The Best Alternatives to Genuity in 2023


Genuity, a SaaS management tool, helps to manage SaaS spend, contracts, compliance, and more. It empowers the IT teams to optimize the SaaS stack.

Genuity helps you optimize and control SaaS costs. A vendor spend strategy allows businesses to keep you aware and in control of their vendor expenses. It can provide better audit performance, boost compliance, and identify unused software that wastes budget.

It has an integrated SaaS spend management tool that keeps the businesses stay aware of SaaS costs, stays up to date on compliance, and maximizes budgets. It gives clarity around vendor spend that keeps your organization informed about software budgeting.

Though Genuity is a good SaaS management software, it has a steep learning curve. There are several other SaaS management tools available that can meet your needs if you’re looking for alternatives.

In this article, we have discussed the best eight alternatives to Genuity. But before discussing that, let's know more about Genuity.

Key Features

  • Genuity ensures better spend control, centralizes information, and helps to enforce compliance.

  • It gives software spend visibility with saving opportunities and financial reporting.

  • It helps to manage the growing number of SaaS subscriptions.


  • Steep learning curve

  • Lacks customization to allow a more comprehensive view

Customer Rating

  • G2: 4.8/5

  • Capterra: 5/5

Top 8 Genuity Alternatives

1. Zluri (SaaS Management Platform)

Zluri is a SaaS management platform that helps IT teams discover, optimize, manage and secure the SaaS apps in the organization. It optimizes SaaS spend. 

With Zluri, you can view all the SaaS subscriptions in a single platform and eliminate SaaS wastage. It gives IT teams greater control over their tech stack. 

It automates your IT tasks such as onboarding, offboarding, etc. Zluri provides a usage monitoring feature that helps you to optimize your SaaS stacks, application efficiency, and licensing costs.

Application Discovery: Zluri uses five discovery methods to find 100% of SaaS apps in your organization. This includes SSO, finance, and expense management systems, direct integration with apps, desktop agent (optional), and browser agent (optional).

5 discovery methods

App Insights helps you improve SaaS governance by providing actionable cards on the overview of an application. You can add missing data, review changes, and stay on top of SaaS usage & spend trends to track your SaaS better. 

Group 1056

App Insights for Cost Optimization

Vendor Management: Zluri enables you to manage your SaaS vendors and the contracts and licenses with them. It gets you easy access to metadata that allows you to cut down your software spend and increase overall ROI.


With Zluri, all your contracts are stored contextually with other vendors' information so that you can access them when required: during renewals, audits, termination, etc. 

contracts module

Renewal Licenses: Zluri alerts you about your upcoming payment and contract renewals, giving you enough time to decide whether or not you need the app.

For contracts, you get alerts 30 days, 15 days, and 1 day in advance. For payment, you get 7 days and 1-day alerts. And you can set custom alerts as well. This helps you prioritize high-value contracts.

renewals module

Renewal Calendar

Renewal Monitoring is a part of License management. Zluri enables you to manage all your renewals by creating an approval process that reduces unnecessary spending.

Additionally, it helps you prioritize high-value renewals and prepare for a negotiation with the SaaS vendors.

High Value SaaS Apps Renewal

With SaaS usage data, Zluri levels the playing field for IT and procurement teams. Hence, you get clarity on what to renew, how many licenses you actually need, and what to terminate.

License Management: Zluri helps you gain visibility at all the licenses, subscriptions, contracts, and perpetuals. It empowers you to optimize your SaaS licenses.

This view helps the IT teams to gather information on unused licenses, and abandoned apps, rightsize the unused licenses, or downgrade to a suitable tier.

licenses module

License Module

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Customer Rating

  • G2: 4.9/5

  • Capterra: 4.9/5

2. Spendesk


Spendesk is a SaaS spend management tool that provides real-time visibility to the SaaS spend in the organization. It can track spend across the organization and gives you control over the budget.

It empowers the teams to own their budget and allows them to pay with virtual cards, digital invoices, and expense reimbursements. 

It will help you save money by reducing unnecessary spending and duplicate subscriptions. It offers a view of all the organization's subscriptions in a single dashboard. 

Additionally, it enables the IT teams to make timely and informed spending decisions with real-time reports of the actual status being spent.

Customer Rating

  • G2: 4.7/5

  • Capterra: 4.8/5

3. Lumos


Lumos is a SaaS management tool that focuses on reducing SaaS spend. It helps in improving productivity, compliance, and cost functionality. It accelerates access requests and license management through self-service. 

Lumos helps the IT teams to gain visibility into all SaaS apps and spending. It discovers the shadow IT apps, calculates the savings potential, and auto-removes the unused licenses. 

It provides you access reviews, vendor reviews, and least privilege help that will help you stay compliant throughout the year.

4. Quolum


Quolum is a SaaS management application with a special purpose of SaaS expense card to help you run your fleet of SaaS applications. It prevents excess spending on SaaS apps and provides SaaS expense cards to purchase applications.

You will receive a single bill for your SaaS purchases, with all invoices automatically aggregated from vendors.

It helps you to track apps, be proactive about spending, and go beyond a simple spreadsheet that shows SaaS apps inventory. It also visualizes the consumption across users, departments, and organizations.

Customer Rating

  • G2: 4.8/5

5. Flexera One

Flexera (1)

Flexera One helps you gain visibility to your entire IT infrastructure from on-premise to SaaS to cloud. It delivers the power to mitigate risk, reduce costs, and maximize ROI.

It identifies all your SaaS subscriptions and removes the unused, underused, and abandoned licenses. It assists you to discover, manage, and optimize your organization’s SaaS subscriptions. It reduces shadow IT, manages SaaS renewals, optimizes your SaaS spending, and secures user accounts.

It enables you to negotiate agreements and renewals with SaaS vendors like Microsoft, Google Workspace, etc. It helps you to develop a strategy to reduce negotiated costs of the SaaS providers.

Customer Rating

  • G2: 3.7/5

6. LeanIX


LeanIX SaaS management platform helps you to gain complete visibility and control over your SaaS landscape. It provides a repository of information that allows you to view everything from business architecture to IT architecture.

It assists the organization in evolving from cost-center driven to IT-enabled. It offers a platform for SaaS tracking, control, and benchmarking. It integrates with financial, contract management, and single sign-on systems that help you to discover applications.

It offers insights to control SaaS spending, manage your SaaS subscriptions, and improve user SaaS adoption. It discovers and tracks your SaaS stack to ensure compliance with GDPR, SOC 2, and other regulatory requirements.

Customer Rating

  • G2: 4.3/5

7. Eracent


Eracent lifts the organizations to meet the challenges of managing software licenses and computing assets. It discovers and tracks the usage details for data center, desktop, cloud, and mobile platforms. It offers cross-platform discovery and application recognition.

It helps enterprises save significantly on their annual software spend, reduce their audit and security-related risks, and establish an efficient asset management process. 

It provides lifecycle management and flexible process automation for hardware and software assets. Additionally, its flexible integration allows data from other sources to be shared and normalized for complete ownership.

Customer Rating

  • G2: 4.6/5

8. Cloud FX

Cloud FX

Cloud FX provides global cloud platform services as well as cloud advisory and professional services that meet the needs of the organization. Its SaaS management platform caters to manage the SaaS service life cycle and offers self-service capabilities to end users to access approved SaaS apps.

It offers a unified SaaS control center where you can manage multiple SaaS apps and build custom automated workflows across all the applications. It also helps you with governance and compliance with better security.


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