Top 19 IT Managed Service Providers (MSP)


Outsourcing IT tasks to managed service providers give opportunities to the companies to focus on running the business instead of investing time in admin and tech problems.

Managed service providers proactively monitor a business’s network, minimize IT problems, and troubleshoot any issues that come up on the network. With advancements in cloud computing, most of the IT work is available for outsourcing. 

IT MSPs provide a lot of benefits like increased efficiency & competitiveness, reduced labor costs, quick implementation of new technology, reduced risks, compliance, security, etc.

The providers ensure the functionalities of their day-to-day operation services so that they deploy, update, manage and troubleshoot on behalf of the companies. 

Since the managed IT service providers handle most or all of the organizations IT needs; they can help reduce cost and increase productivity.

In this article, we will discuss the top twenty managed IT, service providers. 

Top IT Managed Service Providers

1. Zluri

Zluri offers SaaS buying services that help you procure and renew all the SaaS apps. We take care of the negotiations on your behalf and save the time your employees spend on negotiations. We get you the SaaS app you need at a better price and terms that you could get on your own. 

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We have benchmark data on SaaS prices. We bring data-backed insights with knowledge of fair pricing and will provide you with the SaaS apps of your choice at the best price. It helps you in saving and optimizing SaaS spends.

Zluri SaaS Buying

With Zluri, SaaS buying is a four-step process that includes discovery, management, consolidation and settings, and savings.

Zluri SaaS buying process

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2. Science Soft

Science Soft

ScienceSoft is a provider of IT consulting and software development services. It handles monitoring, administration, migration, optimization, and evolution of on-premises and clouds IT infrastructure. It also provides comprehensive IT help desk services. 

It offers monitoring and management of all on-premise and clouds IT infrastructures. It gives flexible and transparent collaboration based on KPI tracking. It is focused on continuous cost optimization without quality risk.

3. Universal Connectivity

Universal Connectivity

Universal connectivity helps you simplify communication systems regardless of geographic location, socio-economic status, race, gender, or any other differentiating demographics. It has access to services and devices to connect to reliable and safe internet.

It has broadband access to the workplace, creating a new frontier for businesses and teams to grow. Universal connectivity brings emergency services to general businesses as well as emergency responders. 

4. GEM Technology

GEM Technology

GEM Technology offers managed IT services, cloud services, and on-demand IT support. It provides these services to industries like advertising & media, construction, financial services, government, medical, legal services, and non-profits. 

It also provides proactive monitoring and maintenance of the network, servers, and other vital systems. It offers server and network support, which is 24-hour IT support as PC & Mac support. 

5. Softchoice


Softchoice is an IT solutions provider that equips organizations with innovations for their employees to be engaged, connected, and creative at work. It helps move the employees to the cloud and build the future workplace. 

It enables you to make more strategic decisions about the technology environment in the organization. It offers you support for procuring, adopting and managing cloud technology. It helps you gain control of your software assets and improve cost and compliance. 

6. Neal Analytics

Neal Analytics

Neal Analytics offers end-to-end data and AI transforming financial functions. It is a cloud, engineering, and AI Microsoft Gold consulting partner. It delivers effective digital transformation and has a consulting services approach with its managed service offering, assisting companies in the data platform. 

It helps businesses at the different stages of their digital transformation and leverages the technology for any given engagement. 

7. OneNeck


OneNeck is a managed IT service provider as an extension of the IT team. It offers backup and disaster recovery, collaboration services, database services, end-user computing services, enterprise applications, network services, storage services, and system services.

8. Synoptek


Synoptek is an IT service provider that will partner with your team to determine which IT services and solutions are for your business. It includes IT consulting, managed IT services, strategic business processes, and custom software solutions. 

It can manage the full technology and has solutions for all the business requirements. 

9. Preemo


Preemo offers managed IT services that include on-site and remote support, server, network, and email management, backup & business continuity, active monitoring & preventive maintenance, cyber security & data protection essentials, and more. 



AVI-SPL provides managed services to support your technology and help you to run your business smoothly. It enables your collaboration services. It helps you analyze, optimize, and improve your technology environment. 

11. AnchorPoint


Anchorpoint’s managed service is a combination of advanced security tools, threat intelligence, and action. It provides flexible and customized engagement models to ensure that organizations can maximize their productivity with the proper usage of tools.

12. CyberDuo


CyberDuo is a managed IT and cybersecurity, service provider. It helps you drive digital transformation and provide you support. It empowers your internal IT with support and knowledge.

It offers managed security services for organizations that alert, block, and investigates threats 24/7. It builds infrastructure in the Microsoft cloud and makes your organizations secure by leveraging the cloud.  

13. Dataprise


Dataprise helps organizations that manage their IT environment with an approach to technology management and consultancy solutions. As a managed service provider, they offer IT support to help your business grow. It includes strategic IT infrastructure and cybersecurity services. 

Additionally, it offers fully outsourced end-to-end IT management solutions with IT management and support, cloud services, information security, and IT strategy.

14. Aligned Technology solutions

Aligned Technology solutions

Aligned Technology Solutions help organizations leverage and manage technology to grow and manage their business. It is a technology service provider that offers customized and comprehensive IT solutions for IT outsourcing, cyber security, compliance, and cloud solutions. 

15. Infovity Managed Services

Infovity Managed Services

Infovity Managed Services provides premier Oracle cloud application managed services, including support to ensure your business systems are operating efficiently. It helps you maximize ROI by tailoring support to fulfill your priorities and meet your business requirements.

16. Sensiple


Sensiple provides managed IT services that include application maintenance and support, customer experience solutions, and cloud and infrastructure services. Additionally, it offers testing services and banking & capital market service. 

17. ProV International

ProV International

ProV International is a technology consulting firm. It helps you reduce overall IT spending. It focuses on IT management and reduces productivity loss. It addresses the IT needs of enterprises. It offers clients dedicated solutions and shared multi-tenant solutions. 

It involves IT strategy advisory, implementation, management, and optimization, and the technology solutions aim to improve operations. 

18. SugarShot


SugarShot provides managed IT services with insights into your technology and IT security needs. It will help you to make the business run smoothly. It identifies the technology problems prior to their impact on your business. It implements technology for a growing business.

19. IT Convergence

IT Convergence copy

IT Convergence offers managed IT services that are agile and flexible. It includes consulting, infrastructure and systems, data center and network administrations, platform and database, managed security services, and more. It manages distributed and hybrid cloud environments. 


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