SaaS Tracking Template: Keep Track of Your SaaS Apps

Rohit Rao

7th February, 2024


SaaS management is not just for enterprises. Startups could save a good amount of money by managing SaaS from the beginning.

If you are having difficulty managing your SaaS apps, this SaaS tracker template will save you time and help you keep track of spending on these apps. This template will also help you plan for upcoming renewal and record license details. 

Though this template is helpful to get started, it has some limitations. 

If you have less than 25 employees, this spreadsheet should cover your needs. But as your business grows, so will your number of employees. At that stage, it gets challenging to keep track of all the SaaS apps in spreadsheets.

Limitations of Keeping SaaS Records in a Spreadsheet

It's possible to make mistakes while manually entering data in a spreadsheet. Also, this will be tiring and time-consuming when your business starts to expand.

Another issue with tracking SaaS in spreadsheets is they don't automatically update. When you purchase a new SaaS app, you need to update it manually.

Keeping track of these details: subscription costs, renewal dates, app ownership, and department category in a spreadsheet is too much. It gets more difficult as the number of apps you use increases.

Spreadsheets also have limited functions, regardless of how much time you spend. For instance, a Spreadsheet cannot identify unapproved apps used in your company that can pose security or compliance risks. 

SaaS Management Platform: You can't Manage SaaS with Spreadsheets 

As your company grows, you'll need a SaaS management platform, such as Zluri, so that you can focus on your core business and decision-making. Zluri (that's us 😀) helps you discover, optimize and manage your SaaS stack automatically. 

Zluri's app discovery engine takes input from your SSO provider like Okta, spends management apps like Quickbooks & Xero, desktop and browser agents, and surfaces your SaaS landscape with near 100% accuracy. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes. 

Zluri helps you optimize your SaaS spend by eliminating SaaS wastage due to duplicate, unused, and abandoned apps, wrong tier licenses, and alerting you whenever it finds such wastages. We've often seen 30% - 40% cost savings on SaaS with Zluri.

Zluri also helps you with vendor management by giving timely alerts on renewals and negotiating a fair price based on your app usage.

Sounds like something you need?

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