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  • Top 9 OneLogin Alternatives in 2022

    Though OneLogin is a good identity and access management tool, it is also expensive. There are many other IAM tools available that may meet your requirements if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution. 

  • What is DLP & How Does it Work? Explained 101

    Data loss prevention is one of the vital strategies that can prevent your sensitive information from getting leaked online. You need to understand the ins and outs of DLP to implement the strategies in your existing business ecosystem.

  • Top Digital Transformation Frameworks

    A digital transformation framework is a set of guidelines and a long-term plan that businesses utilize to help them navigate through the challenging landscape of digital transformation. It's a tool used by businesses to find out how to modify their current position to keep them ahead of their competitors.

  • Top 30 SaaS Management Platforms [2022]

    SaaS management platforms can vary in their use-case, functionality, and costs. In this list, you’ll find the best 30+ apps to help you narrow down your search.

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policies and Procedure

    Data loss prevention (DLP) is an umbrella term that encompasses tools, methods, and practices that ensure end-users do not send vital or sensitive data outside of an organization and lose it. It keeps sensitive information from being accessed or stolen by anyone without the right authorization. 

  • How to Retain IT talent

    A company's commitment to employee retention is demonstrated via the implementation of policies and programs that reduce employee turnover. 

  • SaaS Management: The Most Comprehensive Guide - 2022

    Though with all its goodness, SaaS brings financial, security, and compliance risks to organizations. For IT teams, issues like providing and revoking access to employees during onboarding and offboarding or when their role changes are very time-consuming. 

  • How to Evaluate Your SaaS Stack for Security

    Using SaaS platforms means giving up on certain security controls because SaaS works on a shared responsibility model. As SaaS buyers, you don't have access to hardware and instances where the data is stored.

  • SaaS Stats for CIOs & IT Heads

    SaaS causes the proliferation of shadow IT, overspending, and security breaches. To curb all of these at once, IT leaders must be equipped with an automated SaaS Management tool that offers a centralized view of all the SaaS applications running in the organization. 

  • ITAM vs. ITSM

    ITAM and ITSM are the two most common responsibilities in the ITOps domain. The use cases and working approaches of the two, on the other hand, are complementary yet vastly different. 

  • What is Data Sprawl and How to Manage it?

    The core reason for data sprawl at most modern organizations is SaaS sprawl. If you don't have control over your SaaS stack, you also lose control over the data residing in those apps.

  • How to Establish SaaS Ownership in Your Organization

    Bringing accountability and ownership across organizations for SaaS applications is one of the foundational steps to ensure that organizations' SaaS stack is optimized and fully utilized. 

  • 8 Tools for IT Teams in the Remote Workplace

    IT and security teams also use tools for securing endpoint devices and applications that employees use so that organizations' data remains secure. Apart from collaboration, communication, and security, there are many other tools that organizations can use and provide to employees to ensure that work is done properly in a remote work setup.

  • Zluri Updates (April): Financial System Filters, Redundant Apps Report, and Custom Entity Type

    We have released some essential features like "Redundant Apps Report", "Financial System Filters" and more this month. Apart from that, we have also developed many other enhancements & new direct integrations for this month to help you save time and money in managing SaaS.

  • User Provisioning Best Practices For SaaS Apps

    The main purpose for implementing user provisioning is for security and compliance. But in the SaaS world, there are much more shadow apps than those bought by the IT and procurement teams.

  • SaaS Optimization Guide for Modern IT Teams

    An optimized SaaS stack provides organizations with a smooth experience for the employees and saves a lot of costs for the organization. Additionally, it helps in eliminating shadow IT risks and managing SaaS sprawl.

  • Zluri Awarded ITAM Review Certification for Enterprise SaaS Management

    We are beyond excited to announce that Zluri has received the Enterprise SaaS Management certification from the prestigious The ITAM Review.

  • Top 10 Software License Tracking Tools

    Software license tracking tool helps organizations proactively identify available, deployed and unused, or underused software licenses. Further, it ensures that deployed licenses are aligned with the compliance requirements and helps in keeping audits ready.

  • Remote Work Security Best Practices for IT Teams

    To prevent any data breach, it is important to ensure that employees, as well as security teams, have the right set of tools and methodologies to deal with the different challenges of remote work.

  • Data Classification: How SaaSOps Managers can Secure Organizational Data

    The primary goal of data classification is to regulate the classification, use, disclosure, and security of the company's data, as well as that of its data subjects, in accordance with the needs, contractual as well as regulatory requirements.

  • 9 Service Level Agreement (SLA) Best Practices for IT and Procurement Teams

    Having an understanding of service level agreements (SLAs) and incorporating its best practices bring a lot of value to your organization. It helps you in aligning your internal requirements with service providers.

  • 7 Best Offboarding Automation Tools for IT Teams (SaaSOps)

    Proper offboarding ensures that all the access to organizations' resources is revoked to prevent employees from having access to company data after they leave.

  • Types of Software Licenses for IT and Procurement Teams

    A software license serves as both a contract and a key. It is a contract that establishes a software intellectual property agreement between the vendor and the user regarding how the software will be used. As a key, it permits the user to access the software and use it in accordance with the conditions of the software intellectual property agreement. 

  • How to Evaluate GDPR Compliance of Your SaaS Stack

    Businesses have a growing dependency on SaaS apps, and they use different types of SaaS tools to function every day. Not having clear visibility of the SaaS apps you use should certainly make you question one thing, which is - how you will mitigate the risks that are associated with each of these SaaS tools.

  • The Cost of Employee Turnover and its Impact on ITAM, SAM SaaSOps Teams

    In the event of an employee departure, IT is entrusted with locking down all systems, changing passwords, and collecting the company's equipment. It's possible that employees may also have access to the company's client list. They may additionally be using BYOD (bring your own device) for performing tasks.

  • Recruiting IT Talent: Elements of a Successful Hiring Strategy 

    The demand for IT talent is so high that employers cannot afford to simply sit back and wait for the right candidate to walk through the door. 

  • How IT Teams Can Prevent Insider Threats in Organization

    A malicious insider can steal the information knowingly. On the other hand, a negligent insider unknowingly or mistakenly acts as an agent for threat. 

  • IT Administrator Job Description

    IT administrators keep track of all organizational hardware and software assets and ensure that any changes in it are done as and when required.

  • Top IT Certifications In-demand Today (2022)

    Being certified helps you to stand out from the crowd. This opens more doors for opportunities as well as helps in getting a significant hike in your career. Further, you may also get better positions in the company via promotions and reduce the risk of comparative layoffs when you possess certificates and others don’t.  

  • 9 Best Automation Tools for SaaS Operations (and SAM/ITAM) Teams

    Automating repetitive and manual tasks not just saves time but also enables IT teams, to focus on more important tasks. Automation ensures consistency on a scale and prevents human error.

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) Best Practices for SaaSOps Teams

    Identity and access management (IAM) is a process by which organizations ensure that the right people have proper access to different technological resources of the organization. Identity and access management (IAM) enables users to access resources securely from anywhere. 

  • HIPAA Compliance Checklist

    The privacy rule is to ensure that the Patient Health Information (PHI) is protected from unauthorized access. The HIPAA privacy rule was initially called "Standards For Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information." It gives patients rights over their health-related information, also called protected health information or PHI. 

  • 10 Best Data Recovery Software

    Data recovery is a process that enables the organization to restore the data by creating multiple copies of important files, applications, and other data located on physical or virtual servers. It helps prevent data loss, backup, and recovery solutions that will enhance the efficiency of the IT teams.

  • Top Technology Trends in 2022 CIOs and IT Leaders Cannot Overlook

    Technology and business operations are becoming more and more intertwined. The job of CIOs and IT leaders is not limited to IT operations anymore.

  • What it is like working as a content writer at Zluri?

    I still remember my first day at Zluri. As an amateur writer coming from a journalist background, content writing for a B2B company was a bit overwhelming. 

  • Role & Responsibilities of SaaSOps Manager (With Job Description)

    The role of a SaaS operations manager is to perform various business enabling tasks that were traditionally performed by the IT department, such as IT asset manager, software asset manager, or the more general IT administrator. The key difference is instead of playing a supporting role; this role is to get the complete benefit SaaS has to offer without the risks.

  • How to Stay Audit-Ready for HIPAA Compliance

    It is always best to make the necessary changes to comply with HIPAA requirements before being notified of any audits. HIPAA compliance should be a must if you are a company that works with Protected Health Information. You need to be proactive as you hold the responsiblity to keep the information secure. 

  • Top 3 Workflow Automation Tools for IT Teams

    A Workflow automation tool helps to optimize and streamline your daily workflows. You can use these tools to run repetitive tasks in the background while concentrating on other strategic tasks.

  • 9 top SaaS trends for 2022

    In this blog, we will go through the new SaaS trends that are about to happen in 2022. Being aware of these trends will help you figure out the important software-related decisions that you need to make as an IT leader.

  • Corporate Credit Card Policy Best Practices - 2022

    This article will walk you through the procedure for creating an effective corporate card expense policy and will also show you some of the best practices in managing the spending made through a corporate card. 

  • Top Incident Management Tools for IT Teams

    Information technology (IT) teams use different tools to ensure that work is done properly and end-users are working efficiently. But there is always a chance of deviation or unexpected problems which occur in between the work. 

  • Top 9 Must-Read Books for IT Heads & CIOs

    Learning from the experts helps you to grow your skills and knowledge. Books are an abundant source of knowledge as it contains information and insights from the expert's journey. 

  • Best Contract Management Tools for IT Teams

    Contract management is the process of overseeing all aspects of a contract, from its drafting to its execution and, finally, termination by the parties involved. A contract management system ensures a proper system of record that helps mitigate operational risks.

  • SaaS Pricing Models: A Procurement Guide for IT Teams

    The primary model of SaaS is paying a subscription fee for using a product/service. It involves ongoing payments that follow pricing models which the SaaS vendor might offer after considering their profits and value for the buyers.

  • Top SOC 2 Services (Firms)

    Selecting a SOC 2 Auditor: While looking at the website, social reviews and asking in your network if they have worked with the firm that does SOC 2 audits are preliminary. There are various other factors such as price, experience/specialization, and process of conducting SOC 2 audit that you should also look for. Further, any firm conducting SOC 2 audit must be AICPA certified. 

  • Privileged Access Management (PAM): The Definite Guide

    Privileged access management is used to guard against privileged users by employing certain protocols to safeguard, regulate, and monitor access to key information and resources of an organization.

  • 10 Policies to Ensure Reliable SaaS Management

    SaaS management is a practice for IT teams to ensure proper use of SaaS resources, maintain a good employee experience, and meet business goals while keeping data safe and secure.

  • Top Zscaler Alternatives to Consider in 2022

    Zscaler's two most popular products are ZPA (Zscaler Private Access and ZIA (Zscaler Internet Access). ZPA enables businesses to create a virtual wide area network (WAN), connecting users to an enterprise's internal applications. In contrast, ZIA secures connections to SaaS services and is used for connecting users to public applications on the internet.

  • Zluri Updates (March): Global Search, License/Contract Discount and Bulk Edit Licenses

    We have released some essential features like "Global Search", "License/Contract Discount" and more this month. Apart from that, we have also developed many other enhancements & new direct integrations for this month to help you save time and money in managing SaaS.

  • Key Metrics Every IT Asset Manager Should Track (ITAM KPIs)

    There are different metrics that show the efficiency of your organization's IT asset management (ITAM) practices. From the number of used licenses to unused licenses to spare laptops, all show how efficiently your organization's software and hardware assets are managed.

  • Top Cloud Cost Management Tools in 2022

    As you can see, there are many tools available that you can use for managing your cloud cost. But, depending on your requirements, you should opt for one which meets your present business needs as well as possess the potential to help your business when you scale. 

  • 7 Steps for Building a Strong Cloud Migration Plan

    To begin with cloud migration, it is essential to do the groundwork first. It will help you better tackle the challenges that you will face later on in this process.

  • Types of Authentication Methods (Digital Authentication Methods)

    You can think of digital authentication as the first line of defense against an organization's resources. It ensures that only authorized users have access to the organization's information. 

  • Role-based Access Control For Hybrid Workspace

    With all the modern businesses on the cloud, SaaS license management paired with identity, access, and user management is important. Adding RBAC to the mix, everything becomes much more robust. 

  • SaaS Buying Made Easy for IT Teams

    When it comes to SaaS buying, it is very important to understand how to choose a product worth the purchase in the long run. With so many SaaS options to choose from, enterprises have unlimited alternatives at their disposal. 

  • Top Netskope Alternatives to Consider 

    There are many other cloud access security broker (CASB) tools available in the market if you are looking for alternatives to Netskope that may fulfill your requirement

  • SSO Security Risks: The Drawbacks of SSO (And What Can You Do About it?)

    Single Sign-On (SSO) is convenient for users, but it creates new security risks for the organization. Instead of requiring users to log in separately for each resource, an SSO system allows organizations to use a single username and password to access multiple resources. 

  • IT Budget Planning: 7 Tips to Keep in Mind

    Having a well-laid out IT budget is crucial for your IT department as it provides them with a roadmap to project operations. Management can easily see where the money is going and what resources are available. This eliminates the need to justify or request any IT expenses later on. 

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Best Practices for 2022

    Identifying a data breach can take a significant amount of time. The chief factor that results in such data loss or exposure is the lack of protection. 

  • Top 8 Alternatives to Symantec DLP in 2022

    There are several other Symantec alternatives that you can check to choose the best solution for your organization.

  • Drawbacks of CASBs (Cloud Access Security Brokers) in the Remote World

    While traditional cloud access security brokers had their share of benefits, organizations must understand why they aren’t suitable for modern requirements. And plan a way out to move to a modern cloud-first solution, like SaaS management platforms. 

  • Zluri Updates (February): Upgraded Applications, Upgraded Users and Restricted App Emails

    We have released some essential features like "Upgraded Applications", "Payment Term for Licenses" and more this month. Apart from that, we have also developed many other enhancements & new direct integrations for this month to help you save time and money in managing SaaS.

  • What is Shadow IT? How SaaS Apps are Driving the Next Wave of Shadow IT

    SaaS apps makes up for the bulk of the shadow IT in organizations today.

  • Shadow IT Risks: Security, Compliance and Financial Risks due to SaaS Apps

    Shadow IT in the SaaS world brings various security, compliance, and financial risks.

  • Benefits of Shadow IT: A Latent Force Driving Innovation & Productivity

    Though it poses compliance & security risks, it drives innovation in your company and improves your employees' productivity. One good SaaS app discovered by one team member can benefit the whole team. One rising tide lifts all the boats

  • Top SASE Solutions to Look Forward to in 2022 (SASE Tools)

    a SASE architecture recognizes users and devices and applies policy-based security to deliver secure access to appropriate devices. It creates a unified system that helps businesses secure access to their users no matter where they are. 

  • Shadow IT Solutions: How to Discover, Monitor, Control, and Govern Shadow IT

    In this article, you'll learn how you can manage shadow IT by reaping the benefits while avoiding the harms.

  • Top 10 ManageEngine Alternatives in 2022

    But if you are looking for an IT asset management tool with the best customer support, then ManageEngine may not be the right choice. There are many other ITAM tools available that you can check to get the best solution for your organization. 

  • Employee Offboarding: 5 Security Guidelines for a Remote Workplace

    Almost all employees use some kind of the company's services and assets in today's remote working system. For example, they may be provided with laptops, desktops, mobile phones, SaaS subscriptions, and access to the company's confidential data.

  • Top Tools to Help you Stay HIPAA Compliant

    To stay compliant means adhering to laws, health, safety, data, and security standards set by the land government. For a business to operate, following all the regulatory compliance requirements is essential. 

  • IT Governance Best Practices for Enterprises

    There are many factors to consider in developing an IT framework for your business. To get started, analyze your concerns. For example, are you more concerned about data breaches, data security, the tool's performance, or anything else? Where is your current IT infrastructure lacking?

  • How to Get SOC2 Certified in 2022

    Before you hire a certified public accountants (CPA) firm to run the audit, you can study the audit criteria on the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) website in detail. This will give you a good understanding of the requirements and help you do a self-assessment before the auditing team arrives.

  • Best Practices for SSOs' Implementation & Usage

    SSO can be an asset if used rightly. They make organizations secure and save employees time logging in and out of different apps. But the same can become a liability when performed without a complete understanding of SSO implementation and management. The way to flawless implementation of SSO is easy once you grasp the best practices involved with the usage and implementation. 

  • SaaS Lifecycle Management: How to Manage SaaS Vendors Lifecycle

    Your SaaS lifecycle starts with finding the best vendor that suits your organization’s needs, managing those vendors, tracking their performance, terminating contracts, if needed.

  • Outlook vs Gmail for Business: Which One Should You Choose?

    If we talk as a whole, both of them offer core email functions; the major difference lies in how they are built. Gmail is webmail, whereas Outlook is an email client. 

  • What are Redundant Apps

    Redundant applications in the SaaS stack cause extra spending, inefficiency, and security issues. Managing redundant applications is critical for any organization to make sure they are using resources efficiently.

  • Zluri Partners With Minet For The Israel Market

    Zluri, a SaaS Management Platform that helps IT teams discover, secure, and manage their tech stack, has announced its partnership with the procurement and supply chain giant Minet Technologies based in Israel. 

  • SaaS Subscription Management: 7 Foundational Pillars

    This article will introduce you to the foundational pillars to base your SaaS subscription management strategy. 

  • Best Lansweeper Alternatives in 2022

    Though Lansweeper is a good IT asset management tool, it has many drawbacks, like it occasionally gets slowed down. There are many other IT asset management tools available in the market which may fulfill your organization's requirements if you're looking for Lansweeper alternatives.

  • Zluri Updates (January): Recommendations, App-Wise Spend Reports and Custom Views

    We have released some essential features like "App-wise spend report", "Custom views" and more this month. Apart from that, we have also developed many other enhancements & new direct integrations for this month to help you save time and money in managing SaaS. 

  • Top Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools in 2022

    Data loss prevention software enables organizations to mitigate the risk of data loss due to insider negligence or threats, external threats, or natural disasters. In other words, a data loss prevention tool ensures the security and privacy of the data and minimizes the risk of data breaches.

  • Top Endpoint Management Software in 2022

    Endpoint threats are becoming more abundant and sophisticated. So, it is imperative to protect these devices and ensure that all information is secured and protected from external and internal threats.

  • SaaS Management Platform Zluri raises $10M led by MassMutual Ventures

    SaaS Management Platform Zluri, has raised $10M in a Series A round of funding led by MassMutual Ventures with participation from existing investors, Endiya Partners and Kalaari Capital. Zluri had previously raised $2M, from Endiya Partners and Kalaari Capital, in its seed round in January 2021.

  • Top 5 SaaS Security Posture Management Tools

    A SaaS security posture management (SSPM) tool ensures that the threats and vulnerabilities are proactively managed. In addition, it reduces the manual workload efforts from security teams by automating various tasks, which helps in mitigating and minimizing the security risks of SaaS applications.

  • Top 11 IT Vendor Management Tools (for Procurement and IT Teams)

    Choosing the right IT vendor management solution is a task in itself. The software should help your organization centralize vendor information, automate tasks, and ensure complete transparency between both parties. If not done right, It can jeopardize your time and company’s money. 

  • How to Optimize Your Microsoft 365 Licenses with Zluri?

    We are pretty sure that the price hike announced by Microsoft in August 2021 wouldn't have faded from your mind yet. At least not for us! Microsoft is like that oldest tradition that businesses never want to give up—but its recent price hike came as a shocker to almost everyone. 

  • From Reactive to Proactive: 7 Global Best Practices for Software Asset Management

    Getting aligned on your KPIs with the management is a critical first step to streamlining software asset management. Read on for a comprehensive understanding of the SAM best practices used by businesses around the world.

  • Top 9 Freshservice Alternatives in 2022

    Freshservice is a cloud-based ITSM tool that helps organizations streamline service requests across different business departments. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Though Freshservice is a good ITSM tool, it has drawbacks like it slows down with the customization.

  • Cloud Security Posture Management Tools

    Cloud security posture management is a key component of cloud security that provides visibility into cloud environments and alerts about compliance risks and misconfiguration vulnerabilities in cloud services. Cloud security posture management empowers organizations to gain control over their cloud infrastructure configurations to prevent any security risks.

  • Zluri Updates (December): On/Off-boarding Workflows, Bulk Action Grouping and User activity Report

    The biggest and the most expected feature release of the year, "Workflows automation," is all set and ready for you. Apart from that, we have also developed many other enhancements & new direct integrations for this month to help you save time and money in managing SaaS. 

  • IT Asset Management (ITAM) Best Practices in 2022 Across the Globe

    IT Asset Management (ITAM) is a collection of business practices to track and manage the lifecycle of  IT assets. It integrates financial, inventorial, and contractual aspects of the IT assets to optimize spending and achieve optimal IT-business alignment.

  • Top Identity and Access Management Tools (IAM Software Solutions)

    Giving appropriate access to relevant resources to users is important. It not only protects confidential information but also ensures a good user experience. 

  • SaaS Agreement Checklist: Top 5 Terms to Watch Out For

    Usually, the agreements are one-sided to the benefit of vendors—and the reason for this is most customers don't understand the nuances of the deal. Still, with proper knowledge and data, IT and procurement teams can get the best terms for their organization.

  • Mitigate SaaS Vendor Risks with Zluri

    It's not enough to evaluate vendors at the time of onboarding. Continuous monitoring helps you keep a tab on your spending and the safety and protection of sensitive data. 

  • 10 Best ServiceNow Alternatives in 2022

    In this post, we will be discussing the best 10 ServiceNow ITSM alternatives that may better fulfill your requirements.

  • Remote Onboarding Checklist for IT Teams

    With work-from-home becoming the new normal, remote onboarding for new employees is the need of the hour. One of the most complicated tasks at this stage is giving new employees access to all the necessary software and web-based applications required. 

  • Zluri Updates (November): User Merging, 2 Factor Authentication & Primary Source Selector

    Zluri's main motto is to make SaaS management easy peasy lemon squeezy for our users. That's why we put in our best every day to set out new features and improvements every month. This month also we have updated Zluri with some valuable features that can help you ace SaaS Management. Let's have a look at them!

  • Top 15 CASB Software in 2022 (Cloud Access Security Broker Tools)

    Cloud Access Security Broker (or CASB) sits between organization users and cloud service providers and monitors the network traffic for enforcing companies' security policies. 

  • Procuring SaaS: The Right Way

    Setting up the procurement process with Zluri is simple, as it only needs to be done once, and then you can continue making SaaS purchases whenever you want. 

  • Top 8 Okta Alternatives to Consider in 2022

    Even though Okta is seen as an unbeaten king of identity management platforms, you can't neglect the fact that many companies have followed its footsteps and have emerged huge.

  • Preparing for a SOC 2 Audit? All You Need To Know

    SOC2 stands for System and Organizational Control Level 2. It is a set of audit criteria used for assessing whether an organization has appropriate checks and balances in place for securely handling customer information.

  • Top 9 Snow Software Alternatives in 2022

    Though Snow is a good tool for IT asset management, it has some drawbacks, such as a steep learning curve and you may face performance issues sometimes. 

  • Negotiating IT Contracts - The Comprehensive Guide

    Negotiating a SaaS IT contract is the first step in ensuring quality service for your business. The benefits of a SaaS IT contract involve cost-effectiveness, reduced setup time, intuitive user interface, and better performance.

  • SaaS Stack for SMBs and Enterprises

    Choosing the right SaaS tool can be challenging as there are many tools out there in the market for every need, and based on your requirements and preferences, you have to see which is best for you. 

  • Running Business Impact Analysis for Your SaaS Stack

    Though being immune to external risks may not be possible, we think that companies can mitigate most of the risks and safeguard themselves by planning ahead.

  • Zluri Updates (October): New Security & Compliance Module & License Optimization Report

    We've released many new updates this month: New Security & Compliance Module, License Optimization Report, 55 Direct Integrations And More.

  • Why SaaS Governance is Critical to Reduce Compliance Risk and Save Money: A Data-Backed Study

    Are you doing enough to manage compliance risk and protect sensitive customer data? Do you inventory the SaaS apps used by your team? Here’s how to win big by optimizing both.

  • Top 8 Torii Alternatives in 2022

    Torii has many limitations, but the major reason organizations may shy from going with it is the low number of direct integrations. 

  • Role of an IT Asset Manager (Job Description)

    IT asset management is all about visibility. The bigger your organization, the bigger the problems you might encounter. After the emergence of cloud applications, companies of any size can suffer from asset overload. 

  • How It Feels to Be an Intern at Zluri: A Discussion with the Intern Class of 2021

    Zluri welcomed 15 fireballs to help us out in DevOps, Marketing, and the Design team. All of them represented the reputed institution BITS Pilani in India. They have played a wholesome role in helping Zluri propel beyond and above.