Optimizing User Provisioning for New Employees: A Guide|2023


Optimizing User Provisioning for New Employees: Leveraging the Power of a User Lifecycle Management Platform

Efficiently onboarding new employees is vital for IT managers to ensure productivity and seamless integration into the organization. 

Addressing this need, a user lifecycle management (ULM) platform emerges as the pivotal solution, streamlining and automating user provisioning tasks. This conserves valuable time, mitigates potential errors, and fortifies security measures.

The traditional onboarding methods, with their manual processes and ticket-based systems, no longer cut it. The time-consuming nature of these outdated approaches not only hampers your IT team's productivity but also impacts the effectiveness of your organization's processes.

It's time to consider a game-changing solution: a user lifecycle management platform designed to streamline employee onboarding. Zluri, an intelligent user lifecycle management platform, offers a revolutionary approach. With Zluri, you can bid farewell to the labyrinth of tasks associated with onboarding. This innovative platform simplifies the process by automating tasks such as user account creation and granting access to critical applications and resources.

If you're ready to transform your employee onboarding experience and unlock new levels of productivity, it's time to embrace Zluri. Let’s explore the possibilities and revolutionize your organization's onboarding process with the power of intelligent user lifecycle management.

How Zluri Helps Streamline User Provisioning for New Employees

A seamless onboarding process is vital to lay a strong foundation for both your organization and new employees up for success from day one. Achieving effective coordination between HR and IT departments is key to ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing productivity. That's where Zluri steps in, revolutionizing the way you handle this critical process.

Zluri revolutionizes the onboarding process by harnessing its vast collection of more than 225,000 apps. It empowers you to effortlessly connect HR and IT, creating a harmonious experience for your new employees. By integrating seamlessly with popular HRMS platforms, Zluri eliminates the need for manual updates from your IT team for each new hire. This automated integration ensures your IT infrastructure is ready to support the onboarding process without hiccups. 

Following are the ways in which Zluri helps you streamline user provisioning for your new employees. Let’s explore:

Streamlines user onboarding through Zluri’s automated workflows

Zluri's user-friendly interface makes setting up automation a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can configure workflows tailored to your organization's specific onboarding requirements

This means that your IT team can bid farewell to the tedious and repetitive task of individually setting up access for each new employee. Instead, Zluri enables them to establish comprehensive workflows that automatically provide new hires with access to all the essential SaaS apps they require from day one.

Here's a quick guide on creating an onboarding workflow using Zluri:

Step 1: To get started, log in to Zluri's platform and navigate to the main interface. Locate the Workflows module and click on the "Onboarding" option.

Automated Offboarding

Step 2: Once in the Workflows module, click on the "New Workflow". Here, you will be prompted to select the user for whom you are creating the onboarding workflow. 

This step ensures that the workflow is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the individual user.


Step 3: Next, it's time to configure the required apps within the onboarding workflow. From the left-hand side app recommendations, choose the necessary apps that are part of your onboarding process. Each selected application will have its specific actions associated with it.


Furthermore, leverage Zluri's in-app suggestions to include employees in channels or send automated welcome messages. 

Step 4: Once you have selected the desired applications, it's time to specify the actions you want to perform within each application. Click on the "Edit Action" for each selected application and enter the required details to complete the action. 

Additionally, you can schedule the action to run on the onboarding day, ensuring timely execution of tasks. Once completed, save the task to preserve the actions.


Step 5: To ensure reusability and simplify future onboarding processes, click on the "Save as Playbook" button. A dialog box will appear, prompting you to provide a name for the playbook before saving. 

Offboarding workflow

By following these steps, you can effectively create an onboarding workflow using Zluri's Workflows module. This intuitive and user-friendly tool empowers you to streamline your onboarding process, ensuring a seamless transition for your new users. Leverage Zluri's Workflows module today and enhance your onboarding experience like never before.

Boosting Efficiency with Zluri's Intelligent Features

Zluri's automated workflows and intelligent features, including in-app suggestions, contextual app suggestions, and playbooks, work together to streamline and optimize the user provisioning process. By leveraging these capabilities, organizations can enhance efficiency, reduce manual efforts, and provide new employees with a seamless onboarding experience.

  • Contextual App Recommendations for personalized recommendations

Staying ahead means embracing innovative solutions that redefine the norm. Zluri goes beyond automating onboarding workflows by offering a unique feature: contextual app recommendations. This game-changing capability sets Zluri apart from other service providers, elevating it to the forefront of intelligent SaaS solutions.

Leveraging advanced algorithms and deep insights into your company's structure, Zluri's contextual app recommendations analyze the employee's department and role to suggest the most relevant applications for their specific needs. Gone are the days of manually assigning apps to each employee. Zluri does the heavy lifting for you, providing a comprehensive list of recommended applications that seamlessly integrate into your onboarding workflow.

By leveraging Zluri's contextual app recommendations, you can take proactive action, ensuring each employee has access to the tools necessary for success from day one. Whether it's a project management platform, communication tool, or customer relationship management software, Zluri identifies the ideal applications based on the employee's role, guaranteeing a tailored and efficient onboarding experience.


Picture a scenario: Using Zluri's intelligent lifecycle management platform, your IT admin inputs the employee's department (Sales) and role (Sales representative). Zluri's advanced algorithms quickly analyze the requirements of the role and present with a tailored list of recommended applications for sales professionals in your industry.

Upon reviewing Zluri's suggestions, you notice that CRM software, communication tools, and sales analytics platforms are among the top recommendations. Recognizing the importance of these applications in empowering your sales representative's success, your admin or your IT team adds them to the onboarding workflow with a simple click.

Embrace the power of Zluri's contextual app recommendations and revolutionize your onboarding process. Seamlessly integrate essential applications into your workflow, empowering new hires to hit the ground running and contribute to your organization's success from the moment they step through the door.

  • In-app suggestions for enhanced user experience

Alongside its impressive array of features, Zluri offers a game-changer that significantly reduces IT admin workload while enhancing employee onboarding and productivity. Say hello to the innovative in-app suggestions feature.

Imagine a seamless onboarding process where new employees are seamlessly integrated into your organization's communication channels, project management tools, and more, right from their first day. With Zluri's in-app suggestions, this becomes a reality.

For organizations utilizing popular communication platforms like Slack or Cliq, Zluri's in-app suggestions allows you to effortlessly add new hires to the relevant channels or groups. By automating this process, you can eliminate the manual effort required to set up each employee individually. 

Instead, they are seamlessly connected to the appropriate communication channels, ensuring they can immediately start collaborating with their colleagues, accessing vital information, and contributing to the team's success.

But that's not all—Zluri's in-app suggestions goes beyond communication channels. It extends its reach to project management tools like Trello, enabling you to assign new employees to specific projects from day one. By granting them instant access to the necessary project boards, you can ensure they hit the ground running and make a meaningful impact from the very beginning. 

With Zluri's in-app suggestions, your organization gains a significant efficiency boost. IT admins can offload repetitive tasks and focus on strategic initiatives, while new employees enjoy a smooth onboarding experience, saving valuable time and reducing potential frustration. This feature embodies Zluri's commitment to simplifying complex processes and streamlining business operations, ultimately driving productivity and collaboration throughout your organization.

  • Playbooks for streamlined & effective onboarding

Zluri's intelligent feature - "Playbooks" helps streamline user provisioning for new employees. Playbooks refer to predefined workflows or templates that IT admins can create to streamline the user provisioning process for new employees. These playbooks consist of a series of predefined steps or activities required to set up access to specific applications or resources.

Saved playbooks

With Zluri, you can create a customized playbook tailored to specific roles or departments within your organization. For example, if you have a marketing role that requires tools like Trello, Zoom, Slack, or Google Workspace, you can create a playbook that includes these applications. This playbook serves as a template for onboarding new marketing executives in the future.

Once a playbook is created, it can be easily reused whenever a new employee joins the organization in a similar role. IT admins can simply select the appropriate playbook when onboarding a new employee, automatically provisioning access to the predefined set of applications and resources. This eliminates the need for manual setup and ensures consistency and efficiency in the onboarding process.

Zluri enables fast and real-time access to SaaS applications by automating the user provisioning process through playbooks. This not only enhances the overall employee experience but also positively impacts the organization's productivity and growth. You can rely on Zluri's playbooks to efficiently provision access to the necessary tools for new employees, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience and enabling them to quickly become productive members of the team

Transforming User Lifecycle Management: Unlock the Power of Zluri

Zluri is not just another SaaS management solution; it's a transformative platform that revolutionizes user lifecycle management. By combining intelligent features, automated workflows, and a range of additional benefits, Zluri goes above and beyond to support your organization and its employees.

Through the Employee App Store, Zluri empowers users to take control of their software needs. By decentralizing the onboarding process and providing a curated collection of applications, Zluri fosters a sense of ownership and autonomy among employees. No more tedious paperwork or time-consuming license assignments; instead, employees can select the tools they require, streamlining the onboarding experience and enabling them to hit the ground running.

Employee App Store

Zluri places utmost importance on data security and protection. With comprehensive security solutions, Zluri ensures that only authorized users have access to critical information, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and protecting sensitive data from cyber threats and breaches.

Efficiency lies at the heart of Zluri's offerings. The platform enables effortless monitoring of all user activities, keeping a close eye on user actions and system changes. By maintaining control and minimizing the risk of security breaches, your organizations can operate with confidence.

Transform your user lifecycle management with Zluri and unlock the full potential of your organization. Experience the benefits of empowerment, security, and efficiency as you navigate the ever-evolving SaaS landscape. Book a demo now!


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