Zluri Awarded ITAM Review Certification for Enterprise SaaS Management

Like any other software application, a truckload of ground research, analysis, energy, and funding goes behind building a successful SaaS Management Platform. But again, there is a huge competition queued up to secure the first place. The only way to shine brighter in the galaxy of competitors would be to get certified and felicitated as the best by the industry experts themselves. That's what we just got!

We are beyond excited to announce that Zluri has received the Enterprise SaaS Management certification from the prestigious The ITAM Review. We are one of the very few SaaS Management Platforms that has received this certification backed by our robust features and loyal customer feedback.

With the speed at which SaaS proliferation is happening, IT leaders are expected to implement the right SaaS governance solution as soon as possible to prevent the organization from falling into SaaS sprawl. This certification will help IT leaders narrow their search for an SMP, providing Zluri a phenomenal distinction among others.

This is what, industry analyst at ITAM Review, AJ Witt has told about Zluri while announcing the certification

Zluri is among the newest entrants in the Enterprise SaaS Management tools market and yet they have already delivered a solution that fully meets our standard. With the most comprehensive range of inventory and discovery methods in the market, they will be able to deliver ROI in almost any organization. Customer references reported ROI within days of deployment and noted a strong focus on customer success”

This is what Sethu Meenakshisundaram, co-founder of Zluri has said about receiving the certification from ITAM Review.

“ITAM Review is an authority in the modern world of IT Asset Management of which SaaS Management is fast becoming an integral part. Zluri is proud to have received this certification from ITAM Review after rigorous rounds of evaluation across product, tech, overall vision, and strategy”

About The ITAM Review

The ITAM Review is an independent global community for ITAM, SAM, and Licensing experts. They have been in the field since 2008, providing the latest news, reviews, and resources for IT asset management professionals and subsequently imparting valuable insights on delivering successful ITAM strategy for the readers.

They have been tracking SaaS Management tools and services since 2018. The certification from the ITAM Review is deemed as an independent certification that is helpful for ITAM and SAM practitioners to identify the right tools for managing their SaaS stack.

The ITAM review certification is basically a trust tag for buyers. It offers them the confidence that a particular solution has all the vital features needed to manage SaaS and has been vouched by trusted professional references of customers who used the tool in their respective environments.

About The Standard

The ITAM Review standard was first published in 2019. It carefully makes note of the evolving priorities in SaaS Management and analyzes whether the SaaS Management service providers are updating their offerings accordingly. 

Although the core functions of discovery, inventory, normalization, and optimization remain unchanged, there are also enhanced reporting, automation and integration, and risk management as new additions. 

Not every SaaS Management Platform would provide such capabilities and not every customer would require them as well. In organizations of any size depending on the nature of their processes, risk management may be handled by an in-house department. 

Outsourcing this work is a matter of investing in tooling and integrating it within the ITSM suite. The certification standard foresees it and has constructed modules. 

An end-user who is using the standard to prepare an RFI is free to pick a module that is most relevant to their use case. While certifying tools against these modules, The ITAM Review will see which use case is best suited. 

About Zluri

Zluri is a SaaS management platform that helps IT teams keep their SaaS stack organized. It helps organizations save time by automating IT tasks, reducing security and compliance risks, and saving money on SaaS apps.

With the increasing number of SaaS apps proliferating in organizations, keeping track of costs, renewal dates, app ownership, users, etc. in a spreadsheet is daunting. There are high chances for errors while manually entering data in spreadsheets. Another issue with tracking SaaS apps in spreadsheets is they don't update automatically. 

Additionally, spreadsheets are static and have limited functionality. For instance, they cannot identify shadow IT—that can pose security or compliance risks. 

Zluri solves all these troubles by presenting you the lost visibility into your SaaS stack. Its discovery engine takes input from SSO, and spend management apps and directly integrates with over 500 SaaS apps to surface your SaaS landscape—with nearly 100% accuracy. 

With Zuri, you can identify and eliminate unused and underused apps lying in your SaaS stack. You get alerts on upcoming SaaS renewals. Further, you can automate IT tasks, such as provisioning and deprovisioning of users from apps.

Join hundreds of companies using Zluri to manage their SaaS stack, including Koinworks, MoEngage, MyGlamm, and Moglix.


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