Top 10 Software Asset Management Service Providers in 2022


With complicated software app features and pricing models, it has become vital for organizations to manage their software effectively. But not every organization has the manpower or skills required to do this. 

Hence, they outsource their software management to specialized service providers. SAM service providers govern the software assets from the usage, financial, and contractual standpoint.

SAM service providers aid in the development of software asset management best practices and the control of the software environment. 

An effective SAM service provider can deliver significant benefits to you, like 

  • helping you procure the right software application, 

  • helping reduce the risk of being found non-compliant during a vendor’s software license audit, and 

  • its setup and reduce the cost of these software applications.

Top 10 SAM Service Providers

1. Anglepoint Software Asset Management Managed Services


Anglepoint (software asset management managed services) gives its customers access to people, processes, and tech professionals who can help with the challenges associated with their whole software portfolio. The service targets key challenges like lack of data visibility and shadow IT.

SAM services offered consist of strategy as well as execution: 

  • Contract negotiation support

  • Gap analysis and health check of SAM maturity

  • Cost optimization

  • Risk mitigation

  • Strategic planning within the cloud

  • Process automation

  • Technology selection and implementation

  • SAM tool integrations/APIs 

  • SAM strategy workshop

2. SoftwareONE’s SAMSimple Managed Service

Software one

SoftwareONE’s SAMSimple (managed service) helps businesses capture the full value of their software investment, mitigate compliance risk, and lower the cost of their software portfolio. 

By providing the experience, process, and tools, SAMSimple helps customers with their SAM and cloud journeys. They also have licensing experts who can help the clients get the most out of their software investments.

They provide the following SAM services:

  • Software portfolio management

  • Transparency and governance

  • Cost-saving

  • Compliance with software assets

  • Contract management

  • Software audit

  • License complexity minimization

3. Deloitte Software Asset Management Managed Services


Deloitte (software asset management managed services) simplifies the process of managing software assets and helps with software efficiency. Deloitte's software asset management (SAM) managed services are based on years of vendor license and SAM expertise. 

Deloitte helps with software optimization, cost savings, and operational efficiency in three ways: 

  • Audit cost-cutting 

  • Optimization of software 

  • Savings on indirect IT labor

4. Crayon Software’s Software & Cloud Advisory


Crayon (software asset management managed services) aids licensing administration, software compliance throughout the business, and timely reports/analysis of their customer's current software estate, guaranteeing that they are always"audit-ready." 

It ensures that customers' software and cloud contracts are optimized, whether they are on-premises, moving to the cloud, or using a hybrid solution. Furthermore, it optimizes contracts from the standpoint of the client, not the vendor. 

SAM services include:

  • Rightsizing IT estate for cloud migration

  • Optimize the hybrid and multicolor environment

  • Cost management

  • Secure and support a cloud-first environment

  • Supports innovation with AI and IoT

5. Softline Solutions Software Asset Management Managed Services


Softline (solutions software asset management managed services) offers a range of SAM services to assist with all aspects of hardware and software lifecycle. They take care of IT asset management, including mobile, software, and hardware lifecycle management, as well as security and regulatory issues. They offer a comprehensive asset management solution to help customers make educated software purchasing decisions.

Their SAM services include:

  • Selection of  software inventory

  • Setting up and improving asset management processes

  • Acquiring certifications (ISO 19770-1, Business Software Alliance (BSA) certificate, certificates from particular vendors

  • Legal risk analysis on contract documentation

6. Insight Software Asset Management Managed Services


Insight (software asset management managed services) helps with tracking, analyzing, and managing IT assets to capture the right data from the IT environment. They provide directions on software strategy and help their customers have a more efficient and optimized software environment.

The SAM services they provide are:

  • Software estate governance

  • Actionable insights to reduce software costs

  • Internal and vendor audit support

  • Risk monitoring and assessments

  • SaaS tool implementation

  • Cloud and SaaS management

  • License optimization and governance

  • Setting up SAM policy and process

7. Livingstone Technologies Software Asset Management Managed Services


Livingstone (technologies software asset management managed services) assists clients in optimizing their software and cloud estates in order to prevent needless costs and risks while maximizing the value of their investments throughout the contract lifecycle.

They are intended to serve enterprises that have contracted with various software and cloud providers and require assistance managing their licenses, usage, and deployments across their complete technology portfolio. 

Livingstone assists with vendor audits, contract negotiations, renewals, and other milestones associated with the investment. It enables visibility into your cloud and software estate, revealing opportunities for cost reductions, risk mitigation, and rationalization.

8. KPMG Software Asset Management Managed Services


KPMG (software asset management managed services) assists their clients in making educated software investment decisions and gaining value from their investments. The SAM service supports the management of software costs and compliance. 

It helps evaluate and mature existing SAM processes—using internationally recognized standards and helps in creating new SAM processes or altering existing ones. It helps with the optimization of present deployment in order to save money on future licenses.

SAM services include:

  • Assessing and documenting the current state of deployment for specific SAM maturity assessments

  • SAM internal audit

  • SAM strategy and operating model design

  • Contract optimization and renewal support

  • Cost management (demand and rationalization)

  • Vendor risk assessment

  • Non-compliance identification and remediation

  • Cloud migration support

  • Shadow IT Identification

9. Certero Software Asset Management Managed Services

Certero (1)

Certero (software asset management managed services) helps with the purchase and disposal of software by bringing all relevant data sets together in a consistent, integrated platform. Their solutions support the implementation of processes for identifying and disposing of old or infrequently used software, hence helping with cost management. 

SAM's range of solutions includes:

  • Effective license positions (ELPs)

  • Optimization studies on software vendors

  • Uncover compliance failures or overspends

  • Recommendations to help manage associated risks

10. Zluri’s SaaS Procurement

Zluri (1)

A comprehensive SaaS Management platform for IT teams, Zluri simplifies and automates SaaS app license management with an approval process that minimizes spending. It also manages your SaaS license/contract renewals based on growth trends with its smart calendar.


Software Renewal Calender

Alerts are sent 30 days, 15 days, and one day in advance for contracts. While for payments, it is sent seven days and one day in advance. Further, you can set custom alerts.


Prioritize high-value contracts

Zluri's SaaS buying helps companies to procure SaaS apps without undergoing complex negotiations. The service includes buying and renewing SaaS applications with saving up to 50% on SaaS. Moreover, you don't need to pay any upfront cost.


Negotiating software contracts is complicated, takes months, and gives a headache to the IT, procurement, and finance department.

Zluri captures all the apps used in the company. 


Then, it thoroughly analyzes the company's SaaS stack. 


Based on the data and intelligence from the usage and utilization, the team is able to negotiate lower prices with SaaS vendors. For companies, it also saves their precious time spent on buying new SaaS applications.


Further, Zluri also helps mitigate security risks, shadow IT, and compliance risks associated with SaaS tools.


Zluri is an enterprise SaaS Management Platform (SMP) that functions on simplicity, automation, and efficiency, making the whole SaaS procurement process a breeze. 

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