Top 9 Snow Software Alternatives in 2023


Snow brings software asset management, cloud management, and SaaS management together and helps you to fully optimize your technology in one platform. Though Snow is a good tool for IT asset management, it has some drawbacks, such as a steep learning curve and you may face performance issues sometimes. 

There are many good options available in the market if you are looking for alternatives to Snow that may fulfill your requirements. 

In this post, we have discussed  9 Snow Alternatives. But before discussing the alternatives, let’s see some key features and drawbacks of the Snow.

Key Features of Snow

  • Snow software gives complete visibility of the organization's software assets.

  • Snow reduces risks and efforts associated with IT audits by ensuring software license compliance.

  • Snow helps to manage software renewal and optimizes license costs by providing insights about license usage.

  • It acts as a single source of truth for all information related to your organization's software (vendor details, contract details, payment records, etc.)

Drawbacks of Snow

  • Steep learning curve: It can get overwhelming to new users. As there are so many screens and modules, it takes a while to learn and master it. 

  • User interface error: Snow interface gives a legacy feeling and it's hard to navigate. Also, sometimes the tool slows down or crashes which may cause a frustrating experience. Eg: If you are generating reports with many rows it can crash and you are required to re-generating the report.

Customer Rating

  • G2- 4.0/5

  • Capterra- 4.3/5

Now let’s see Snow Software Alternatives

Top Snow Alternatives

1. Zluri


Zluri (That's us! 🙂) is primarily a SaaS management platform that helps users to discover, optimize and secure SaaS applications. It enables businesses to explore and manage third-party SaaS applications as well as their security and compliance from a command center. It gives IT teams greater control over their tech stack. 

 Zluri helps you to automate time-consuming and repetitive IT tasks such as employee onboarding and offboarding, making it quicker and safer. 

Deprovisioning via Zluri can be done with ease with a single click. During de-provisioning, Zluri doesn't stop at SSO level authorization. It monitors the usage of the SSO system as well. For example, it monitors users for which apps they have access to, what level of permissions they have for the apps, their sign-in logs, audit logs, and access logs. 

If a user still has access to any app or has not been removed (in rare cases), Zluri alerts you that the user can still use the application. 

Though Zluri takes some inputs from SSO, such as sign-in information, for Zluri, SSOs are not mandatory. Zluri is better than SSO in provisioning and deprovisioning because, with SSO, you just get access to surface-level data while Zluri can go directly to the application. 


  • Discovering your organization's subscriptions

  • Category and function of each application

  • Find unused and underused apps

  • Removing duplicate apps with overlapping functions

  • Automating contract renewals

  • Automating employee onboarding and onboarding


  • Integrates with 200,000+ apps

  • Gives accurate SaaS usage stats

  • Single click provisioning and de-provisioning

Customer Rating

  • G2- 5/5

  • Capterra- 5/5

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2. Flexera


Flexera enables enterprises to gain visibility of IT assets, optimize software spends and maintain license compliance. It offers a unique approach to optimizing cloud spending by enabling cloud governance teams to work collaboratively with business units and resource owners. Walmart, Chase, and Delta are some of the well-known companies that use Flexera.

It provides insights about under-used and redundant applications and helps IT teams to optimize costs associated with the software.


  • Provides insights about risk and cost associated with the software.

  • Empower IT teams to visualize the entire software estate and make data-driven decisions.

  • It integrates with existing inventory solutions like Microsoft, ServiceNow, IBM, and BMC to collect software evidence. 


  • Customizable

  • Easy to manage multi-cloud environment

  • Maintains software license compliance and reduces risks in audits

  • Simple cloud-based automation and easy to implement compared to other cloud management tools


  • Due to overwhelming features, it has a steep learning curve and requires hands-on experience to get the best out of it.

  • Support can be a problem as response time is relatively longer.

  • Initial setup is time-consuming

Customer Rating

  • G2- 3.7/5

  • Capterra-4.4/5

3. Matrix42


Matrix42 helps IT teams manage the lifecycle of software assets and make business decisions based on data. It enables IT teams to discover, track inventory and manage contracts. Further, it helps to secure endpoints, applications, and data from external and internal threats.

Matrix42 reduces typical audit risks and efforts by automatically managing software licenses to ensure compliance. It becomes a single source of truth for your all order data, payment plans, licenses, and vendor details. 


  • It ensures license compliance across all platforms and reduces audit risks.

  • Provides data about license usage and helps you to optimize cost.

  • Helps to automate license management.


  • Easy and fast initial setup.

  • Bugs are fixed more quickly.


  • User interface can be an issue to some as it's not very intuitive.

  • Requires time to learn due to overwhelming features.

  • The release cycle is fast which makes it hard to perform the tests with all departments before a new version is released.

Customer Rating

  • G2- 5/5

  • Capterra- No ratings yet

4. AssetSonar


AssetSonar is a full feature IT asset management software that keeps track of IT assets throughout its lifecycle from procurement to disposal. It keeps organizations audit-ready and reduces the risks and efforts required for audits by ensuring software compliance.  It is an easy-to-use software and has a simple integration with service desks like Zendesk and Jira.


  • Proactively manages license updates, renewals, and payments with timely alerts.

  • Gives visibility to assets and provides data about utilization.

  • Reduce risk and improve reliability by simplifying IT change management.


  • Easy access to report and timely updates.

  • Easy to use and intuitive user interface.


  • There is no feature to build a map with all the (configuration items) CI's in order to build the configuration management database (CMDB).

  • Limited customization.

Customer Rating

  • G2- 5/5

  • Capterra- 5/5

5. Lansweeper


Lansweeper helps to build IT asset inventory and gain complete visibility across your entire IT estate. With Lansweeper, you can get an inventory of all workstations, servers, routers, monitors, switches, phones, and other devices as well as all software. Further, it helps to simplify and automate day-to-day tasks that save time for IT teams and enables them to focus on more crucial work.


  • It automates reporting and other tedious tasks to make time for IT teams to focus on more important works.

  • Identifies compliance and security issues.

  • Optimize cost by providing data about utility of assets


  • Highly customizable reporting and alerting.

  • Flexible, robust, and easy to use.


  • Slow scan and takes time to reflect results.

  • Clutter user interface.

Customer Rating

  • G2- 4.5/5 

  • Capterra- 4.5/5

6. ServiceNow


ServiceNow software asset management enables IT teams to track and manage software assets across the enterprise from a unified platform. Additionally, it offers various automated workflows to stay compliant and optimize costs. 

It integrates with Okta, Microsoft, IBM, and many more third-party apps to provide granular level insights about the usage of the applications which helps in cost optimization.


  • Provide alerts and actionable insights about software usage

  • Identify software applications automatically by normalizing unrecognized apps.

  • Detects unauthorized apps and takes action for removal.


  • Intuitive and easy to start for beginners.

  • Excellent support.


  • Third-party integrations slow it down.

  • Not an established SAM tool and lacks many features which are necessary for any SAM tool.

Customer Rating

  • G2- 4/5 

  • Capterra- 4.5/5 

7. Certero


Certoro is an enterprise software asset management tool used by IT teams to discover, monitor, and track software. It provides information about the usage of different software licenses and helps IT to optimize costs by eliminating unnecessary software. 


  • Its software recognition database ensures that all software inventories are tracked and no blind spots are left. This helps in making data-driven decisions.

  • Offers dedicated solutions for IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and Adobe and provides vendor-specific automation solutions to create an accurate compliance position.


  • Intuitive and simple to use 

  • Flexible and easy to set up

  • Excellent support


  • Relatively expensive compared to other SAM tools

Customer Rating

  • G2- 5/5

  • Capterra- 4.3/5 

8. Symantec


Symantec software asset management suite enables IT teams to control software assets, ensure compliance and gain complete visibility of expenses.  It provides information of assets from procurement to disposal.

It helps IT teams in automating and streamlining repetitive tasks in IT and business processes and saves cost.

 Further, it eliminates duplicate apps and helps in maintaining compliance.


  • Provide insight about usage of software assets 

  • Ensure compliance with regulations like HIPPA, GDPR

  • Customizable reporting


  • Highly customizable and excellent support

  • Easily prepare for software audits

  • Reduce spend by eliminating the purchase of unnecessary softwares


  • Requires experience and expertise to handle fully

  • Steep learning curve

  • Occasionally gets a bit slow

Customer Rating

  • G2- 4.4/5

  • Capterra- 4.3/5 

9. AWS License Manager

AWS License Manager

AWS License Manager enables IT teams to easily manage software licenses from vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and IBM across AWS and on-premises environments. Further, with the help of it, administrators can create customized licensing rules based on the licensing agreements to prevent licensing violations. 

It simplifies the management of software licenses that require Amazon EC2 dedicated hosts by allowing administrators to specify their dedicated hosts management preferences for host allocation and host capacity utilization. 

It comes with no additional charges, as you pay only the resources you use on AWS.


  • Gives control and visibility of all licenses 

  • Reduces the risk of non-compliance, misreporting, and extra costs due to licensing overages.

  • Prevent data breaches by providing alerts in case of any infringement 


  • Fast and reliable

  • Allows management of licenses on-prem and cloud

  • Free of cost when you are using other resources of AWS


  • Tedious and time taking implementation

  • Steep learning curve 

Customer Rating

  • G2-  4.3/5 

  • Capterra- No rating yet


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