to Mac devices, leaving wide range of device types unsupported.

Customer Rating

  • Capterra- 4.7/5

  • G2- 4.6/5

9. G2 Track

G2 Track

G2 Track serves as a reliable source of truth to enhance your SaaS management. Leveraging its robust insights, you can optimize the management of licenses, contracts, and expenses. By refining your software strategy, you can streamline operations, making your company more agile and cost-effective. This platform seamlessly synchronizes data from various accounting, financial, and single sign-on (SSO) systems.


  • Provides a holistic view of your SaaS spending landscape in a single glance, simplifying financial oversight.

  • G2 Track enhances SaaS app management by identifying unsanctioned applications, improving team efficiency.

  • The user-friendly interface and centralized dashboard of G2 Track streamline data access and provide a convenient overview, enhancing usability.


  • The reporting features have certain constraints when it comes to customization, data visualization, and delivering detailed analytics, which may not fully meet your expectations.

  • It has limited options for direct integrations with other software or platforms, thus lacking advanced administration.

 Customer Rating

  • G2- 4.6/5

  • Capterra- 4.5/5

10. LeanIX


LeanIX is a leading enterprise SaaS management software, pioneering the way in SaaS tracking, control, and benchmarking. This SOC-2-compliant platform, driven by AI technology, aids enterprise organizations in achieving savings of up to 30% on their SaaS expenses. It achieves this by automatically detecting unmanaged contracts and duplicate licenses.


  • This advanced automation platform boasts a well-designed and user-friendly interface. Its simplicity makes it easy for users to navigate through features without a steep learning curve.

  • One of its administrative power is its ability to optimize the return on investment (ROI) for SaaS spend through various cost analysis, resource allocation, or performance optimization features


  • While generally reliable, the platform may occasionally come across data inaccuracies. These inaccuracies can be frustrating for access auditor and might lead to incorrect insights or decisions in SaaS workflows.

  • The platform may require manual effort for certain tasks; thus, your team would end up spending a lot of time in completing such tasks.

Customer Rating

  • G2- 4.3/5

  • Capterra- 4/5

Why Zluri Is The Best BetterCloud Alternative?

Zluri stands out as the top choice for efficiently managing your SaaS ecosystem. It serves as an excellent alternative to BetterCloud, providing comprehensive visibility, deep optimization capabilities, and robust governance features. With Zluri, you can regain control over your SaaS environment and ensure cost-efficient operations. Here's why Zluri should be your preferred choice:-

Zluri vs Bettercloud

Zluri vs Bettercloud
Zluri vs Bettercloud

Book a personalized demo and See Zluri in Action Today!

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