Streamline G-Suite administration with zero-touch automation.

Streamline G-Suite administration with zero-touch automation.

Streamline user lifecycle

70+ Google Workspace actions to automate the entire user lifecycle

Zero-touch policy administration

Leverage policy based automation with various triggers and rules for onboarding/offboarding

No-code workflows

Automate multi-step processes with our user-friendly visual builder.

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Onboard new users in minutes

Automatically create G-Suite accounts, assign licenses, add to groups, and define roles when new users are created on your HRMS systems

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Streamline google workspace administration

Automate routine admin tasks like resetting passwords, managing permissions, setting up email forwarding, and more

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Secure data transfers

Seamlessly transfer critical Google Workspace access data from departing employees to authorized users during offboarding

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Robust security controls

Instantly block user IPs, suspend users, sign out from devices, and enable 2FA by using security events as triggers

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Manage chromeOS devices with ease

Assign a ChromeOS device, issue commands, and move the ChromeOS device and browser device between departments

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Usage-based license optimization

Get real-time visibility into utilization, based on which you can auto-reclaim licenses to optimize spending

Go from SaaS chaos to SaaS governance