How Zluri Helps IT Teams Improve their Productivity


Zluri helps IT teams manage and optimize their regular tasks in the organization. It offers a centralized dashboard to control your organization's SaaS landscape and help you automate many repetitive, time-consuming tasks, like app requisition.  

Due to the excessive stacking of software apps, there can be financial risks, duplication of apps, apps with overlapping functionality, renewal tracking, and security issues. 

Zluri empowers you to take control of the SaaS stack of your organization. It offers various features which help you tackle and manage SaaS-related issues. Zluri gives you a holistic view of your SaaS infrastructure and helps you manage the SaaS apps.

Now let's discuss how Zluri will help the IT teams improve their productivity.

1. Automate Software Asset Management

Zluri helps to eliminate unauthorized apps and identifies idle and least-used apps from the company's SaaS platform. It provides real-time app insights, such as who has purchased the app and uses it frequently. 

Software asset management helps to discover applications that employees are fond of using; hence you have an idea of what kind of technology the team prefers to get their jobs done. This, in turn, helps increase productivity as the employees work better and faster. 

Zluri has the largest app library with 225000+ apps and uses five robust discovery methods to discover 100% of SaaS app licenses in your organization. The methods include SSO, finance and expense management systems, direct integration through APIs, desktop agent (optional), and browser agent (optional).

Zluri equips IT teams with SaaS usage data. You can find apps that cost you a lot, but the usage is significantly less.

Zluri's usage monitoring feature supports you in optimizing your SaaS stack, application efficiency, and licensing costs.

Further, it gives you app insights that improve your SaaS governance. We provide you with actionable cards on the application overview.

Zluri gives renewal insights, overviews, and visibility to all upcoming SaaS renewals. The Renewal Calendar helps you avoid surprises and prioritize preparations based on the size of the renewal and time. 


With Zluri, you can get notifications of the renewal date and insights on rightsizing the licenses, if required. For contracts, you get alerts 30 days, 15 days, and one day in advance. For payment, you get seven days and 1-day alerts. 

Additionally, you can set custom alerts that will help you prioritize high-value contracts.

2. Automate Onboarding and Offboarding

The powerful automation engine by Zluri saves time spent on repetitive and mundane IT tasks, like employee onboarding and offboarding. New employees can get access to crucial tools quickly and gear up their productivity. 

With intelligent suggestions by Zluri, new joiners can be added to channels, groups, or projects Hassle-free. 

With Zluri, you can create a set of activities required to complete a task. This can be used again if required as a playbook (a collection of required app recommendations for automation) using these apps.


For example, you can create a playbook for the content writer with Slack, ProWritingAid, Trello, and Grammarly. If a new employee joins, then you can add users and send them the onboarding tasks with a single click, so they can complete and start using the applications.

Additionally, you can use the Employee App Store to give access to applications to new employees. It automates the whole SaaS access management process. 

You can permit employees to select their required apps from the employee app store that IT admins approve. You can also keep a list of apps used in the organizations and let new joiners select from those. 

Further, the app store helps you with SaaS approvals and licenses assignment to your employees. It decentralizes the onboarding process, updates SaaS, and saves time on repetitive tasks.

Employees can also be departed swiftly and securely with Zluri's offboarding services. The requisite data of the organization will remain in safe hands by deprovisioning ex-employees from all the apps they were using.

Automating the overall offboarding procedure can provide you with a streamlined transition of responsibilities and information. Zluri's SaaS Management platform offers an accurate offboarding automation tool. First, It helps you gain visibility to all the apps and helps you to revoke access from all the apps. This reduces the workload of IT teams and ensures the organization's data security.

With Zluri's offboarding automation process, IT teams can save lots of time and reduce the amount of effort required but also help you prevent security breaches that are caused by employees working for the organization.

3. Automate Compliance and Security with Zluri

Zluri helps you access critical apps with high threat levels and risk scores. It alerts you not to use the critical apps that can impact your data confidentiality and prevent your data from cyber-attacks.


The threat levels, risk scores, risk, scopes, etc., will determine the risk related to SaaS apps. 

The threat level is based on the data shared between the app and the SSO. For example, if an app has access to Google Drive and can modify or delete the Drive files, then the app has a high threat level.  

Zluri helps you to stay secure and compliant with various compliance frameworks such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR, etc. We help you maintain SaaS compliance and make you audit-ready.

We provide security and compliance information for each SaaS application, including events, shared information, compliance, and security probes. 


Zluri Makes SaaS Data Management Easy and Convenient

Managing the data is a crucial step for an organization. As the data belongs to your organization, it is your responsibility to manage and protect it. 

It is your decision to analyze the data you need. Take time to understand how the data will impact your organization directly or indirectly.

Moreover, you can deploy role-based access control to restrict data access based on an individual role within your organization. Role-based access control helps improve identity security, cybersecurity, and business processes.


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