Zluri vs Blissfully

We're the highest-rated SaaS Management Software with the largest app library and onboarding and offboarding automation.

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What makes Zluri the most powerful SMP on the planet?

Discovery engine is the foundation of any SMP. Any SMP is as good as its discovery engine.

5 discovery methods to surface 100% of your technology.

320+ direct integrations to get feature level usage insights.

Require custom integration? We'll do it in 36 hours.

Feature wise comparison

Feature ComparisonZluriBlissfully
Application Library Size~160,000~60,000
Off-the-shelf Applications Integrations320~50
Custom Integrations🚫
Turnaround for Custom Integrations36 hours / Integration*🚫
Security & ComplianceSOC 2, GDPR, 27001SOC 2, GDPR, 27001
G2 Reviews🌟 54.7
Capterra Reviews 🌟 54.4
Onboarding and Offboarding Automation
Contract Negotiation as a Service🚫
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Customer Testimonials

Really great product, customer support is top notch

The entire setup process was very easy. I didn't have any issues or need for onboarding. It auto detected my other software and I was off to the races.

Patrick C

Declutter your SaaS with Zluri

We have a policy in our organization where each department is able to purchase SaaS on their own without any centralization. This led to a massive clutter of SaaS in terms of duplicate apps, unused apps, orphaned apps, etc. Zluri allowed us to reign in all our SaaS spend and put us back in control again.

Yasaswy P

Tracking SaaS stack from a single dashboard

We were impressed with Zluri's ability to discover SaaS apps with just a couple of quick integrations.

Raksha S

Take control of your cross-platform application stack

Modern IT and Finance Teams Thrive with Zluri