Top 3 Reasons Why ULM Tools Fail with Midlife Cycle Changes


The seamless management of user lifecycles plays a pivotal role in ensuring the efficiency and security of business operations. While user lifecycle management (ULM) tools have proven their worth during user onboarding and offboarding, they often encounter significant hurdles when handling midlife cycle changes.

Managing midlife cycle changes, such as role transitions within your organization, is a multifaceted task that can present challenges for your IT teams. Shifting job profiles often involves granting or revoking access to various applications, which can be error-prone when done manually. These transitions demand meticulous attention to detail, making them a critical phase that can impact productivity, security, and compliance if not managed adeptly.

However, there's a comprehensive solution to address all these difficulties and revolutionize how your organization handles midlife cycle changes efficiently – Zluri.

Zluri is a cutting-edge platform designed to simplify and optimize IT operations during critical midlife cycle changes. With Zluri, your IT teams can bid farewell to manual and error-prone access management processes. The platform's advanced automation capabilities empower your IT teams to streamline access provisioning and revocation, ensuring a seamless transition for employees as they embrace new roles.

Zluri’s Employee App Store(EAS) further accelerates the transition by providing employees with quick and easy access to the applications essential for their specific job roles.

Let’s look at some factors why most ULM tools fail to manage midlife cycle changes.

Reasons Behind the Failure of Most ULM Tools in Managing Midlife Cycle Changes

Let's delve into some of the primary reasons behind the failure of most ULM tools in managing midlife cycle changes:

Managing the complexity of midlife cycle changes

The complexity of midlife cycle changes in organizations pertains to managing access permissions for employees transitioning to new positions or roles. This involves granting access to different systems, applications, and data as they move to new departments or teams.

Traditionally, this manual process led to time-consuming and error-prone tasks for IT admins. Such delays could pose security risks if access isn't appropriately managed.

Zluri’s automation capabilities streamline access management, ensuring a seamless and secure transition for employees and the organization. Your IT admins can effortlessly handle permissions, providing employees with the necessary resources for their new roles.

By leveraging Zluri's advanced automation, IT teams can significantly reduce manual efforts and minimize human errors. This boosts overall efficiency, saving valuable time and resources for more critical tasks.

Moreover, Zluri ensures data security throughout the process, preventing unauthorized access and data breaches. It safeguards sensitive information, maintaining a robust security framework.

Insufficient automation & tedious approval processes

Many ULM tools cannot automate processes, leading to manual work and delays in giving employees access to the resources they need for their new roles. These delays are worsened by lengthy approval processes, causing productivity issues and making it harder to adapt quickly. 

Enter Zluri’s EAS, a game-changing solution designed to tackle the problems caused by limited automation and complex approval processes. This all-in-one platform empowers employees to effortlessly access applications and resources without facing unnecessary bureaucracy.

The core aim of the EAS is to give employees more control over their technology tools. With a wide array of applications to choose from, employees can select what best matches their unique requirements and preferences. This newfound independence creates a work environment that's personalized and ultimately more productive.

The standout advantage of Zluri's EAS is its simplified access request process. Employees can now directly request access to the applications they need, without getting caught up in convoluted approval chains. This streamlined process ensures quick responses, allowing employees to adapt rapidly to their new responsibilities.

Zluri's EAS enhances transparency in access requests, lightening the load on your IT teams. Employees can easily keep tabs on the progress of their requests, building trust and better collaboration with the IT department.

Above all, the EAS is designed to supercharge productivity and cultivate an agile workforce. By giving employees prompt access to the tools they require, downtime is minimized, and efficiency is maximized. Removing prolonged approval processes empowers teams to respond swiftly to evolving needs, maintaining a competitive edge within their industries.

Difficulties in app integration & employee empowerment

Traditional ULM tools have limitations that hinder employee empowerment and do not allow employees to choose the applications they need to perform their roles effectively. Instead, employees often go through a time-consuming and frustrating process of requesting access to specific applications, which involves multiple interactions with the IT department. 

This lack of autonomy over application access can delay getting the necessary tools and hinder employees' productivity and efficiency in their new roles.

Zluri offers a comprehensive solution to empower employees and optimize software procurement. By integrating with SaaS buying services, Zluri ensures organizations secure the best pricing for SaaS contracts, leading to cost efficiency and better resource allocation.

Additionally, the proactive measures taken by Zluri to address shadow IT and monitor SaaS apps align with its ability to enable organizations to maintain a secure and compliant software environment. Zluri provides IT admins valuable insights into usage patterns by discovering and monitoring unauthorized software usage. 

This data, combined with regular audits and detailed reports, allows organizations to enforce protocols and ensure compliance with policies and regulations. In this way, Zluri mitigates potential risks associated with shadow IT and empowers employees by granting them efficient access to necessary applications.

Zluri: The Ultimate Solution for Seamless Midlife Cycle Change Management

Zluri stands out as the ultimate solution for managing midlife cycle changes due to its unparalleled capabilities and innovative features. Zluri addresses the many challenges traditional ULM tools face and becomes the go-to choice for efficiently managing midlife cycle changes. 

Zluri's EAS revolutionizes the way your workforce accesses necessary applications. The self-serve model empowers employees to explore and request the required apps, eliminating the need for cumbersome ticket submissions and manual approvals from the IT team. This user-friendly approach boosts productivity and enhances employee satisfaction, fostering a more engaged and motivated workforce.

To ensure a smooth experience, Zluri provides a simple step-by-step guide for employees to raise access requests through the Employee App Store:

  1. Click on the Zluri icon at the main interface's upper right corner and select "Switch to Employee View" from the drop-down menu.

    App access request

  2. Access the overview dashboard and select "Request access to an application" option.

    App Access request

  3. In the dialogue box that appears, employees enter the application name they need access to and select "Continue."

    App access request

  4. If the requested application is not in use within the organization, employees need not worry. They can simply click "Continue," and another dialogue box will display similar applications used within the organization.

    App request access

  5. Employees can choose a similar application if available or opt to proceed with their request by clicking "Ignore and Continue."

    Employee app access

  6. Next, they fill in essential details, such as selecting the license plan, subscription duration, and providing a description of why they need the application. 

Additionally, they have the option to attach supporting documents for reference. Once all details are filled, they can confidently click "Confirm request."

App access request

Pro Tip: Employees can stay updated on any modifications or suggested substitutes for the application through the "Changelogs" section.


Embrace Zluri as your trusted partner for managing midlife cycle changes effortlessly. Its unmatched capabilities and employee-centric features ensure your team can access the tools they need, when they need them, with minimal effort. 

Unlock the true potential of your business and make midlife cycle changes an opportunity for growth. Get started today and experience the power of seamless management with Zluri! Book a demo now. 


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