Top 8 Okta Alternatives to Consider in 2023


Okta has been a pioneer in identity management and boasts some top-notch features that can help organizations adopt, deploy and manage their cloud applications. However, now there are some equally reliable and efficient competitors of Okta, which does the same at a comparatively much lesser cost. This is why companies look for Okta alternatives.

Okta is a cloud-based software application that offers identity and access management for companies. It helps IT teams secure and manage the user authentication process. 

Okta has a wide range of features and tools for developers too, including the capability to integrate identity controls into applications and websites. Okta also provides authentication services related to APIs and other applications.

The plethora of features provided by Okta in a secured manner has helped it gain the trust of its valued customers. However, even though it is seen as an unbeaten king of identity management platforms, you can't neglect the fact that many companies have followed its footsteps and have emerged huge.

After Okta increased its price to $25/user/month in 2018, many IT teams started looking out for alternatives that cost less. And many more are doing after the pandemic so save some cost.

There are quite a few good alternatives to Okta, and it depends upon the key problems you are looking to solve.

In this article, we will take a deeper look into the alternatives of Okta, including their features and pricing. Based on this information, you will be able to decide which tool best fits your needs.

Before that, let's have a look at Okta's features, pros and cons, and pricing.



Okta helps organizations to connect people securely with technology by utilizing cloud-based security protocols. These protocols are powerful enough to allow users to have access to their data on any device while still being safe. Okta integrates seamlessly with existing Directories and Identity Systems, as well as 4,000+ third-party applications. 

Okta Features

  • Single-sign-on to let users sign in to multiple applications and websites with a single set of credentials.

  • Multi-factor authentication for an extra layer of security .

  • Okta's reports give you information about the overall usage and authentication troubleshooting. 

  • Okta lifecycle management workflows help maximize security and efficiency in enterprises through simplifying the user experience and broad applicability.

  • Universal directory.

  • Application programming interface (API) access management.

  • Advanced server access.

Okta Pros

  • An array of methods to manage application assignments.

  • Configurable behavior detection factors.

  • Quick and easy integration with mobile device management (MDM) platforms for ensuring device trust.

  • Flexible automation through workflows.

Okta Cons

Okta Pricing

Single Sign-on: $2/month per user — includes integration network, ThreatInsight, desktop and mobile SSO for cloud and on-premise apps, basic multi-factor authentication, third-party MFA integration, sign-in widget, and local language support.

Adaptive SSO: $5 per user per month, which includes contextual access management, risk-based authentication and location, device, and network analysis.

Multi-factor authentication- $3 per month. Includes push notifications, texts, Universal 2nd Factors (U2Fs), and voice as possession factors.

Adaptive MFA: $6/month/user — Adds contextual security, such as location (new city, state, or country), as well as network (new IP and specified IP zones), device, and risk-based authentication.

Other products like universal directory, life cycle management, API access management, advanced server access, and access gateway start from $2/month per user to $15/month per user. Customer support packages are sold separately.


  • G2- 4.4

  • Capterra- 4.7

Zluri - The Best Alternative to Okta

Banner 1 img 1

Zluri two products--SaaS management and Lifecycle Management platforms--provide automation solutions for every stage of the employee lifecycle. In addition, the platforms offers a range of features designed to streamline and simplify the processes involved in managing employees within an organization.

Automate User Provisioning during the Employees Onboarding

Zluri's user lifecycle management is designed to help IT teams effectively onboard new employees. One of the key features of Zluri is its ability to provide new employees with everything they need on their first day. 

This includes access to essential software and systems and training and onboarding materials. In addition, Zluri's workflow automation enables admins to efficiently assign various SaaS apps, such as Slack, Trello, and Grammarly, to new employees through one simple click. 

Additionally, admins can create custom workflows and save them as 'playbooks' for future use. These templates can also be easily modified or removed as necessary. This helps new employees hit the ground running and contribute to the organization as quickly as possible.


Automate Mid-lifecycle changes with Zluri Lifecycle Management Platform

Another important aspect of Zluri is its ability to automate the SaaS approval process for mid-lifecycle changes. Organizations can easily manage and approve new software and systems requests without needing manual intervention. This helps to ensure that employees have the tools and resources they need to be productive and efficient without adding unnecessary complexity to the process.

The Employee App Store from Zluri is a tool that streamlines and automates the process of approving and assigning new software and licenses to employees. This can save HR, and IT teams time and give employees greater autonomy and control over their tools.


Securely Automate Employees Offboarding

Zluri provides a secure way to deprovision employees when they leave the company. Upon an employee's departure from the organization, it is crucial to revoke all of their SaaS licenses to protect the organization's data. This process can be time-consuming if done manually, but with Zluri, the offboarding process can be completed within a few hours. In addition, revoking licenses prevents further access to company apps and minimizes the risk of data breaches.

Additionally, automation tools can transfer ownership of ongoing SaaS app licenses or data and integrate with cloud directories for storing, using, and sharing data through cloud services. Using offboarding playbooks and pre-defined workflows can also make the process more efficient. These playbooks can be edited as needed and used multiple times. 


Experience the power of Zluri for yourself and discover how it can streamline and optimize the management of your employee lifecycle. Request a demo today and take the first step towards improving your employee lifecycle processes! 

Additionally, with all the benefits that single sign-on tools like Okta provide, there are some drawbacks also. SSOs are costly and require a huge amount of time to implement. Then, many occurrences of security breaches have been seen due to misconfiguration owing to their difficult implementation.

Additionally, Okta is not the best solution for de-provisioning users from SaaS apps. In some cases, ex-employees still have access to applications after leaving the organization. Furthermore, SSOs are not good with data retention and transfer from apps while onboarding users.

Zluri: The Proper Way of Deprovisioning

Deprovisioning via Zluri can be done with ease with a single click. In the back, the following four steps take place:

  1. Remove access to devices: To begin with, we revoke the authentication from all the devices. So, if a user is signed in on three devices, the user can't access the app from any of these devices.

  2. Data backup: Then, we transfer the data to another user or take a backup of the data. So, no data loss happens even though revoking the access is so easy from the admin perspective.

  3. Revoke the user license: Further, Zluri returns to the application and removes the user because all the data has already been transferred. 

  4. Remove SSO: Finally, we remove the SSO as well.

During de-provisioning, Zluri doesn't stop at SSO-level authorization. It monitors the usage of the SSO system as well. For example, it monitors users for which apps they have access to, what level of permissions they have for the apps, their sign-in logs, audit logs, and access logs. 

If a user still has access to any app or has not been removed (in rare cases), Zluri alerts you that the user can still use the application. 

Zluri - The best alternative to Okta

Zluri Key Benefits 

  • Zluri provides a comprehensive employee lifecycle management solution that includes tailored provisioning and deprovisioning processes. These workflows ensure that all necessary steps are taken throughout the employee's tenure for seamless and efficient management of the entire employee lifecycle, ensuring compliance and consistency in all HR processes.

  • Zluri offers a comprehensive platform that connects to over 800 APIs allowing organizations to seamlessly integrate their systems, resulting in faster and more efficient custom integrations.

  • The tool incorporates advanced security measures by integrating with different SSO and MFA providers to provide secure provisioning of SaaS apps for new employees.

  • Zluri is dedicated to ensuring that it stays current with industry standards and customer needs by including regular updates to ensure compliance with regulations.

  • The implementation process is smooth and efficient, with a dedicated customer success team available to address any questions or concerns.

  • Zluri's user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to navigate and utilize all of its features effectively.

Rest 8 Alternatives to Okta

1. OneLogin

Banner 1 img 1 (1)

OneLogin simplifies identity management and the processes related to it. With easy and secure one-click access, it provides you with all the functionality you need for your employees, customers, and partners, completely supported on all device types and cloud as well as on-prem applications.


  • Enables IT identity policy enforcement 

  • Single-Sign-On

  • Disable access for employees who have changed roles or left the organization 

  • Quickly onboard/offboard employees

  • Easy access to everyday applications


Starts from $2-$4 per user per month


  • G2- 4.4

  • Capterra- 4.7

2. JumpCloud

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JumpCloud is an open directory for secure access to all data. That means that people can securely access anything they own anywhere. JumpCloud's mission is to make work easier, with the ability to access business data from any device and location. With the JumpCloud Directory Platform, you can control and manage everything concerning your employees, their devices, and the principles you've adopted in Zero Trust.

JumpCloud simplifies identity management. They do this by enabling you centralized access to multiple systems through one browser-based admin console, regardless of their location.


  • Offers cloud directory services like user management and user authentication. 

  • Control a variety of devices and operating systems from a single console.

  • Cloud LDAP feature gives users access to on-premise, legacy, and open source apps.

  • Group-based access control


Free:  Includes all features & services for ten users 

Pro starts from $3 per user per month 


  • G2- 4.6

  • Capterra- 4.7

3. Delinea (previously Centrify)

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Centrify (now Delinea) is a provider of privileged access management, a cloud strategy enabled with ZeroTrust Privileges to secure enterprise attack surfaces. Delinea's Zero Trust Privilege helps you enforce a never trust, always verify, least privilege approach to access. This means that you need to verify who is requesting access as well as the context of the request and the risk of the environment.


  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Auditing and compliance

  • Privileged management

  • Single sign-on

  • Secure remote access

  • Automated account management


Starts from $4


  • G2- 4.3

  • Capterra- 5.0

4. Auth0

Banner 1 img 4 (1)

Auth0 is a cloud identity management and authentication platform. With this platform, you can manage and control the identities in your company and in the base of its customers and protect all inputs and access with a high level of identity protection. In addition, this service helps secure your login activities, user profiles, and credentials with both hosted and on-premise solutions.

You can enjoy features like custom domains, embedded authentication, single sign-on (SSO), database migration, account linking, and log retention and streaming.


  • Grants you high levels of security checks that are adaptive as well as multi-layered.

  • Permits developers to authenticate APIs and applications on varied platforms with different identity providers.

  • Offers single-sign-on for multiple applications.


Offers free trial for new users.

Developer: $23/month, $253/year for 1,000 active users.

Developer Pro: $130/month, $1,430/year for 500 active users & 5,000 machine to machine tokens.


  • G2- 4.4

  • Capterra- 4.6

5. Ping Identity

Banner 1 img 5 (1)

Ping Identity is a firm focusing on providing organizations with access management software that provides a secure, authenticated connection. It provides you with a suite of features that help you access your data on-premise or remotely, monitor network activity, and provide simple, intuitive login options.

It uses AI technologies to minimize any anomalous activity and ensure that you are compliant with statutory regulations.


  • Helps enterprises create customized rules to provide secure access to resources. 

  • Multiple device management

  • Multi-factor authentication

  • Single sign-on (SSO)

  • Data governance

  • Custom templates

  • API access

  • Geo-fencing

  • Supports integration with various third-party systems 


Contact them for pricing


  • G2- 4.4

  • Capterra- 4.8

6. SailPoint Identity Platform

Banner 1 img 6 (1)

SailPoint Security software for cloud environments enables accurate and efficient monitoring of all user activity. Risk is managed by providing an audit trail of all user activity. In the modern digital world, identity security is key.

With the complexity and scale of an always-on workforce combined with a mix of different technologies such as apps, platforms, and cloud services, providing secure access is crucial to keep risk low and accelerate productivity.

SailPoint has been focused on shifting the user's existing security approach by making manual processes automated. It creates a system that learns and adapts based on what it knows about you.


  • Access certification

  • Compliance management

  • Password Management

  • Privileged account management

  • User provisioning/de-provisioning


Contact them for pricing


  • G2- 4.4

  • Capterra- NA

7. Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Banner 1 img 7 (1)

Microsoft Azure AD is an identity and access management (IAM) software designed to protect enterprises from cyber threats and provide SSO and multi-factor authentication.

It allows administrators to securely engage with internal and external stakeholders and provides you with on-site and remote access to various applications. 

The application allows companies to protect account credentials with detailed authentication and conditional access policies. It also allows managers to map the user journey and manage authentication with the social identity tool.


  • Workflow automation

  • Productivity tracking

  • Behavioral analytics

  • Endpoint management

  • User activity monitoring


Starts from $6/month


  • G2- 4.3

  • Capterra- 4.8

8. Duo Security

Duo is a cloud-based user identity verification and device vulnerability assessment system. It offers a number of methods for two-factor authentication, configurable permissions and controls, endpoint visibility and remediation, Single Sign-On (SSO), and more. Duo identifies and prevents any security risks by checking the device and user's identity before connecting to your organization's network.


  • Double-check user identities

  • Oversee the health of all the devices (Managed and unmanaged)

  • Set customized security policies tailor-made for your business

  • Secured remote access

  • Safe and secured, user-friendly SSO


Business - for on-premise apps: $1 per user per month

Enterprise - for on-premise and cloud apps: $3 per user per month


  • G2- 4.4

  • Capterra- 4.6


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