Top 9 Fortinet’s CASB Alternatives in 2024

Team Zluri

23rd November, 2023


As an IT manager, you manage the security of your organization’s cloud infrastructure with a CASB tool like Fortinet’s CASB solution. Fortinet's CASB solution provides you with comprehensive security for your organization’s cloud-based applications and data.

However, considering alternatives is always better if you need additional features and customization options. 

Fortinet’s CASB provides visibility and control over cloud applications, including shadow IT applications, enabling you to identify and control cloud app usage.

The solution has advanced threat protection capabilities, including malware detection and prevention, to help you safeguard your organization from potential security breaches.

Moreover, with its advanced DLP capabilities, it helps you prevent data loss by monitoring and controlling sensitive data as it moves in and out of the cloud.

However, certain drawbacks create a challenge in securing your cloud environment efficiently. 

Drawbacks of Fortinet’s CASB

Here are a few drawbacks of Fortinet’s CASB.

  • It does not integrate seamlessly with other security tools and platforms, making it difficult for you to get a complete view of your organization's security posture

  • The solution requires specialized training to use at its potential, which creates a barrier for you as it requires investing additional time and resources to secure your organization’s cloud infrastructure

  • It does not provide role-based access control, making it difficult for you to have control over the user’s access to sensitive information securely

  • If you are looking for a tool with complete visibility into the SaaS apps, then this might not be a suitable option as it lacks visibility in tracking the attacks, creating a barrier for you to manage the security efficiently

    Therefore, considering an alternative solution is always a suitable idea to ensure that you get the best possible security for your organization's cloud infrastructure. This post will discuss a list of suitable alternatives to Fortinet's CASB solution. 

    But before we jump into the tools, let us introduce who we are and what solutions we provide at Zluri for you to secure your cloud apps and more.

Zluri - A Comprehensive Solution for Managing Your SaaS Ecosystem Efficiently 

Zluri helps you streamline your organization's SaaS ecosystem. It provides you with the insights needed to quickly identify, track, and manage all SaaS apps used across your organization.

Zluri utilizes five powerful discovery methods to identify all SaaS apps used in your organization.

Zluri discovery engine

 With complete visibility into your organization's SaaS apps, you can make informed decisions about your SaaS usage, cost optimization and ensure compliance with your organization's policies.

Zluri also offers security and compliance information for each SaaS app that helps you stay on top of your organization's regulatory requirements. We provide event tracking capabilities, shared data, compliance, and security probes for all SaaS apps, ensuring that you meet your compliance and security goals.

security and compliance tab
  • Events: Zluri curates any news related to the app’s security whenever it is in use from the internet and shows it in the Events Tab. E.g., Ransomware, data breaches, any patch, or security loopholes.

    The risk score of each app is determined by analyzing the number of events. For instance, the higher the number of events, the lower the risk score the app will have.

    Zluri- Events tab

  • Data Shared: When you connect an app with other apps, then these apps will have access to the content of the connected app. The apps can have different types of access: read, write, modify, and delete access. The more sensitive data the app can access, the higher the threat level will be.

    For example, if an app can access Google Drive and modify or delete drive files, it is given a high threat level.

    Zluri data shared tab

  • Compliance: Zluri gives compliance information for each app showing which compliance frameworks the app complies with. The higher the number of frameworks the app complies with, the higher the risk score will be.

    Zluri's compliance tab

  • Security Probes: It will give you a view of the technical scanning. The scanning is done every month. But this is customized as per the requirement of the organization.

    Security probe

    Zluri provides a comprehensive and auditable log of all app security-related activities to enhance your organization's SaaS app security further. This log allows you to keep track of key activities and ensure that your data is always handled securely.

    Zluri also offers an additional layer of protection by providing you with a view of critical apps with high threat levels and risk scores. It alerts you to avoid using these critical apps to prevent data confidentiality breaches and cyber-attacks, allowing you to take necessary precautions to secure your organization.

    Critical Apps

    Besides security capabilities, Zluri provides other advantages to manage your SaaS landscape efficiently. Let us explore these benefits.

Zluri’s other key benefits:

  • License Optimization: Zluri simplifies the cumbersome process of managing SaaS licenses for your organization. With Zluri, you can efficiently track, identify, and report all your SaaS licenses from a single platform. Zluri enables you to gain complete visibility into your SaaS stack by automating these tedious tasks, ensuring you have complete control of your IT assets.

    License Optimization

    Zluri empowers you to optimize your SaaS licenses by tracking their usage, your license requirements, and more. Doing so lets you right-size your licenses to suitable tiers and make informed decisions about managing your SaaS licenses. 

    Moreover, Zluri helps you identify unused licenses, duplicate apps, and more, empowering you to optimize your SaaS spend. Further, Zluri’s SaaS buying experts compare prices across different vendors during the SaaS procurement process and provide insights to negotiate better contracts.

  • SaaS Renewal Management: Renewing subscriptions can be challenging, especially when you have numerous licenses with varying renewal dates. However, with Zluri's renewal calendar, you can rest easy knowing that you have a comprehensive view of all your subscription renewals at your fingertips.

    Zluri's Renewal Calendar lets you plan and stay organized, eliminating any last-minute scrambling or missed renewals. Whether you have a large or small renewal coming up, Renewal Calendar helps you prioritize your preparations to ensure a smooth renewal process.

    Renewals Calendar

    Zluri sends automatic alerts on renewal updates, ensuring you are always updated on your SaaS license renewals. Additionally, you can set up custom notifications to prioritize critical renewals and ensure uninterrupted service.

  • SaaS Usage Monitoring: With Zluri, you no longer have to manually track app usage, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. Instead, you can leverage usage data to gain valuable insights into your SaaS apps and identify any unnecessary duplicates that can be eliminated to save costs.

    For example, detecting duplicate or redundant apps can be challenging if you work in an organization that tracks app usage manually. However, with Zluri's automated tracking system, you can easily detect any underutilized or duplicate apps and optimize your SaaS stack for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

    Zluri's advanced SaaS usage tracking system is a game-changer for IT teams, providing them with the tools they need to efficiently manage their organization's SaaS apps. With Zluri, your IT teams can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions about optimizing their SaaS stack. 

  • Vendor Management: Zluri offers a comprehensive, automated solution to help you manage SaaS vendors effectively. With Zluri, you can gain better visibility and control over your constantly evolving tech stack, making it easier to stay on top of vendor management tasks.
    One thing that sets Zluri apart is its ability to maintain a SaaS system of record by seamlessly integrating with your core systems. This ensures that all the data related to your SaaS vendors are accurately recorded and easily accessible, making it easier to manage vendor lifecycles with predefined workflows.

    Vendor Managment

    With Zluri's automated vendor management system, you can easily manage your entire SaaS stack from a centralized dashboard. This includes tracking vendor contracts, monitoring usage and costs, and identifying opportunities for optimization. 

    Moreover, Zluri's automated alerts and notifications also help you stay on top of critical vendor management tasks, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

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Fortinet’s CASB Alternatives

Now, let us have a look at the alternatives.

1. Lookout’s Cloud Security


With Lookout's cloud security solution, you can stay ahead of potential risks by continuously monitoring your organization’s cloud environment with machine learning and advanced analytics.

Lookout's cloud security solution is designed to detect and respond to threats in real-time, giving you peace of mind knowing that your organization is always protected. 

Additionally, Lookout's solution helps ensure your cloud configurations are secure by scanning your infrastructure for any misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, or compliance issues.


  • The tool is capable of integrating easily with your existing system, making it convenient for you to identify security issues in your current IT landscape and secure them quickly 

  • If you are in search of a CASB tool that has no limitation on customization, then it can be a suitable one, as it gives you complete flexibility to customize the tool as your organization’s security requirements


  • If you are tight on budget, then this software is not a good option for you as it’s a premium version with effective utility for theft detection is slightly on the expensive side

  • The tool lacks in syncing with regular updates of  solutions like Salesforce, resulting in a delay in identifying the security-related issues and solving them before the issue takes a larger form and negatively impacts your organization’s IT landscape

Customer ratings

  • G2: 4.2/5

  • Capterra: 4.7/5

2. Proofpoint’s Cloud Security


Proofpoint offers a range of advanced tools to help you safeguard your organization’s digital assets. The Cloud App Security Broker (CASB) is among their many offerings, a powerful platform that gives you complete visibility and control over your organization's cloud environment.

It gives you detailed insights into user behavior and data usage. With this valuable information, you can quickly identify potential security breaches and take proactive measures to prevent them from happening.

In addition, the solution also helps identify areas where your team may need additional training or support. With Proofpoint's CASB, you can rest easy knowing that the cloud environment is secure and your organization’s data is protected.


  • The tool provides you with the ability to set up custom alerts, enabling you to stay flexible to meet your organization’s security requirements

  • If your organization is using tools like Azure AD, Splunk, etc., then this can be a suitable tool to prevent security issues as it easily integrates with these tools


  • If your organization consists of hybrid systems, i.e., both cloud and on-premise, then this may not be a suitable solution as it focuses more on securing your cloud environment

  • The tool is complex to implement and manage, requiring your team to have a high level of technical expertise and additional training 

Customer ratings

  • G2: 4.4/5

3. Skyhigh CASB


Skyhigh CASB is a security solution that helps you protect your organization's sensitive data and applications in the cloud. It gives you visibility into your organization's cloud usage, clearly showing the cloud applications and services your employees use. This helps you identify any shadow IT and potential security risks.

Further, it protects you against threats such as malware, ransomware, and data breaches. It uses advanced threat detection and prevention techniques to identify and mitigate potential threats before they can cause damage.

Moreover, with Skyhigh CASB, you can enforce security policies across all cloud applications and services. This includes policies around data access, sharing, storage, and compliance regulations.


  • It provides you with easy-to-use shadow IT and sanctioned service interface platforms. Both these platforms provide you with quality data helping you make informed decisions

  • This solution provides you with multiple encryption algorithms to choose from, including length-preserving encryption and searchable encryption, depending on the specific use case


  • It doesn't provide you with the ability to block services or categories from within the interface, making it more difficult for you to enforce policies and prevent unauthorized solutions from being used within the organization

Customer ratings

  • G2: 4.4/5

4. Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps is a cutting-edge security solution that helps you safeguard your organization's IT infrastructure against advanced threats targeting cloud-based applications. This powerful security solution employs advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior and detect potential threats in real-time. 

By staying one step ahead of attackers, the solution can quickly detect and prevent threats before they can cause any damage, keeping cloud-based applications and data safe and secure.


  • If you're looking for a comprehensive solution that can help you protect your organization's sensitive data and assets, our solution is a suitable option. With our easy integration with cloud environments, you can ensure that your security measures are always up-to-date and fully optimized for the cloud

  • It provides you and your team with complete visibility into threats and incidents for managing security policies across multiple applications, making it easier for you to enforce security policies and stay on top of potential threats


  • This isn't the one if you're looking for software to send you instant security alerts. That's because it delays sending the alert from when the activity actually happened, resulting in a delay in detecting and resolving the problem

Customer ratings

  • G2: 4.4/5

  • Capterra: 4/5

5. F5’s Network Security Solution

F5's network security

With F5's network security solutions, you can gain real-time visibility and control over network traffic, enabling you to monitor the networks for potential threats and take proactive measures to prevent them from causing harm.

F5's network security solutions have advanced threat intelligence capabilities, enabling you to detect and respond to emerging threats quickly. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, you can stay one step ahead of potential threats, minimizing the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

In addition, the solution offers advanced access control features that ensure only authorized users can access network resources. This helps you prevent unauthorized access and data breaches while also ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.


  • If you are looking for a flexible tool that can integrate well with your existing system, then this can be a suitable option, enabling you to detect the issues and block any unauthorized access efficiently

  • It makes it convenient for your team to configure and manage security policies across your organization’s network, simplifying the management process and reducing the likelihood of configuration errors


  • If you have a limited budget, then this tool is not a suitable choice as it is slightly on the costlier side, making it difficult for you to adopt it for securing your organization’s IT infrastructure

  • Sometimes, the tool is difficult to load and identify problems on time, resulting in delays in solving the issue and securing your organization’s IT landscape

Customer ratings

  • G2: 3.9/5

6. Symantec’s CloudSOC CASB

Symantec’s CloudSOC CASB

Symantec's CloudSOC CASB is a security solution that delivers comprehensive visibility and control over an organization's cloud applications. The solution helps protect sensitive data and mitigate risks across the organization's cloud environments by providing real-time monitoring and enforcement of security policies.

With CloudSOC CASB, you can get deep visibility into cloud usage across your organization, enabling you to identify potential security risks and take proactive steps to prevent data loss or theft. 

Moreover, CloudSOC CASB's advanced alerting and notification capabilities provide real-time insights into potential security incidents, enabling you to respond quickly and prevent data breaches. This can save you time and money by minimizing the impact of a security incident and mitigating any potential damage.


  • The tool allows you to filter data and examine each cloud application, empowering you to get insights into each cloud app and manage their security efficiently

  • It enables you to recover data and protect your organization’s system in case of a failure to detect the security issue on time, empowering you to secure your organization’s IT environment efficiently without any major loss like data loss


  • Sometimes, it lacks complete on-demand scanning, resulting in inefficiencies in securing your organization’s entire IT infrastructure

  • The tool is difficult to use initially, requiring you to invest additional time and effort to learn it at its full potential

Customer ratings

  • G2: 4.2/5

7. Trend Micro’s Cloud App Security