Top Zscaler Alternatives to Consider in 2022


Zscaler's two most popular products are ZPA (Zscaler Private Access and ZIA (Zscaler Internet Access).  

ZPA enables businesses to create a virtual wide area network (WAN), connecting users to an enterprise's internal applications. In contrast, ZIA secures connections to SaaS services and is used for connecting users to public applications on the internet.

In this article, we will look at key Zscaler alternatives.

Security-as-a-service provider "Zscaler" enables users to access cloud resources through a secure network. It does not matter what device the user has, where the user is located, or what network they're on; Zscaler ensures a fast and secure connection to applications and cloud services.

Zscaler is a cloud-based information security technology available across over 100 data centers worldwide. 

Zscaler keeps an eye on internal data center communications. It operates as a proxy and firewall in the cloud, routing all internet traffic from fixed locations through its points of presence to enforce business and security standards.

With a Zero Trust cloud-based secure access solution, Zscaler connects its users directly to cloud apps by eliminating the requirement for traditional perimeter-based protection.

Zscaler is one of the examples of the emerging SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) market. It combines software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) with access control and security.

Zscaler promises that its platform is significantly more flexible, scalable, and manageable than standard VPNs and other networking approaches.

ZIA (Zscaler Internet Access) 

Zscaler Internet Access provides a security stack as a cloud service, removing the expense and complexity associated with traditional secure online gateway solutions.

When a user connects to the internet, Zscaler's Internet Access service examines data across a variety of security protocols, including SSL, and provides actionable information. It gives protection against web-based and internet-based attacks. Zscaler Internet access allows you to scale, so you can choose the services you need now and add more as your business expands.


  • Provides a secure web gateway to access cloud

  • Acts as a cloud access security broker (CASB)

  • Offers cloud sandboxing

  • Ensures cloud data loss prevention (DLP) and data security

  • Offers cloud firewall

  • Provides zero-trust network access

  • Ensures bandwidth control

  • Provides website filtration

  • Encryption of end to end traffic

  • DNS protection

  • Provides endpoint network protection

  • Ease of scaling, deployment, and management

  • Provides real-time threat recognition and information transmission


  • Pricing is high

  • Not suitable for small companies

  • Supporting is based on a ticket system, does not offer chat and email support. 


Quotation based plan (Free trial is not available)

Alternatives to Zscaler Internet Access

Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway

Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway

Kaspersky security for internet gateway helps to limit the risk of being exposed to threats and allows managing various workstations. It protects against modern web threats by automatically responding to threats and blocking the danger or malware before it has the chance to cause harm. 

Kaspersky provides the capabilities of scanning all VPN servers, email traffic protection, and browsing HTTP and FTP traffic, among other things. Its capacity to accommodate the most recent technologies, as well as its scalability and optimization technology, makes it the ideal solution for large enterprises.


  • Protection from new and known malware threats

  • Malware detection

  • Real-time scanning of HTTP. HTTPS and FTP traffic

  • Scans suspicious activity

  • Incident response

  • Scalability and fault tolerance


Available on request (Offers free trial)



Netskope Security Cloud gives you visibility and protection for cloud services, websites, and private apps from anywhere, on any device. It takes a data-centric approach that gives security teams the right balance of protection and speed they need to keep their digital transformation journey safe and sound.

Netskope threat protection leverages CASB, secure web gateway, and multiple layer threat detection and remediation to give full cloud and web service protection.


  • Malware Prevention

  • Advanced Threat Protection

  • Behaviour Analytics

  • Prevent Cloud Phishing

  • Prevent threats and data exfiltration

  • Control Data exposure in cloud

  • Protect against cloud and web-based threats


Available on request (Offers free trial)

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella is a part of Cisco's SASE architecture that provides defense against internet threats. It allows enterprises to remotely manage the use of cloud-based apps via the internet, ensuring that the company's assets are safe. 

Cisco Umbrella integrates numerous security services into a single, centrally managed, cloud-native solution to protect internet access and govern cloud app usage. It integrates security components like a secure web gateway, firewall, DNS-layer protection, and threat intelligence into a single platform.


  • Secure gateway

  • CASB

  • DNS layer security

  • Interactive threat intelligence

  • Off network protection

  • Continuous monitoring

  • BYOD (bring your own device) protection

  • Multi-cloud visibility


Available on request (free trial available)

Forcepoint Secure Web Gateway

Forcepoint Secure Web Gateway

Forcepoint Secure Web Gateway provides real-time protection against online security threats by enforcing enterprise security policies and screening malicious internet traffic. It provides  URL filtering, application controls for web-based applications, and the detection and filtering of dangerous code, to name a few essential features. Additionally, it also protects against data leaks.


  • Real-time traffic inspection

  • Secure remote workers

  • Data Protection

  • Allow access to applications with limited features

  • Antiviral sandboxing


Available on request

Menlo Security Isolation Platform

Menlo Security Isolation Platform

Menlo Security offers a cloud-based internet isolation platform that works on a  'Zero-Trust' model to safeguard from web-based threats. It provides protection against credential theft and keeps threats away from endpoints and business networks to eradicate malware and phishing.  

Menlo Security's Isolation Platform mimics the user experience by removing vulnerabilities and sending clean data to the user. To function, the platform just requires a browser that is compatible with it. 

It not only removes malware from web browsing and email but also prevents users from leaking critical information or responding to fraudulent messages. 

By delivering clean, non-executable content to users' devices, provides a safe and seamless experience.


  • Remove phishing and ransomware. 

  • Data loss visibility and control 

  • Secure Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

  • Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace 

  • Control SaaS application access 

  • Safeguard remote users


Per user-based pricing

ZPA (Zscaler Private Access)

 Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) allows effortless zero-trust access to internal company applications, whether hosted on-premises or in the cloud. In addition, by mandating authentication prior to access, ZPA renders apps invisible to the internet.

Through the use of ZPA, organizations can provide employees with secure access to company-wide apps and services. While VPNs provide users access to everything on the network, ZPA restricts their use only to those applications they actually require for their work. 

Users don't need to be connected to an enterprise network in order to use the applications, unlike VPNs, and don't need network access; this would mean- resources are never exposed to the internet.  

ZPA leverages distributed architecture to facilitate rapid and secure access to private applications that are running on-premises or in the cloud. 


  • Deployment is quick, for which no additional hardware is required

  • Allows instant application discovery of apps

  • Offers Single Sign-On (SSO) to reduce complexity

  • Offers real-time visibility of users and applications

  • Ensures applications and server's health are not compromised

  • Suitable for both on-premise and remote (WFH) users

  • Offers company-wide network protection


  • Free trial is not available

  • Does not offer free/freemium version

  • Expensive

  • Compliance standard needs to be improved

  • Lacks robust ransomware protection mechanisms

  • Some users experience a drop in internet speed after logging into ZPA


Quotation based plan (Free trial is not available)

Alternatives to Zscaler Private Access

Cato SASE Cloud

Cato SASE Cloud

Cato SASE cloud is an SD-WAN and network security cloud platform from Cato Networks, powered by the cloud's scalability, self-service, and agility. It integrates all data centers, branch offices, mobile users, and cloud resources into a single, integrated system. 

Cato gives you the ability to connect, secure, and operate your network on your own while also giving the option of utilizing professional managed services as per your requirement.

Cato inspects all WAN and Internet traffic using an enterprise-grade network security stack that is fully incorporated into the Cato SASE Cloud.


  • Access Controls/Permissions

  • Activity Monitoring

  • Intrusion Detection System

  • Remote Access/Control

  • Reporting/Analytics

  • Threat Response

  • Secure branch internet access

  • Cloud acceleration and control

  • Remote access security and optimization

  • VPN

Pricing: Starts with $30/year/user (Free trial available)



Okta is an on-demand cloud-based identity and access management solution that helps businesses to secure web application adoption, both in the cloud and behind the firewall. 

Businesses moving to the cloud require a system that will assist them in adopting, deploying, securing, and managing cloud resources. 

Okta provides a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of IT, end-users, and business leaders without requiring customization or lengthy service engagements. 

That solution is on-demand, dependable, scalable, and secure.


  • Access Management

  • Behavioral Analytics

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Privileged Account Management

  • Single Sign-on

  • Data Security

  • Remote Access

  • Endpoint Access

Pricing: Starts with $2/user/month (Free trial available)

Citrix Gateway

Citrix Gateway

Citrix Gateway provides single sign-on across all applications, whether they are hosted in a data center or as SaaS apps. Apps can be accessed from a single URL on every device, regardless of the platform. Citrix Gateway is straightforward to set up and manage, making it an excellent choice for small businesses. 

Using Citrix Gateway, users can connect to a variety of virtual desktops, SaaS apps, and other types of heterogeneous computing environments with a single, unified user interface.


  • Diagnostics

  • Unattended access

  • Cross-platform access

  • Remote device control

  • Remote-wipe


Perpetual license costs $995



Illumio helps businesses today decrease risk and boost cyber resiliency by offering visibility and security for important apps and data. Illumio is purpose-built for the Zero Trust security model. It helps enterprises to better understand their risk, isolate breaches, and safeguard their data using this platform. 


  • Advance security filter options

  • Activity dashboard

  • Alerts/notifications

  • Data visualization

  • Audit trail

  • Traffic based mapping

  • Incident management


Based on per feature (Free trial available)

Cisco Anyconnect

Cisco Anyconnect

Cisco Anyconnect enables remote staff with secure enterprise-wide network access across different locations and devices. Cisco AnyConnect is a VPN software solution that can be used to discover network usage facts and automatically perform endpoint posture evaluations in order to assure data security. It can be used to validate user devices using multi-factor authentication and block threats across endpoints. It provides visibility into the network's blind spots and vulnerabilities, generates actionable reports, and responds to malware assaults, data exfiltration, and potentially dangerous user behavior. Cisco AnyConnect also provides encrypted network access through smartphones or tablets.


  • API

  • Multi-Language

  • Multi-location

  • Remote access/control

  • Remote monitoring and management

  • SSL security

  • Web inspection


Available on request


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