Top 10 Avatier “Identity Anywhere” Alternatives in 2024

Rohit Rao

2nd August, 2023


In the world of digital transformation, IT managers face the crucial task of safeguarding the organization's sensitive information while ensuring streamlined access for employees. One prominent solution that has gained popularity in recent years is Avatier Identity Anywhere. 

While Avatier Identity Anywhere is a notable choice for identity management, it has a few drawbacks that hinder your team from efficiently managing your organization's identities. Therefore, it is essential for you to explore alternatives to find the solution that best aligns with your organization's specific requirements.

Drawbacks of Avatier “Identity Anywhere”

Here are a few drawbacks of Avatier Identity Anywhere.

  • The tool's complexity can make it challenging to manage various tasks, forcing your team to log in to multiple websites to accomplish their objectives successfully

  • The tool has limited customization options for reports, limiting your team’s capabilities to generate reports as per their requirements and manage the identities/users efficiently

  • If you are looking for a time-saving tool while setting it up, then this may not be a suitable option. As a result, it delays in leveraging the tool for performing appropriate tasks to manage the identities effectively

    By selecting the right alternative, you can successfully navigate the challenges of identity management and ensure the protection of your organization's valuable assets. This post will list down the various alternatives to Avatier Identity Anywhere.

    However, before discussing the list, let’s introduce who we are and what solutions we provide at Zluri.

Boost Your Identity Management Capabilities with Zluri

Zluri provides robust identity management capabilities designed for various types of organizations. With Zluri, you gain centralized control over all your apps through a single dashboard, ensuring secure and authorized access. This streamlines your identity management process and offers valuable insights into your application ecosystem.

One of Zluri's key features is its secure multi-factor authentication (MFA), which adds an extra layer of protection. MFA requires users to provide additional credentials, like one-time passwords or email verification. This ensures that only authorized individuals can access sensitive information, even if someone else gains access to their password. It serves as a strong defense against unauthorized access attempts.

Zluri helps you optimize users' access management with its comprehensive user lifecycle management solution. It automates essential workflows for user onboarding and offboarding, saving your IT team valuable time and effort. Instead of manually granting and revoking access permissions, you can set up predefined workflows tailored to your organization's specific needs.

Onboarding workflows


Offboarding workflows


With Zluri, you can easily enforce granular access controls. This means your team can effortlessly assign and manage user permissions according to job roles, departments, or any other criteria that align with your organization's structure. By defining user roles, access levels, and privileges, you ensure that users have the necessary access to resources while minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

Furthermore, Zluri seamlessly integrates with other tools and systems you already use. It can synchronize user data with your existing HR management system, cloud applications, or third-party services. This integration ensures consistency and accuracy across your entire IT ecosystem, eliminating data discrepancies and enhancing overall efficiency.

Want to know more about Zluri? Book a Demo with us today.

Avatier Identity Anywhere Alternatives

Let’s now explore the top alternatives of Avatier Identity Anywhere.

1. Microsoft Azure AD

Microsoft Azure AD  (Active Directory)

Azure AD simplifies identity management by providing a central hub for creating, managing, and securing user identities. With Azure AD, your team can easily create and configure user accounts, assign access permissions, and control user roles across multiple applications and services.

One of the key features of Azure AD is its single sign-on (SSO) capability. SSO allows users to access multiple applications and services with just one set of credentials. By integrating Azure AD with your existing applications, you can provide your users a seamless and secure authentication experience.

In addition, with Azure AD, you have granular control over access management. You can define access policies, set up role-based access control (RBAC), and enforce strong password policies across your organization. 

Azure AD also provides features like conditional access, which allows you to define specific access requirements based on factors such as location, device health, or user risk level. These capabilities enable you to ensure that only authorized users can access critical resources, strengthening your overall security posture.


  • The tool excels in integration capabilities by integrating with third-party cloud-based apps, making it easy for your team to give access to the identities as per  requirements

  • If you need a tool that can handle a growing number of user identities as your organization expands, this solution is a good choice. It is highly scalable and capable of efficiently managing identities within your organization  


  • The initial setup and configuration of the tool can be challenging, preventing your team from quickly utilizing it for identity management in your organization. It may require assistance from a trained individual to get started     

  • If your organization has on-premise systems, this solution may not be suitable as it sometimes struggles to synchronize with on-premise directories. Consequently, it will impede your team's ability to monitor and manage user identities Customer rating effectively

  • G2: 4.5/5

  • Capterra: 4.8/5

2. Okta Identity


Okta Identity provides a centralized platform for managing user identities. With Okta, your team can easily create, update, and deactivate user accounts across various applications and services from a single location. It provides SSO and MFA capabilities that allow users to access multiple apps, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and helping you to protect your organization’s sensitive information.

With Okta Identity, you gain granular control over access management. You can define access policies, set up role-based access controls (RBAC), and manage permissions for different user groups.

Moreover, Okta Identity provides comprehensive reporting and analytics features that help you monitor user activities, track security events, and generate compliance reports. These insights allow you to identify potential risks, detect suspicious behavior, and ensure compliance with industry regulations and internal policies. 


  • The tool’s dashboard is straightforward to navigate, making it convenient for your team to get insights on users’ activities and manage them efficiently to ensure security

  • With the mobile app, you and your team can conveniently authenticate access from anywhere, ensuring timely responses to notifications.


  • If you are limited with your financial resources, then this may not be an affordable option to manage your identities, as it is more expensive than other tools

  • The tool loads slowly even while logging multiple times through the right code, making it difficult for your team to streamline the identity management process 

Customer rating

  • G2: 4.5/5

  • Capterra: 4.7/5

3. JumpCloud Directory


JumpCloud Directory is a comprehensive solution that simplifies identity management. With its centralized user management, SSO, MFA, and flexible access controls, JumpCloud empowers your team to streamline workflows, enhance security, and improve efficiency. 

The platform's integrations, extensibility, and device management capabilities further contribute to a cohesive IT ecosystem. By leveraging JumpCloud Directory, you can optimize user management processes and strengthen overall security within your organizations.


  • The tool offers extensive customization options for authentication and authorization, empowering your IT team to effectively manage identities and proactively mitigate any unauthorized entry

  • If your organization predominantly uses Mac OS, this tool is a suitable choice as it seamlessly integrates with the operating system


  • If you are tight on your budget, then this may not be an affordable option to streamline your identity management process, as it is more expensive than other tools

  • The tool’s reporting capabilities might not meet your expectations, hindering your ability to effectively monitor identities and identify potential gaps. This could pose challenges in streamlining processes and ensuring security within your organization

Customer rating

  • G2: 4.5/5

  • Capterra: 4.7/5

4. SailPoint Identity

SailPoint Identity

SailPoint Identity offers an identity management platform to govern and manage user identities across diverse systems and applications. By leveraging the tool, you can easily define, enforce, and monitor user access policies, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and internal security standards. 

SailPoint Identity enables your team to automate user provisioning, deprovisioning, and role changes, saving time and reducing manual errors. Through integration with HR systems and other identity sources, the tool ensures that user access aligns with a user's job responsibilities and organizational changes, such as onboarding, transfers, or departures. 

The tool also assists you in achieving and maintaining compliance by offering comprehensive access controls, detailed user activity monitoring, and audit trail capabilities. The tool provides granular visibility into access privileges, ensuring that access is granted based on the principle of least privilege. 

Additionally, SailPoint Identity generates detailed reports and audit logs, facilitating efficient audits and demonstrating compliance to regulators and auditors.


  • This tool offers a centralized platform to conveniently oversee user access to your organization's apps, empowering your team to streamline the identity management process

  • It empowers you to gain valuable insights into user identities and closely monitor their access to different applications. Doing so can ensure enhanced security measures and compliance within your organization.


  • It has a steep learning curve, requiring you and your team to invest more time in training to learn and use the workflows at their full potential

  • The tool’s user interface is complex, making it difficult for your team to streamline the identity management processes, and ends up consuming a lot of time that they could have used in some important tasks

Customer rating

  • G2: 4.4/5

5. Oracle Identity Management

Oracle Identity Management

Oracle, a provider of enterprise software and cloud solutions, offers a robust identity management solution that empowers your IT team to streamline access control and enhance security within their organizations. By providing a unified view of user profiles, roles, and permissions, it simplifies the process of provisioning and deprovisioning user accounts. 

With the solution, your team gains granular control over user authentication and authorization. They can implement strong authentication mechanisms such as multi-factor authentication, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access critical systems and data.

Moreover, your team can monitor user activities, track access requests, and generate detailed reports to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and internal security policies. The tool provides visibility into who accessed what resources, when, and from where, enabling IT managers to quickly identify and address any suspicious activities or potential security breaches.


  • The tool empowers your team to add groups, manage and control users’ access easily, ensuring a streamlined identity management process in the organization efficiently

  • If your organization is large and has many users and systems, this solution is a good fit. It provides a unified view of all user identities and their access throughout the organization. This makes identity management easier and supports the growth of your organization  


  • The tool's user interface is complex, requiring multiple applications to achieve the desired results. This poses significant challenges for your team in efficiently streamlining identity management   

  • It has a steep learning curve, requiring you and your team to invest more time to learn and leverage the tool at its full potential

Customer rating

  • G2: 3.7/5

  • Capterra: 4.4/5

6. PingIdentity


PingIdentity offers an identity management solution, equipping you with robust capabilities like SSO, MFA, etc., to streamline identity processes, enhance security, and improve overall operational efficiency.

With SSO, users can access multiple applications and systems using a single set of login credentials. You can also enforce strong authentication methods, such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), to add an extra layer of security, ensuring that only authorized users gain access to sensitive information. 

Moreover, PingIdentity offers you a centralized identity and access management (IAM) platform, allowing your team to control and govern user access efficiently. The platform enables you to define granular access policies, enforce consistent security controls, and monitor user activity across the entire organization. 


  • If you're seeking a tool that can be quickly configured, this might be the ideal choice. The tool is easy to use, which makes it convenient for your team to use at its full capacity

  • The tool provides self-service password management capabilities, making it easy for your users to create, manage, and retrieve passwords 


  • If your organization's IT environment is complex, with various types of systems like cloud-based or on-premise, this tool may not be the best choice as it struggles to integrate with complicated setups. Consequently, it can impede your team's ability to manage user identities throughout your organization effectively 

  • The tool's features for managing roles and creating entitlements are not user-friendly, making it difficult to follow role-based access control policies in your organization. This could lead to vulnerabilities and potential unauthorized access to sensitive data   

Customer rating

  • G2: 4.4/5

7. ForgeRock


ForgeRock offers powerful capabilities to manage identities seamlessly across various systems and platforms. It provides a centralized identity repository that acts as a single source of truth for all user identities, enabling efficient management and authentication processes. 

With ForgeRock, your IT team can easily provision, deprovision, and update user accounts, ensuring access rights are granted and revoked accurately and promptly.

ForgeRock offers advanced security features to safeguard your organization's sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access. It supports multi-factor authentication (MFA), ensuring only authorized users can access critical resources. 

Additionally, ForgeRock enables you to define granular access policies based on user roles, attributes, and contextual factors, providing a fine-grained control mechanism to protect valuable information. ForgeRock also helps you meet these requirements by offering comprehensive audit trails, detailed reporting, and compliance workflows. 


  • The tool offers seamless implementation of authentication and authorization, greatly simplifying the process of managing user identities and ensuring the security of your organization's systems

  • With its user-friendly interface and streamlined controls, your team can efficiently safeguard sensitive data and maintain a high level of system integrity


  • The tool has limitation in integrating with systems like Unix-based systems, restricting your team to manage access to these systems and can bring security risks to your organization

Customer rating

  • G2: 4.4/5

8. CyberArk Identity

CyberArk Identity

CyberArk Identity simplifies the management of user identities across diverse systems and applications. With CyberArk Identity, your team can streamline user onboarding and offboarding processes, ensuring that access privileges are granted and revoked accurately and promptly.

CyberArk Identity addresses security by offering robust security measures to safeguard critical assets. It incorporates multi-factor authentication (MFA), adding an extra layer of protection to user access. Moreover, CyberArk Identity enables your team to enforce strong password policies, reducing the risk of password-related vulnerabilities. 

CyberArk Identity seamlessly integrates with CyberArk's privileged access management (PAM) solution, enabling your IT team to enforce a comprehensive security framework. This helps you establish privileged identity governance and implement least privilege principles, minimizing the attack surface and strictly controlling privileged access.


  • Using this tool, your team can access multiple servers in your organization easily, making it convenient for your team to fetch data, track and manage the identities


  • Your team may find it difficult to navigate the password console, making it difficult to manage passwords for the identities while using this tool

  • If you need a tool to make your own IAM rules, this solution may not be the best fit. It could limit your ability to meet your IAM needs and effectively manage your organization's users identities   

Customer rating

  • G2: 4.4/5

9. RSA SecurID


RSA SecurID provides a unified identity management solution for managing user identities, creating a single source of truth for all identity-related data. This simplifies identity management by providing a unified view of user information across systems and applications.

RSA incorporates adaptive authentication capabilities into its identity management solutions. Adaptive authentication utilizes risk-based analysis and contextual factors to determine the appropriate level of authentication required for each user and transaction. 

The tool provides robust auditing and compliance features, allowing your team to monitor and report on user access activities. You can demonstrate compliance with industry regulations and internal security policies with detailed audit trails and reporting capabilities. This helps strengthen governance, achieve regulatory compliance, and support security audits.


  • The tool integrates with systems and apps, including cloud-based apps, on-premises systems, etc., easily, making it convenient for your team to manage identities in both remote and office environments

  • Its simplicity enables your team to quickly grasp and utilize its functionalities to their fullest extent, without the need for extensive training or technical expertise.


  • The app's complex security policies can become a major inconvenience for users, hindering their ability to update it independently. Consequently, users must rely on your IT team for assistance, causing them to waste valuable time and effort  

Customer rating

  • G2: 4.4/5

  • Capterra: 4.6/5

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