SaaS Spend Management Tools


SaaS spend management tools audit your whole SaaS landscape and give you insights that will help you eliminate SaaS wastage and optimize your SaaS spend.

Overuse of applications with overlapping functionalities has increased due to steady growth in SaaS adoption over the past decade. Anyone with a credit card and email address can purchase a SaaS license within minutes.

You can optimize your overall SaaS costs by narrowing down SaaS applications that can serve your business purpose, rightsizing unused licenses, and ensuring that no unnecessary subscription renewals are done.

SaaS spend management tools help you gain visibility over SaaS subscriptions and monitor their usage. It helps IT admin understand usage data, identify unnecessary spending, and make data-driven decisions.

In this post, we'll discuss 7 SaaS spend management tools for optimizing your SaaS spend. 

7 SaaS Spend Management Tools

1. Zluri

Zluri assists IT teams in eliminating SaaS wastage by removing duplicate apps, finding unused and underused apps, consolidating apps with overlapping functions, and renewing licenses with usage insights. It gives complete visibility and control over your SaaS stack. 

In addition, it tracks the applications in use and cost and manages your SaaS spending. It understands your SaaS ecosystem and starts giving you recommendations for cost-effective and better SaaS apps. 

You can eliminate all the SaaS-related challenges such as app redundancy, unused applications, shadow IT, and security issues that have been taunting you until this moment. 

Key Features

Eliminate shadow IT: Zluri has the best SaaS discovery engine in the market. It uses five discovery methods to find SaaS apps in your organization. These methods include SSO, finance, and expense management systems, direct integration through APIs, desktop agent (optional), and browser agent (optional). 

With over 225k apps in its app library, Zluri discovers 100% of your SaaS applications. Thus, we ensure that there are no shadow apps in your company.


Zluri Application Discovery Methods

SaaS Contracts Management: Zluri helps you to manage all your software application contracts and payment renewals. 


Zluri alerts you about your upcoming payment and contract renewals, giving you enough time to decide whether or not you need the app.

For contracts, you get alerts 30 days, 15 days, and one day in advance. For payment, you get seven days and 1-day alerts. And you can set custom alerts as well. This helps you prioritize high-value contracts.

Zluri transaction module helps you track spending on SaaS contracts and subscriptions—and track the payment methods associated with each of them. 

Zluri helps you gain visibility at all the licenses, subscriptions, contracts, and perpetual.


Automated SaaS License Management: You can also create an approval process to reduce SaaS spending with our employee app store (EAS). Employees' app store makes the entire process of SaaS app license requisition, approval, and revocation automated.

Moreover, EAS is connected with our SaaS buying service in case you want to procure SaaS at better pricing and terms that you can get on your own.

On one side, it saves countless hours for IT and procurement teams on repetitive tasks of license management. On the other hand, it proves a good experience for employees who need not wait for days or weeks to get the tools they need to do their job.

Get SaaS usage insights: SaaS usage monitoring helps you to optimize your SaaS stacks, application efficiency, and licensing costs.

Zluri offers various modules that provide in-depth insights based on which IT teams can make the right decisions and manage SaaS spending.

Department-wise spends: With Zluri, you can also get insights on the budget allocated to different departments vs. how much they have spent. So, in case it overshoots the budget, you can dig into the details to see what is happening and reach out to the owners equipped with data.

dept wise

Department-wise SaaS spend

Furthermore, you can also see what categories are consuming a large amount of budget. We have seen many times there are a budget wastage in-app redundancies when multiple departments use 10s of apps for the same use case.


Department-wise budget vs. spend

With Zluri, a notification is triggered to the department owner in case there is any deviation from the actual budget allocation. This will help to optimize SaaS spending.

You can also track app category-wise spend. 

dept wise spend

Department-wise spending insights: Department module gives an overview of all the departments. 

departement wise spending

Keep track of managed apps, unmanaged apps, and restricted apps.


You can classify apps into IT-managed, department/business units managed or managed by individuals.

  • Managed apps: Approved by IT teams

  • Unmanaged apps: Non Sanctioned apps 

  • Restricted apps: Risky apps blocked by IT teams

You also get detailed information for each application that includes an overview, users, licenses, spends, app insights, recommendations, and security & compliance.

App Insights helps you improve SaaS governance by providing actionable cards on the overview of an application. You can add missing data, review changes, and stay on top of SaaS usage & spend trends to track your SaaS better. 

app insights for spend optimization

App Insights for Spend Optimization

apps with overlapping functionality

 Apps with overlapping functionality

Spend Reports: Spend reports give you insights on how to optimize spending across different app categories.

Saas Spend reports

SaaS Spend Reports

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2. Quolum

Quolum (1)

Quolum is a SaaS management application with a special purpose of SaaS expense card to help you run your fleet of SaaS applications. It offers you to purchase SaaS applications and is backed by modern software that manages recurring expenses, cancels product trials, and controls spending.

You will receive a single bill for your SaaS purchases, with all invoices automatically aggregated from vendors.

It helps you to track apps, be proactive about spending, and go beyond a simple spreadsheet that shows SaaS apps inventory. It also visualizes the consumption across users, departments, and organizations.

3. Spendesk


Spendesk is a SaaS spend management software that provides real-time visibility to the IT teams. It easily tracks spending across your company in real-time and has control over the budget.

It controls all payments across your company, from approval to accounting, in one central tool. It empowers teams to own their budgets and pay securely with their virtual cards, digital invoices, and expense reimbursements.

It helps you save money by reducing unnecessary spending and duplicate subscriptions. It gives you visibility to all subscriptions in one dashboard. Additionally, saves time on low-value payments admin. With a single click, you can export all payments and receipts to your accounting tool.

4. Intello


Intello provides complete visibility by discovering all SaaS apps, including any hidden apps and access, as well as data on spend, usage, security, and compliance. It helps organizations uncover and mitigate risk due to shadow IT, overprovisioned accounts, etc.

Intello gives a comprehensive approach to SaaS spend management and manages all subscriptions in one central place. It helps you with automated workflows, custom alerts, and insights into utilization, adoption, contract renewals, etc.

Intello assists you in optimizing license costs and consolidating vendor information. It ensures compliance with end-to-end identity and access strategy for the SaaS apps or any rogue apps.

5. Certero


Certero offers a single consolidated view of your SaaS applications across multiple vendors limiting SaaS sprawl. It gives a clear view of which users are using what subscriptions. 

It centralizes all SaaS renewals and ensures business security with visibility of who accesses which applications. Certero optimizes subscriptions based on usage data and rightsizes licenses by reducing SaaS wastage. It provides reports and sends alerts on unsanctioned SaaS spending. 

It offers license type, usage data, and associated costs. It identifies all users with inactive subscriptions and redundant applications. It improves efficiency through rightsizing licenses and hence, managing the SaaS spend.

6. Lumos


Lumos is a SaaS management tool that focuses on reducing SaaS spend. It accelerates access requests and license management through self-service. 

It helps the IT teams to gain visibility into all your SaaS apps and spending. It discovers the shadow IT apps, calculates the savings potential, and auto-removes the unused licenses. 

Lumos provides you access reviews, vendor reviews, and least privilege help that will help you stay compliant throughout the year.

7. Snow


Snow SaaS management gives visibility into sanctioned, unsanctioned, free, and licensed SaaS applications alongside on-premises applications and infrastructure in a single platform.

It offers insights to eliminate waste, effectively negotiate renewals, reduce SaaS vendor sprawl and redundant applications, and identify applications that may bring risk to your organization.

It leverages actionable insights to rightsize subscriptions and report on redundant applications on use. Therefore, optimizing SaaS spending and reducing risk from shadow IT.


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