Top 6 Alternatives to Beamy


Beamy is a SaaS governance platform that detects and monitors all SaaS apps used within an organization. Beamy helps to optimize SaaS spend, mitigate risk and implement unified governance. 

It maximizes ROI by visualizing what is used, streamlining decision-making, and uncovering shadow IT. 

Beamy helps to build effective governance between all key stakeholders by using a powerful automated workflow. It centralizes SaaS knowledge on a single platform to master usage, optimize contracts and mitigate associated risks.

In this post, we'll discuss six alternatives to Beamy that you can consider while making your decision. Before that, let's learn more about Beamy first.

Key Features of Beamy

  • Assess all the risks of the SaaS stack.

  • Provides the first insights to optimize the SaaS budget.

  • Mitigates risks by implementing corrective action plans.

Top 6 Beamy Alternatives

1. Zluri

Zluri (1)

Zluri is a SaaS management platform that helps IT teams discover, optimize, manage and secure the SaaS apps in the organization. It optimizes SaaS spend. 

With Zluri, you can view all the SaaS subscriptions in a single platform and eliminate SaaS wastage. It gives IT teams greater control over their tech stack.

Zluri automates Onboarding and Offboarding: You can use the power of automation to save your precious time spent on repetitive IT tasks, such as employee onboarding and offboarding.

Zluri provides personalized recommendations for new employees based on their department and seniority. Zluri knows which apps a new joiner will need and what groups or channels they will need to join.

You can execute a smooth onboarding and offboarding process by giving and revoking access to applications with a few clicks. Based on the user's app usage, Zluri recommends apps that your new employee will require. 

Zluri helps you to depart your employees without wasting time on a long offboarding process and protects your company's data by deprovisioning them from all the apps they were using.

This software application revokes access for all the apps the employee has access to rather than just your SSO or Google Workspace and secures your data from unauthorized access.

Before terminating the licenses of an employee, Zluri takes a backup of data in those apps so as to transfer it to a new owner. Zluri ensures that proper offboarding takes place each time through 3 crucial steps: retrieval, revoke and reassign.

In the User module of Zluri, you can view the employees who are marked for onboarding and offboarding. The dashboard provides the user name, email, designation, and the onboarding or offboarding date.

Smart application discovery: Zluri provides 100% discoverability to identify redundant, unused, and underutilized apps. It gives you a granular view of all apps, helps you stay up to date on apps that are being used, and takes relevant actions on the apps that are left idle.

This software application uses five powerful discovery methods to trace the SaaS apps present in an organization's SaaS landscape. The methods are SSO and IDP, finance systems, direct integrations, browser extensions, and desktop agents. 

With Smart app discovery Zluri discovers unauthorized apps running in the organization and acts on them. It provides data like who has purchased an app, who its users are, and how frequently it's used. 

With the help of the discovery methods, Zluri identifies the idle and least used apps from your SaaS landscape and discards them right away to cut off the excessive SaaS spend. It also lets you know whether all the apps present in your SaaS landscape meet the industry-wide compliance standards before the audit date.

The application module shows all the applications present in a company's SaaS environment. It shows the managed, unmanaged, and restricted apps along with the apps that need review.

Renewal monitoring: Zluri manages all your software applications contracts/renewals and creates an approval process to reduce spending. This helps to get data to negotiate and maximize ROI. 

Zluri provides a smart calendar to manage renewals and make decisions based on growth trends. This calendar is mainly for the procurement and fiance team who want to keep track of contact and payment renewals. 

The renewal calendar prioritizes high-valued contracts. It sets payment reminders before seven days and 1days while contract reminders are set before 30 days, 15 days, and 1day. You can even customize your reminders.

Cost optimization: Zluri is the most comprehensive software purchase and cost optimization platform in the world. It brings visibility to these apps and solves accounting issues associated with these apps. 

Zluri provides clear visibility into your SaaS landscape. It helps you to discover all apps your employees have signed up for and provision or deprovision them.

This software application eliminates SaaS wastage and helps be audit ready. With Zluri, you can automate IT workflow and even grant or revoke access to applications in a single click.

Zluri lets you buy new apps and manages SaaS renewals with pricing benchmarks and data back negotiations. Zluri saves you up to 50% of your SaaS spend.

Gain complete control over your SaaS stack. Thus, it reduces the financial, compliance, and security risks associated with SaaS apps and their usage.

With Zluri, you can save up to 50% of your SaaS cost while you eliminate SaaS waste from your SaaS stack by removing redundant apps. It helps you remove app redundancy from your SaaS stack that exists in the form of duplicate apps and unused and underused apps. Also, right size licenses by increasing/ decreasing the number of licenses and their tiers.

Zluri connects with your expense and finance management systems to automatically map reimbursement with SaaS spend. It also approves spend and reimbursements easily and saves 100s of hours for the finance team.

The transaction module in Zluri shows all the transaction descriptions, date of transaction, amount, source, and payment method, which helps the finance team to keep track of all transactions and the budget.

Enhances security: Zluri makes your SaaS landscape secure and compliant by keeping you in control of SaaS purchase, renewal, and disposal. It provides alerts when an unauthorized or risky SaaS app enters your SaaS landscape. IT admins can block or terminate them directly from the Zluri dashboard.

Zluri helps you block or terminate apps that are risky or unwanted and prevents your organization from malicious apps and users.

The security module in Zluri shows the threat level, risk score, risk level, and risk of each application present in the SaaS environment and helps IT teams decide which applications to keep and which ones to remove.

The threat level is based on the data shared between the app and the SSO. The level ranges from 0 to 5. The risk score is a score between 0 to 100, which takes into consideration the threat level, security probes, compliance and, any recent security incidents related to the particular apps, the number of users using the app.

The risk level is calculated based on the risk score, and the risk level can be manually set as low, medium, or high risk by the administrator.


  • Tracks spending and license management for over 100+ SaaS apps

  • Very easy to use, and customer support is very helpful

  • Surfaces SaaS landscape within 5 mins of onboarding 

  • Setting it up is very easy

Customer Ratings

  • G2- 4.9/5

  • Capterra- 4.9/5

2. Torii


Torii is a SaaS management platform that uncovers shadow IT, controls SaaS sprawl, optimizes spending and renewals, and automates everything. 

This SMP helps to gain the most accurate view of your technology stack and software licenses from a variety of data sources. It provides control of all applications, manages user access, and audits permissions of third-party tools directly.

Torii maps, tracks, and optimizes your software spending by connecting to ERP, accounting, and reimbursement systems. Their spending insights and alerts help to reduce SaaS costs.


  • Finds and acts on the apps which are hidden

  • Helps with SaaS spend optimization

  • Automates onboarding and offboarding

  • Eliminate surprise renewals and plan renewals proactively


  • It is easy to use

  • Workflow steps are logical and very simple to set up

  • Onboarding and offboarding workflows are very promising

  • The application catalog is useful for the employee to look for what apps are approved


  • Reporting needs some improvement

  • Custom integration can be difficult to implement 

Customer ratings

  • G2- 4.7/5

  • Capterra- 5/5

3. AssetSonar

AssetSonar (1)

AssetSonar is an IT asset management software that helps to maintain, track and manage a single source of truth for your IT asset landscape. It maintains a consolidated view of installed and cloud software licenses with automated agent-based scans and integration with Google Workspace and Okta User Directories.

This software assigns software license entitlements for employees and runs software reconciliation to monitor assigned, and unassigned software installs across employee devices.

Asset sonar keeps a centralized account of contracts, payments, and renewals with software vendors. It even tracks software utilization patterns and gains insights into software cost per user and potential license savings to optimize software spend per the company's needs.


  • Gains complete visibility into on-premise and cloud software

  • Monitors software usage with license entitlements

  • Ensures compliance and helps to be audit-ready

  • Discovers savings opportunities with metrics and reports


  • Very effective in creating the audit data

  • Helps to be organized with software applications

  • Easy access to reports


  • The application has security issues

  • It takes ongoing administration to keep the tool up to date 

Customer ratings

4. Flexera One

Flexera (1)

Flexera One is a software asset management platform that optimizes the value of your company's technology to accelerate growth. It helps you visualize your entire estate from on-premise to SaaS to cloud. It mitigates risk, reduces costs, and maximizes every technology investment.

With Flexera One, you get a single view of all software, SaaS, and cloud product usage to enable you to negotiate agreements and renewals with vendors like Microsoft and Oracle. It develops a strategic plan to reduce negotiated prices with service providers like Google, AWS, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Workday.


  • Discovers the SaaS apps purchased and used by business units

  • Collaborates with business owners to optimize subscriptions.

  • Tracks value delivered by SaaS apps through proactively generated, easy-to-read usage reports.

  • Stops paying monthly subscriptions for unused apps.

  • Reports on unsanctioned SaaS spend.


  • They provide tutorials and learning materials

  • Workflows cut down time challenges 

  • Simple UI and easy to configure 


  • Dashboard needs improvement

  • The product cost high

Customer ratings

  • G2- 3.7/5

  • Gartner- 4.3/5

5. Coreview


CoreView is Microsoft 365 management for enterprises that helps IT teams get full value from their Microsoft 365 investment. It provides full oversight of their environment and moves at full speed. 

This software application has a powerful suite of tools that lets you analyze, administrate, automate, optimize, secure and audit your Microsoft 365 environment. CoreView identifies unused licenses, minimizes waste, and ensures costs are allocated appropriately so you can get the most out of Microsoft 365 spend.

CoreView also looks after user management. It helps with employee onboarding and offboarding, and support requests. It automates repetitive tasks with fully customizable workflows.


  • Monitor Microsoft 365 and send alerts if something unusual occurs.

  • Helps with audit activity and file access.

  • Prevents future security threats by automating resolution.

  • Optimizes and controls licensing costs.


  • It handles reporting, monitoring, and management 

  • The dashboard is very informative

  • It has a fantastic shadow IT detection feature


  • Slow and often gets stuck with simple operations 

  • Workflows take time to complete

  • Audit guidance is tied to an expensive subscription plan 

Customer ratings

  • G2- 4.7/5

  • Capterra- 4/5

6. Cledara


Cledara is a SaaS management platform that helps you know what is happening with your software in real-time. It gives you control of all your applications, costs, usage, and more. It controls the journey of your software from approvals, spending, payments, and SaaS admin and gives you time for other work that matters.

This software application controls all your company software subscriptions. It helps you gain control of your software stack, processes, and security with centralized SaaS purchasing compliance and management. Cledara is the single place to see all your organization's subscriptions and get access to SaaS apps and request more.


  • Offers a virtual card with a preset budget for every subscription.

  • Finds and cancels unwanted subscriptions with a click.

  • It ensures all your SaaS apps are secured and checks their compliance.

  • Tracks and predicts software spending across the teams and your entire organization.


  • Great onboarding and support

  • Intuitive UI and dashboard

  • Helps to reduce software spend


  • Setting up providers with new payment cards is difficult

  • Lack of convenient ways to top up the account balance

Customer ratings

  • Trustpilot- 4.1/5


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