Learn the tricks and tips to simplify and improve your SaaS experience with these practical and in-depth guides.

  • Framework to Eliminate SaaS Wastage- Featured Shot


    Framework to Eliminate SaaS Wastage

    This Ebook has been carefully crafted to explain to the IT folks how they can eliminate SaaS wastage using the DUAAS framework.

  • The JD of an IT Asset Manager followed by an Interview Questionnaire- Featured Shot


    The JD of an IT Asset Manager followed by an Interview Questionnaire

    In this document, you will find the major job responsibilities of an IT Asset Manager, followed by a set of interview questions to help you find your ideal IT

  • How to setup your Google Workspace Security- Featured Shot


    How to setup your Google Workspace Security

    Learn how to set-up security for your Google Workspace and tune its privacy settings.

  • Getting started with Google Workspace- Featured Shot


    Getting started with Google Workspace

    More than 6 million businesses use Google Workspace to work faster, smarter in a more collaborative way. Get to know more about Google Workspace.

  • Getting started with Google Sites- Featured Shot


    Getting started with Google Sites

    This comprehensive guide on Google Sites will help you uncover all the tools and techniques you need to know to create your website using Google Sites.

  • Go from SaaS chaos to SaaS governance with Zluri