Top 13 IT Service Management Tools (ITSM Software 2023)


The information technology service management (ITSM) process aims to align the delivery of IT services with the needs of the organization. The focus of ITSM tools is to deliver satisfactory service to the end-user based on budgets, requirements, processes, and outcomes.

Some of the important features you should consider in the ITSM tool while choosing it.

  • Incident Management: It's a process of bringing the organization's service to normal in case of any incident so that it doesn't harm your business. An ITSM tool must empower teams from different departments to collaborate quickly and respond to incidents and resolve them.

  • Configuration Management: It tracks different assets and maps relationships between them to ensure that any change in the IT environment happens through a centralized database so that it can be easily tracked and any compliance or other risks can be avoided.

  • Knowledge Management: It's the process of storing, analyzing, and presenting the data based on past incidents or events. It becomes a knowledge repository solution and reference at the time of incidents to reduce the time of resolution, cut external dependency costs or avoid any sort of similar incidents by understanding the cause of its occurrence.

In this post, we'll discuss different ITSM tools and their features, pros, and cons.

0. Zluri - The Best ITSM Tool


Zluri (That's us! 🙂) is primarily a SaaS management platform that helps users to discover, optimize and secure SaaS applications. It also helps in streamlining how IT services are delivered in an organization based on people, processes, budget, and outcomes. 

It enables businesses to explore and manage third-party SaaS applications as well as their security and compliance from a command center. It gives IT teams greater control over their tech stack. 

 Zluri helps you to automate time-consuming and repetitive IT tasks such as employee onboarding and offboarding, making it quicker and safer. 

Moengage achieved complete SaaS visibility with Zluri


  • Discovering your organization's SaaS subscriptions: Zluri has the largest app library with over 225,000+ applications. Zluri discovery engine uses five methods to discover all your apps with near 100% accuracy.

  • Renewal Monitoring: With Zluri, you don't need to worry about surprise renewals. Zluri alerts about your upcoming renewals, giving you enough time to decide whether or not you need the app. You can decide that through the SaaS usage insights from Zluri.

  • Applications Cost Optimization: Zluri helps you standardize your applications and eliminate budget wastage. Zluri traces your SaaS ecosystem and monitors, measures, and helps you take control of your SaaS spend. It also helps you find the hidden apps.

  • Smooth Vendor Management: Zluri has an automated vendor management system with all the features needed to manage your SaaS stack. It maintains a SaaS system of record by integrating with your core business system, after which it prepares to maintain your vendor life cycle with your predefined workflows. 

    Zluri gives full visibility into SaaS environment


  • Discovering your organization's subscriptions

  • Category and function of each application

  • Find unused and underused apps

  • Removing duplicate apps with overlapping functions

  • Automating contract renewals

  • Automating employee onboarding and onboarding

  • Remove unsecured apps

  • Maintain audit readiness for compliance

  • Offers custom integrations with 36 hours TAT

  • Direct integrations with 320+ popular apps for feature level usage insights

  • Good choice if you are paying in multiple currencies

  • Free trial


Free for companies with less than 25 employees. 

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1. Invgate


Invgate Service desk is a web-based Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) platform that helps manage, analyze and automate IT services. 

It can accommodate complex ITSM workflow managing incidents, service requests, and a change and problem record in a simple ticketing system. 

It has both cloud and on-premise versions and is a secure, powerful, and flexible IT help desk ticketing system.


  • Organize, prioritize and automate service tickets

  • Single sign-on, time tracking, and ITIL Certified

  • Multi department support and service catalog

  • Knowledge base management

  • Remote access and self-service portal

  • Call center and email management


  • Manages complex processes in simple and efficient ways

  • Simple to set up and Excellent support 

  • Generates and creates tickets automatically from email and phone support


  • Hard to build workflows

  • Limited built-in third-party integrations

  • Reporting is not perfect

  • Initial users role setup is tedious and time taking

  • The Ticketing system is a bit complicated.

Pricing: Available on request. It offers a 30-day free trial.

2. Freshservice


Freshservice is a cloud-based IT service management tool suitable for businesses of all scales.

It's designed using ITIL best practices and helps organizations to provide quality customer service and support experience.

Freshservice is part of the Freshworks Inc product family.

It's an intuitive and no-code solution, helping more than 40,000 SMB, mid-size, and enterprises worldwide to achieve efficiency, effectiveness, and greater ROI.


  • Streamline service management across different departments of business, from IT to HR, Account, Legal, and more, with consistent service experiences throughout the platform for improved visibility and efficiency

  • Increase process efficiency and service mobility by creating contextual and intelligent experiences through Artificial Intelligence

  • Incident report and knowledge base management

  • Mobile, remote and multi-channel access

  • ITSM collaboration and documentation

  • Advanced enterprise reporting and relationship mapping


  • Native integration with popular third-party tools (AWS, Google Apps, etc.)

  • Intuitive user interface and easy to use

  • Highly customizable and flexible to integrate with other tools

  • Affordable and quick set up


  • Analytics and reporting is tedious to configure

  • Limited customization for web portal without coding

  • Customization causes a slow speed

  • Limited workflow options

Pricing: It starts at $19. It also offers a free trial.

Jira Service Management

Jira Software

Jira service management is an agile and great IT service management solution that empowers teams to provide effective, fast, and efficient support experience to customers and employees. 

It integrates seamlessly with Jira Software so that IT and development teams can work better together.


  • Empowers development, IT operations, and business teams to collaborate quickly and efficiently to deliver customer and employee services fast

  • Organize and prioritize service tickets

  • ITSM collaboration and documentation

  • ITIL-certified and custom reporting

  • Compliance, configuration, and license management

  • Change, capacity, and availability management


  • Simple and intuitive interface

  • Easy to collaborate with team members

  • Easy to report and keep track


  • The tedious ticket creation process

  • Sometimes works very slow

  • Integration is a complex and steep learning curve

  • Workflow implementation is complicated



It has a free plan for up to 3 agents. Paid plan starts at $20 per agent/month.

4. TOPdesk


TOPdesk is a well renowned ITIL compliant IT service management software best suitable for medium and large enterprises to manage their workflows, customer communication, and assets.

It seamlessly integrates multiple support processes to one, facilitating collaboration between different departments and delivering better customer service with shared service management. 

It's an ITIL-aligned solution that optimizes services with a user-friendly application and excellent and knowledgeable support team.



  • Organize and prioritize service requests

  • With a self-service portal, it lets users find answers to the most common questions and submit tickets, and track in case its solution is unavailable.

  • Flexible to integrate with other tools

  • Service restoration and subscription-based notifications

  • Contract and service level management to safeguard the quality of service delivery.

  • ITSM collaboration, documentation, and reports

  • Plan boards to always be aware of the teams' availability and workload.


  • Fast setup and easy to use

  • Seamless integration with other services

  • Creates custom KPI based reports


  • Steep learning curve

  • Creating a report is tedious and confusing

  • Add on modules cost extra and becomes costly



Available on request.

5. HaloITSM


HaloITSM is an ITSM suitable for small to large organizations that helps manage service requests and provides the best services to external and internal stakeholders.

It is ITIL-certified and empowers teams to collaborate and deliver rapid and efficient service.

It helps to collaborate between different departments and make communications amongst them efficient, quick, and easy.


  • Automate processes with the help of AI to improve business

  • Fully tailored as per business needs and size

  • Fully customizable and while label portal to create a better brand experience

  • Track assets and visualize dependencies between configurable items

  • Incident and problem management

  • IT asset management

  • License and change management


  • Intuitive web interface and highly customizable

  • Value for money and excellent support

  • Flexible and powerful reporting


  • Complex, tedious, and time-consuming configuration

  • Due to overwhelming features, it takes time to find a relevant one

  • The knowledge base is very limited and has got a steep learning curve

Pricing: It starts at $25 per month when billed annually. It also offers a 30-day free trial.

6. TeamDynamix

Team Dynamix

TeamDynamix provides IT Service Management (ITSM) with Project Portfolio Management on a combined platform and enterprise integration and workflow.

It's a codeless platform that can easily expand to Marketing, HR, and other areas - without writing or requiring any coding or scripting. 

TeamDynamix improves IT service delivery with support for ITIL, drives better project outcomes, and drives digital transformation.


  • Simple to build and maintain knowledge base to reduce resolution time and external dependencies

  • With AI-enhanced search, users can self-resolve issues

  • Automated routing and service catalog to reduce call volumes

  • Easily configuration and test workflows using a visual map without any coding required

  • Call center management

  • Change and configuration management

  • Contract/license management


  • Excellent support and allow collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst customers

  • Flexible and simple to configure

  • Ability to expand and integrate with different tools


  • Workflow implementation is confusing 

  • The user interface is clumsy

  • The mobile app has limited functionality and features available

  • Steep learning curve 

Pricing: Available on request.

7. Aisera


Aisera's conversational AI solution provides a proactive, personalized, and predictive AI-driven Service Management (AISM) solution that is purpose-built to automate tasks and actions for IT, HR, Facilities, and Customer Service and other departments.


  • Enables agents to focus on high-value tasks by automating repetitive tasks, processes, and workflows

  • Seamless omnichannel self-service support for a faster resolution anytime and anywhere using any device

  • Enable team members and employees to collaborate efficiently and effortlessly on many communication channels.

  • Knowledge base management

  • IT asset management

  • Configuration and incident management


  • Helps to automate repetitive tasks

  • Prompt response to service queries

  • Powerful reporting and analytics 


  • Steep learning curve

  • Still new, and many features are not fully developed


Available on request.

8. Hornbill Service Manager


Hornbill is a full feature ITSM tool suitable for startups and small businesses to automate workflows of their internal and external communications.

It offers communication Tracking, Configuration Management, Service Reporting, IT Asset Management, Release & Deployment Management at one centralized database.


  • Organize and prioritize service tickets

  • Configuration and contract management

  • Project management and knowledge base management


  • Easy to create workflows

  • Easy setup and excellent support

  • No learning curve


  • The reporting dashboard is clumsy

  • Limited features for non-admin users

Pricing: Available on request.

9. Alvao


Alvao Service Desk provides a single point of contact for all internal company service requests. The solution helps gain an overview of workload, clear priorities, and improved communication. The Service Desk gives managers a clear understanding of how busy their teams are and how much effort is spent on various tasks.


  • Organize and prioritize service requests

  • Quickly see broken links between different assets and resolve the incident with the help of configuration management

  • Change and configuration management

  • Call center and email management

  • IT asset management


  • Easy to configure and set up

  • Flexible to connect with other solutions

  • Support is very active


  • Complex and inconsistent user interface

  • Time-taking deployment

Pricing: Available on request.

10. CA Service Desk Manager

CA Desk

CA Service Desk Manager is a cloud-based IT service and support management solution that helps to manage change, incident, automation support, and workflows and reporting. 


  • Incident and problem management

  • IT asset management

  • Knowledge management


  • Easy to use and quick to adapt

  • Excellent reporting 

  • Flexible and can be customized quickly based on the requirements


  • The initial setup is long

  • It can be confusing due to overwhelming features and functionalities

  • Support is not very active


Available on request.

11. Smart Service Desk

Smart Desk

A comprehensive Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) tool that is based on an Information Technology Infrastructure Library(ITIL) framework. It helps to streamline IT operations by automating Service Operations such as Incidents, Requests, Problems, and Service Desk Functions. 

Smart Desk is intuitive, simple to use and a powerful full-featured tool, and suitable for organizations of any size and scale.


  • Shared plan boards with internal team members to exchange ideas

  • Tailor business needs to be based on the requirements

  • Track timeline, history, and progress of the project

  • Incident management

  • Knowledge base management

  • Change and configuration management

  • Call center and email management

  • IT asset management


  • Intuitive user interface and easy to use

  • Easy to implement and excellent support

  • Affordable and value for money    


  • Reporting is difficult

  • The initial learning curve is steep due to overwhelming functionalities.


Available on request.

12. iSupport


iSupport Service Desk is suitable for medium to large businesses.

It helps automate incidents, problems, change management, reporting, knowledge, approval processes, customer surveys, and advanced email processing.


  • Incident management

  • Document storage and interaction tracking

  • Call center and email management

  • Configuration and change management


  • Amazing support 

  • A stable platform and customizable workflows

  • Flexible and allows gradual implementation of features based on the processes requirements


  • Speed becomes a bit slow when ticket volume increases

  • Steep learning curve and clumsy user interface

  • Some components are hard to configure


Available on request.

13. SysAid


SysAid is a powerful and comprehensive ITSM tool used to effectively deliver IT services to organizations. It's used for ticket management, self-service knowledge base, asset management, patch management, reporting, and more.


  • Create, organize and share workflows with your department or across an organization by designing using the workflow designer 

  • Increase the process efficiency and centralize the system by integrating with all needed apps 

  • Incident management

  • Configuration and change management

  • Document storage and email management

  • Interaction tracking and automated routing


  • Flexible and customizable as per business needs

  • Excellent support and smooth onboarding

  • User-friendly and ITIL compliant


  • Bit slow compared to other tools

  • Time taking and effortful implementation

Pricing: Available on request.


ITSM tools are very important and play a critical role in managing IT assets' lifecycle. It helps you to make informed decisions based on data and also helps to mitigate any future issues and damages. 

It is important to make sure work goes consistently and smoothly during all times, and in case of any incident, it should quickly resolve. 

While searching for suitable ITSM tools, first list down your requirements and features that you need.

Furthermore, know what exactly are your expectations from it and how much budget you can allocate.


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